Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Error 0x00000002

Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Error 0x00000002

Unable to connect to my printer – operation failed with error 0x00000002

My printer was working with my laptop via a wireless network. Now I tin can’t print or connect to my printer. I’m always continued to the network, but I tin can’t connect to the printer. When I try to add it, I can encounter the name of the printer and I select it, but I get the error “Windows cannot connect to the printer” [operation failed with fault 0x00000002]. I changed from Windows Vista to Windows 7, several months ago, but I don’t know if that makes a difference (I call up I used printer at to the lowest degree once since I change). Aid, please.

Ive had the same problem.  Win7 – 64 fleck tries to connect to a printer on another pc win7 64-bit.

“Unable to connect to the printer.
“error lawmaking 0x00000002”.

what worked for me:
Right click on computer, select Manage
Click on “services and applications”, and so click on ‘services ‘.
Scroll downwards to “print spooler”, right click and select “Properties”.
Click ‘End’ service, and then click on ‘START’ service.

Showtime the “Add printer” Wizard and it worked, yay!


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  • Unable to connect to the printer – operation failed with error 0X0000003b

    When I search a printer in my local network and connect, the message “Performance failed with 0X0000003b error” e’er appear.


    Run the Microsoft fixit from

    Also, follow the steps in

    Hope this could help y’all. Let usa know the results.

  • Unable to share the printer attached to the XP with windows vii, receive error bulletin: windows cannot connect to the printer: operation failed with fault 0x000004f1.

    Original title: printer HP LaserJet 4050 of PCL6 compatible with Windows 7?

    I have a desktop windows xp pro (SP3 5.i.2600) and you accept a printer HP LaserJet 4050 PCL6.  The printer works fine connected to the desktop computer with a parallel port.  I’m trying to share the printer on my domicile network so that Win 7 (6.1.7601 SP1) laptops can use its printing features.  Please aid.

    Start I tried to add it with \\hostname\printername that returned this fault: windows cannot connect to the printer: operation failed with error 0x000004f1.

    Thanks in advance for any help / support!


    1. the two Windows XP, Windows vii continued in a same workgroup?

    2. can you lot access files shared XP of Windows 7 calculator?

    three. check if the printer is shared or not?

    I suggest you follow these methods and check.

    HP LaserJet 4050 PCL6 printer is not compatible with Windows vii. Printer drivers are available for Windows XP-based computers just.

    It is non in the Windows 7 Compatibility Middle.

    http://world wide

    I sugegst you contact HP support for Windows 7 drivers, afterwards you instaall drivers to check with the question.

    Run into besides: networking computers running different versions of Windows

    I hope this helps!

  • Windows cannot connect to the printer operation failed with error 0x0000007e


    OS: Windows 7 10 86 SP1

    Impress server: Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x 86

    Printer: HP LaserJet 8150 printer shared and listed in the directory


    When I try to install the printer in the Add Printer Sorcerer, choose install a network printer, she finds a driver on the server, installs, then brings up an error (see topic).

    In the Print Service logs, I encounter the following:

    “The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module, 0x7e fault code. See the user context information for result information.

    I can install the printer very well if I choose local printer, new port, TCP/IP, and enter the IP accost. This isn’t a solution, as users cannot be expected to go through this process, or for me to go around all the machines and practice it manually. More than I want than the print jobs to the impress server’s spool, and I call back that the local installation method uses the local spooler.

    I tried to install the driver of HP UPD PCL vi, x 86 and 10 64, on the print server.

    When I check what the client machine airplane pilot chose to install by going to the properties of the print server, I can meet that he chooses the former commuter “HP LaserJet 8150 Serial PCL 6”. I presume that information technology is incompatible with Windows 7, that’s why I am getting the error cannot connect.

    How tin I become Windows vii clients to use the UPD?

    I left our Windows 2003 print server to a Server 2008 and comes to install the HP UPD ten 86 and 10 64 for each printer. Now everything works perfectly! All XP and 7 customers can install printers network without problem.

    I suspect that the trouble was due to have many unlike versions of drivers on the onetime print server, and customers did non know which to use?

  • Connect to the printer fault code ‘Operation failed with error 0x00000002 “.

    I’m unable to connect my network printers


    We will try this solution I found in some other thread.

    1. Click on the Windows key + R, type services.msc and printing ENTER.
    2. Scroll down to “Impress Spooler” then correct-click and select Backdrop.
    3. Make sure that the startup blazon is automated, then click on stop and and so start it.

    Give thanks you


  • “Unable to connect to the printer. Operation failed with mistake 0 x 00000866”, setting up a network printer

    Title of the Moose: error 0 ten 00000866

    I take a laptop with windows 7 Professional.

