Wrt3200acm Firmware: Webflash Image for Inital Installation

Wrt3200acm Firmware: Webflash Image for Inital Installation

The installation of OpenWrt is device specific. These device specific procedures should be plant in the wiki. See
Tabular array of Hardware
for available procedures. If your device is not listed, data in this Howto may be helpful.

Wrt3200acm Firmware: Webflash Image for Inital Installation
If your effort to install OpenWrt fails, please view
for fixes.

Wrt3200acm Firmware: Webflash Image for Inital Installation
This HOWTO is VERY generic. You cannot use it in nearly situations, every bit y’all have to arrange values and other parts for specific hardware. Please look at the
supported hardware page
for device-specific documentation.

In most circumstances; you have iii options:

At that place are iv ways to install OpenWrt on a device:

Open the WebUI of the
OEM firmware
with your web browser and install the OpenWrt
firmware paradigm file using the
“Firmware Upgrade”
option. Your device should reboot with OpenWrt installed.


Sometimes the OEM firmware will only allow y’all to flash your device with a specific firmware file. If that is the case, you will not be able to install OpenWrt using this method. Nonetheless, for some devices the build bots prepare tagged builds such that they are compliant with the firmwares from the manufacturer. This should be documented on the device specific page for your model.

Most, if not all
provide born functionality for this purpose. Some apply a
TFTP-client, others a
TFTP-server, others a
FTP-client, some an
FTP-server, some a spider web server and some use the

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Before proceeding you need to determine the following:

Once yous know all of the above parameters, you may proceed.

  1. Install the advisable software on your PC (i.e. if the bootloader uses an
    FTP-server, you demand a

  2. Configure a static
    address for your PC interface in the same
    address cake as pre-configured in the bootloader.

  3. Connect your PC to the device.

  4. Ability cycle the device.

  5. Connect to the bootloader using the software you lot chose

  6. Install the OpenWrt firmware file.

  7. Practise not overwrite or alter the bootloader

    until explicitly instructed to do and then!


Sometimes fifty-fifty the bootloader prevents yous from flashing a non-OEM firmware. If y’all have a short fourth dimension window, the connectedness between your computer and device needs to be established rapidly. To make this as quick possible, yous can disable machine-negotiation on your
disable media sensing.

Specific Howtos

This step shows you howto upload a new ramdisk image to the device. The existing firmware on the flash remains unchanged! You require a working serial cablevision to exercise the ramdisk upload.

  1. specifically select the RAMDISK choice to make OpenWrt Buildroot create a ramdisk-image for you to upload

  2. connect an ethernet cablevision betwixt your computer and one of the
    ports (doesn’t matter which, but and then long every bit it’southward not the
    port) of the WNDR3700.

  3. connect your serial cablevision to the header on the WNDR3700 and gear up your local last program (eg. minicom) to

  4. set your computer’south ethernet port to employ the

  5. prepare a
    server on your local reckoner to reply to requests on the interface. Make certain that the ramdisk image (openwrt-ar71xx-uImage-lzma.bin) is in the directory used past the

  6. Fix the header for the ramdisk epitome so that it’southward recognized past the u-Boot firmware. Use the wndr3700.c programme that was posted by *aorlinsk* on the forums here
    and run it from the
    server’south data directory. I’ve also reproduced the lawmaking here just in case:

  7. power upward the board. When it gets to the message asking yous to press any key to interrupt the normal bootup sequence, printing a key on the series console (or simply hold down the enter key from first bootup until you go to a prompt):

  8. enter the post-obit into the serial console:

    setenv ipaddr setenv serverip setenv bootargs
                    openwrt-fixed.out bootm

    (if you forget the bootargs piece below, the board will kicking and look normal, merely it won’t be able to bring upward whatsoever of the network interfaces!)

  9. The system should boot!

Concrete examples:
wnr2000, …

Don’t forget to consult the other
Generic Basic Howtos for OpenWrt

This checklist cannot and does not completely cover all the means you can install OpenWrt.




Wrt3200acm Firmware: Webflash Image for Inital Installation

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