1 problem I’ve run across a lot with clients is non beingness able to print to a networked printer. The most popular error message I come across is

Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer or

Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer. Access is Denied.

There are several reasons why this error can come and a lot depends on your setup. Firstly, I ask users whether the printer is actually a networked printer with a LAN port or if it is only connected to another computer and is being shared on the network.

Depending on that, you have to troubleshoot the problem differently. I’ll try to become through all the possible solutions I’ve come across for fixing this printing fault.

Shared Networked Printer

If your printer is attached to a computer and yous have shared the printer on that PC and are at present trying to add that printer to some other PC on your network, yous tin can try a few things. Firstly, get to the Add together Printer sorcerer and cull
A network printer, or a printer attached to another estimator.

Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Network

Click Next and choose Connect to this printer. Then type in the path to the shared printer by entering “\\” followed past the computer name on which the printer is shared followed by the printer name.

add printer network

You should be able to connect to the printer. If yous’re getting the cannot connect mistake bulletin, then y’all can try to add the printer as a local printer. You tin do this by choosing
Local printer
attached to this computer
and unchecking
Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer.

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On the next screen, cull
Create a new port
and choose
Local Port

from the list.

cannot print

Click Next and you’ll exist asked to enter a
Port Name. Here y’all will type in the path to the printer we mentioned to a higher place.

connect to printer

That should work! Remember just practise these steps if your printer is attached to a another computer and it is being shared on the network.

Networked Printer

If you have a printer that is attached directly to your LAN network or wireless network, you should also cull Local printer attached to this computer, and and so choose Create a new port similar mentioned above.

Even so, instead of choosing Local Port, choose
Standard TCP/IP Port.

printer connection problem

Type in the IP address of the printer and you should be good to go. If yous don’t know the IP address, y’all can print the configuration sheet off the printer.

Windows Firewall

Another reason why your might not be able to connect to the printer is if your firewall is preventing the connectedness. Make certain File and Printer Sharing is immune through the firewall on your calculator and the computer to which the printer is attached.

Yous can enable File and Printer Sharing by going to
Command Panel,
Windows Firewall
and so clicking on

file and printer sharing

Make sure the File and Printer Sharing cheque box is checked. That will ensure your connectedness is not existence blocked by the firewall.


You lot’ll also see this Cannot Connect to Printer error is yous are trying to add a printer to a Windows 7 motorcar and the computer that is hosting the printer is running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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In this case, you lot have to download and install the Windows vii drivers from the manufacture’s website on the host machine. When yous effort to connect to the printer again from Windows 7, the driver for the Windows 7 OS should be available from the host machine for installation.

Note that you can run into this problem with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. If the figurer hosting the printer is a 32-bit machine and the computer trying to connect is a 64-flake automobile, you volition not be able to connect.

You need to install the 64-flake version of the printer driver on the 64-bit machine and endeavour to connect over again. Yous can also endeavor to install the 64-flake driver onto the host car, but it’s a bit more difficult. Either way, you volition demand to brand certain yous have all versions of the drivers and that the 64-bit and 32-bit printer drivers have the same name.

Anti-Virus Software

A niggling bit less common is when anti-virus software blocks connections. Try disabling your anti-virus software and so connect to a shared printer. This is peculiarly true if you are using Norton Anti-Virus or their full suite of apps.

If you’re still having problems connecting to a printer, post a comment hither and I will effort to help!