    When I endeavor to install a network printer I always get the message “cannot connect to the printer. Operation failed with fault 0 x 00000866.

    What can I practise to ready this

    How-do-you-do ETPM.

    Yous tin can try the following steps and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    You can try to start troubleshooting printer and check.

    Cheque out the link:

    Open up the printer Troubleshooter:

    Method 2:

    Error bulletin when y’all endeavor to install a network printer on a Windows Vista-based computer: “Windows cannot connect to the printer operation cannot complete (error 0x0000000d).

    Note: You can read this article and try to proceed as for Windows 7 likewise.

    Of import: Serious bug might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you follow the steps in the link mentioned above carefully. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you lot tin can restore the registry if a problem occurs.

    For more information virtually how to back up and restore the registry, follow the steps from the link below:

    Method 3:

    If the fix above is unable to become the printer working on your client motorcar to vista, and so I propose to follow the steps mentioned past Afzal Taher as of Fri, December eighteen, 2009 02:00.

    Also check out the link:

    Install a printer:

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy Thousand
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Microsoft answers feedback Forum
    and allow us know what you lot think.

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  • “Unable to connect to the printer operation was not successful”

    I employ the operating system Win Xp I accept the WiFi network and I can’t connect to whatever shared printer on my computer. She has a massage error like
    “Unable to connect to the printer functioning was not successful”
    Tin can you please assistance me solve this trouble

    Thank you

    Hi RamilAnuja,

    ·         This is the outset time that you connect a wireless printer?

    Method 1:
    Come across if you follow the steps as suggested here.

    Microsoft Windows XP – to connect to a printer on a network

    Method 2:
    Check to see if this article helps you.

    How to set up a wireless network (WLAN) in your dwelling house

    See also:

    Microsoft Windows XP – overview of network configurations

    Printer in Windows problems

  • fault message ‘ Add printer. Connect to the printer. Windows cannot connect to the printer. Functioning failed with fault 0x0000007e”___Any ideas?

    trying to admission a lexmark printer installed on xp based computer from a laptop running windows7 via a local network.  Although the network is configured correctly, when I run the Windows printer installation I get an error bulletin ‘ Add printer.  Connect to the printer.  Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation failed with fault 0x0000007e”I just upgraded to Vista by using the upgrade Acer and had the bug that Windows tried to download the drivers from Lexmark-, simply could not. [the same lexmark printer and the configuration worked without any problems before the upgrade on this combination of machines running vista and xp].

    I had a similar problem when I tried to connect to an hp printer that used a Vista driver. Could do this test? Download Windows 7 driver from Lexmark, install it, and then try to connect to the printer once more. Andre Da Costa

  • Operation failed with error 0 x 00000006 (Windows seven 10 64)

    We take a homegroup with a desk-bound and a laptop (wireless connexion). Both are running Windows 7 Abode Premium 64-fleck.  The laptop and reviews share files on the desktop and vice versa, but it cannot access the shared printer fastened to the desktop computer. The driver of the printer, a Canon MP500, is upward-to-date (I have no problems printing directly from the desktop) and sharing has been enabled in the properties of the printer.  When I endeavor to install the printer on the laptop as a network printer, the laptop sees the printer but volition not connect. I get the following message: “Windows cannot connect to the printer. Functioning failed with error 0 10 00000006. “Any aid would exist appreciated!


    • You accept security software installed on the computer?

    You can endeavor to install the printer as a local printer and and so bank check if you can print from the network. To practice this follow the steps below:

    a. Click Start, and so select devices and printers.

    b. click on add a printer > add a local printer >

    c. create a new port and in the driblet-down list box make sure you “Local Port” is selected and click Next

    d. so in ‘Enter a port name’ enter the path to the printer in network – \\figurer proper noun\printer name and click OK

    endeavor to print and check if it works.

    I hope this helps. Let the states know the results.

    Cheers and best regards,

    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

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    Microsoft answers feedback Forum
    and let us know what y’all retrieve.

  • Connect to the printer error code ‘the operation failed with mistake 0x0000000a.

    not abe to have student access network printers

    Run this fix information technology.

    http://back states of america


  • XP Media Center – unable to connect to Windows Update MSE fails with the fault Code: 0X80072EFE

    OS: Windows XP Media Center: SP3, P4 3.xx Ghz, 1 GB of retention IE V8 processor

    I currently have issues to connect to Windows Update. I can’t connect to the site at all and is the “this page cannot be displayed” whenever I endeavour to open it. I diagnose the network connection and he came back with no problems found. I can download & install Microsoft Security Essentials, just I get error 0x80072EFE when I try to update. Annotation: MSE seems to update on its ain, but non via the update button. I reset IE8 by default equally well as the windows firewall and the IP (Winsockfix.exe) stack

    I also ran several unlike viruses, malware and Trojan scanners and all are ain return. (AVG, Norton Security scan, MSE. I tried to run the browse to Microsoft Alive, but the page froze when I tried to download it. It seems that any Microsoft Security site is blocked for some reason any. A Hijack log is available if needed?

