How to Update Sony Firmware for A7iii

How to Update Sony Firmware for A7iii

Subsequently using my Sony A7iii for a skillful half-dozen months, it is at present time to carry out the start firmware update. So far, I was spared software errors, such as a blinking pixel or wrong writing of RAW data to the SD card.

How to Update Sony Firmware for A7iii

So it wasn’t absolutely necessary for me to update directly to the latest firmware. However, since I have just finished all my photographic projects, I wanted to bring the camera up to date with the latest software. I have written down how this works in the following steps.

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Initial Situation

My Sony A7iii was in the delivery condition earlier the update. The firmware with version two.x was installed. The menu for checking the installed firmware can be found in the camera menu under setup 7. This is the seventh sheet in the menu with the tool case as the logo.

Before the Sony A7III Update:

Before updating the firmware, it is advisable to fully charge the camera’southward bombardment.

Download Sony A7III Latest Firmware:

The next step is to download the latest firmware for the camera from the Sony homepage.

The link to the Mac version is here:


The link to the Windows version is here:


I did the installation with a Mac. Therefore, all of the following steps are documented from the perspective of a Mac user.

Note for Mac users: The download did non work for me with the Safari browser. The download push button was grayed out here. I was able to successfully download the software with the current Firefox browser.

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Sony A7III Settings:

Sony A7iii Usb Connection

In the Setup 4 menu, the camera’s USB connectedness must be set up to mass storage.

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Firmware Update of the Sony A7III:

Now information technology comes to the actual firmware update. It is of import that the photographic camera is non continued to the calculator for the time being.

one. Unzip the Software:

Later on downloading the software bundle, it must showtime be unpacked. Afterward unzipping, there should exist a Resources folder and the UpdateSettingTool in the unzipped folder.

Sony A7iii Software

2. Run Software:

The SystemSoftwareUpdater software is located in the Resources folder. Now start the software with a double click. Then read the rubber observe and click on Open.

At present ostend the installation with a user having administrator rights.

Sony A7iii Software Authorization

The Sony software is now trying to load a organization extension. Which is blocked past the macOS operating system by default. In order to allow loading, this must be approved in the organization settings of the operating organization. Alter to the system settings of the operating system via the button Open System Settings “Security”.

Extension Blocked Notice

Then switch to the Full general tab in the macOS security menu and approve the loading of the software.

Mac Security and Privacy

The Mac must now exist restarted. A restart of the operating organization is confirmed with the Restart push.

Later on the restart, the SystemSoftwareUpdater software must be restarted. Loading of the Sony software is no longer blocked by the operating organisation.

Sony A7iii System Software Updater

The camera can now exist connected to the Mac.

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3. Connect the Sony A7iii to the Mac:

Connecting Sony A7iii

According to Sony, the photographic camera should exist connected to the computer using the USB cablevision provided. I performed the update with a standard USB-C cable. The reason why I used a USB-C cable is that the embrace to the USB ports prevents the camera from resting properly on a table when using the normal USB port. The camera and so rests on one side of the camera housing and on the other side on the opened USB connection cover. It is but a matter of time before the lid blesses the temporal. Here you can detect the cable I used.

Then click on Adjacent to establish the connection between the photographic camera and the Mac.

Sony A7iii Connection Intializing

After successfully connecting the camera to the Mac, the software will check the current version of the firmware on the camera. The current firmware version is displayed in the lower left of the window. In my instance, it is version ii.10 Now the actual installation can exist started with Next.

Sony A7iii connection established

The next step is to reset the camera and start the update automatically. The camera display turns black. Only the ruddy LED lights upward on the back of the camera.

reset sony a7iii

The installation progress is displayed in the software.

installation progress

iv. Sony A7III Firmware Update Completed

After the firmware has been fully loaded on the camera, the photographic camera restarts.

sony a7iii firmware updated

Now you can check in the menu under setup seven whether the current firmware has been installed.

sony a7iii version check

If you have any questions or issues while performing the update, please exit them in a annotate. 🙂

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5. Benefits and Improvements of the Latest Update:

  • Adds the External Wink Ready
  • Function: This function allows you to configure the settings of a connected flash unit of measurement or wireless remote command (both sold separately) directly from the photographic camera.
  • Compatible wireless remote control
  • Improves the stability of the camera

How to Update Sony Firmware for A7iii

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