Xbox One Vontroller Firmware Update Does It Help Play Better?

Xbox One Vontroller Firmware Update Does It Help Play Better?

Ownership guide for
best xbox ane controllers

The Xbox Ane provides tons of exclusive and amazing experiences, ranging from defending humanity confronting the Covenant’s alien hordes in
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
to tending a thriving garden of living piñatas in
Rare Replay, to surviving the zombie apocalypse in
Country of Disuse ii. But while the Xbox wireless controller packed with your Xbox Ane console was an excellent starting bespeak for your Xbox adventures, there really is a controller for anybody.

Whether y’all’re shopping around for a superior controller that tin can adapt to your playstyle, affordable options for hosting multiple players, or only a new color of the classic Xbox wireless controller, there is a massive range of Xbox Ane controllers out there to choose from.

We at BestReviews have compared and tested our off-white share of quality controllers, and so we definitely know how to assist select the best Xbox 1 controller for you. Our shopping guide contains enough of tips, likewise as several of our favorites.

Key considerations

There is a broad array of Xbox Ane controllers on the marketplace, and while it might take some fourth dimension to find the one that fits your gaming style, these are some of the baseline features that whatsoever worthwhile device should include:

  • Wired connection selection to your
    Xbox Ane console

  • Indication that the device was either made by or officially licensed by Microsoft

  • Indication of compatibility with all versions of the Xbox One console and PC

  • 3.v mm audio jack for

Pattern and comfort

Xbox Ane
controllers share a like design with the iconic and official Xbox wireless controller, simply there are a few exceptions, such as the Hyperkin Knuckles, which was modeled after the chunky original Xbox controller starting time seen in 2001.

Many Xbox wireless controllers mimic the ergonomic shape and overall design because the original fits most hands comfortably. Be on the lookout for controllers that characteristic textured, rubberized grips and swappable thumbsticks if you’re in the market for an especially comfortable Xbox One controller.


Although most players won’t even remember well-nigh remapping the buttons to meliorate control their favorite
or switch out controller pieces for a superior setup, there are premium Xbox One controllers that accept hardcore fans covered. If you’re a dedicated Xbox One role player or participate in esports, it’southward well worth investigating premium Xbox I controllers that have hair-trigger locks for quicker trigger presses, several D-pad options, and extra buttons to assign functions to.

Xbox One controller features

While every official Xbox Ane controller can handle your favorite Xbox I games like a champ, some models have individual features and perks that other controllers don’t. Here are a few features to consider when comparing Xbox I controllers:

Having your controller milkshake in your hands whenever your character takes damage makes for a more immersive experience.

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LED lighting:
Some controllers are lined with LED lights that gently glow in a nuclear rainbow of colors. If y’all want to stand apart from the pack, this might be your best bet!

Colors and patterns:
Many controllers are bachelor in 1 of two styles, simply you could be overwhelmed past the huge selection of differently colored Xbox wireless controllers. Accept your fourth dimension to see what’s out there. Are you more of a grey/green, Body of water Shadow, or Sport White type of person?

Xbox One controller prices

If you’re in need of a bunch of controllers to entertain a party of players or a large family, there are plenty of cheaper wired Xbox Ane controllers out at that place. These budget devices might lack some features like wireless play or vibration feedback, but you can pick i up for equally fiddling as

Since your Xbox One console included at least once Xbox wireless controller, you lot might desire to buy another for couch-side co-op with a friend or to upgrade to a design that fits your personal taste. Microsoft’s default Xbox 1 controllers range wildly in price due to the scarcity of designs and colors bachelor, but you lot can easily discover an Xbox wireless controller for
betwixt $45 and $lxx. Annotation that some of the almost mutual colors similar white and black are often the most affordable.

If you lot’re interested in ownership an Xbox Ane controller that features advanced button mapping, additional buttons, swappable thumbsticks and D-pads, and other advanced extras, wait to spend a scrap more for the experience. These premium Xbox One controllers fall in the
$130 to $140
price range.


  • Use your Xbox One controller without AA batteries by straight connecting it to your Xbox One.
    You’ll need a charging cable featuring a micro USB connection on 1 end and a full-size USB connectedness on the other. Only plug the micro USB side into your controller, the USB side into your Xbox One, and forget almost spending any more money on controller

  • Better the bespeak.
    If your Xbox 1 controller keeps dropping its wireless connexion, move closer to the Xbox 1 panel and move objects that might be interfering with the wireless signal, such as laptop, cordless phone, or microwave oven.

  • Remap the buttons.
    Open the Xbox Accessories preinstalled on Xbox 1 S and Xbox One 10 consoles to remap the buttons on your Xbox One controller. Notation that it’s important to keep the controls assigned to the A and B buttons or you lot won’t exist able to use your Xbox Ane.

  • Reset your Xbox One controller to its default factory settings.
    Simply open up the Xbox Accessories app, select your controller, printing Configure, and select Restore defaults.

  • Plow on your Xbox One by pressing and holding the Xbox push button on the controller.
    If the Xbox One console was already on, this button prompt will simply plow on the controller.
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Q. How do I update my Xbox One controller?
Microsoft regularly releases important controller improvements, and if you lot believe that your device is in need of the latest software update, follow these simple steps:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

  • Navigate to Arrangement, Kinect & Devices, Devices & Accessories, and select your controller.

  • From there, enter the Device info carte, choose the Firmware version, and printing Keep.

  • In one case yous run across the “Controller Updated” bulletin, y’all’re proficient to go!

Q. How do I connect a wireless Xbox One controller to my Xbox 1 console for the offset time?

It’s easier than y’all might call back! Make sure that your Xbox One controller has fresh batteries or a full
charge, and then press and release the Connect push button on your Xbox I console. The Connect button is below the panel’s Power push, next to a trio of curved lines that look similar radio waves. And so printing and release the Connect push on your controller. The Xbox button in the middle of your controller will wink for a few moments, and you’ll know that it has a secure connectedness to your panel when the Xbox push stays illuminated.

Q. How do I adjust my Xbox I controller’southward vibration settings?

Some people adopt to feel the rumble when their race machine slams into a rival thespian while speeding at 100 miles per hour. Those who feel that a vibrating controller is a lark can try the following.

  • Printing the “Xbox” push.

  • Become to System, Settings, Ease of Admission, Controller, and Vibration settings.

Note that some Xbox One controllers just take the choice to toggle vibration on or off, while more advanced models allow you lot to fine-tune your feedback vibration settings.

Xbox One Vontroller Firmware Update Does It Help Play Better?

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