    I had some browser redirect issues (I suspect the Virus), but it was very random and seems to have settled down. The principal problem now is to get the update in the arrangement and the MSE.



    Trouble solved!

    Trojan:DOS / principal Alureon.A in the MBR on the hard drive. Commencement into the recovery panel and run FixMBR. Information technology has detected the MBR was not correct and re-written the record. Windows Update now working as the MSE to date.

    I volition me BEDTIME!

    Give thanks y’all guys for the entries.


  • HP series D110: update Apple Os Sierra this forenoon. Now unable to connect to the printer HP series D110 to scan.

    Apple OS update Sierra 10.12 and now unable to connect to the printer to scan. Version of the driver for HP printer is HP inkjet 1 pilot three.iii.ii tin can someone help me?


    Welcome to the HP Forums, it’s a great place to become assist, detect answers and advice,
    Thanks for posting your asking, I’ll be more than than happy to help yous

    If I understand correctly the printer to browse does not work after the recent update of the Sierra,

    Don’t worry, even if the following document does not mention Sierra, the Apple tree commodity volition guide you through the steps to browse through

    • Image capture
    • Overview
    • Printers and Fax preferences in system preferences
    • Scanner / printer queue

    The basics of the Mac: using a scanner

    I also advise to employ the Apple Scan while y’all wait for the HP software update. You can utilise the link below to confirm that your printer is even so compatible with your operating system:
    software of the printer and scanner for macOS Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and the Mavericks.

    For links related, please

    To troubleshoot the macOS Sierra problems:
    click hither

    If the information I provided was useful, give us some reinforcements past clicking on the solution and laurels, buttons that aid and others encounter that we have the answers!
    Good luck.

  • HP Deskjet 3510: HP Deskjet 3510 – unable to connect to the printer

    I had this printer for some time just take never been able to properly print to this printer using this specific estimator.   FYI, I’m trying to print wireless at information technology. This office has wireless compatibility.  I have the drivers and all (I think, I HP everything at the time just not the disk that came with information technology I lost only).  Don’t know why it fails, he said only: “unable to connect to the printer.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi aunt Shirley.

    First of all, we’re going to connect the printer to the network:

    -Restore default values of network within the menu on the forepart panel of the printer wireless.
    -From your reckoner, connect wirelessly to the network printer (it should be a name like to HP – Setup – xx – Deskjet 3510).
    -After successfully connecting to the printer, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome and type in the address bar and printing ENTER.
    -Click on the Wireless Setup Wizard
    -Select your router and enter the password to connect to the printer to the router.

    Run again the printer software to your computer to rediscover the printer on the network.

    See the support institution by clicking on the thumbs upwards in the mail that solved your problem. Doing so will aid the other members of the forum their solutions also.

  • Unable to connect to the printer via IP address

    I changed my ISP (internet service provider) and therefore changed routers – at present unable to connect to the printer.
    I put a static IP address on my HP Photosmart B110a printer earlier we changed to Isp considering at that place are connection problems. When we were setup to the ISP again, nosotros are unable to connect to the printer, such as the printers IP
    The new network ISP IP range is 192.168.0.xx and printers address IP is out of the network.
    I can impress via the USB cablevision but I can’t return to my printers GUI by entering return the printer back from the static IP address.
    A hard reset for this printer would be appreciated.
    Thank y’all very much.

    I solved the problem. The answer was staring confront heres so my solution for someone who has had similar bug.
    I didn’t dig upwardly the old router that affects the 192.168.1.xx IP network and and then connected my PC, continued my printer and then connected printers user interface through the static IP address, I assigned earlier. Inverse to automated IP. Connected my new router (which assigns the IP addresses of 192.168.0.xx) to my PC and printer. Everything is now OK.
    Thank you.

  • Unable to connect to shared printing on Windows XP from a Windows 7 figurer

    I am trying to connect to a shared printer on an XP of windows on my new noyebook of Windows 7 and Windows & says unable to connect to the printer. I tried to connect using a local port and appointing the path UNC \\Computer1\CanonMP780 ie it errors maxim Server doent accept not enough storage is bachelor to procedure this control.

    I’k trying witts end trying to connect these two computers with Win 7 to this printer. Other XP and Vista machines work OK

    And how does this relate to the features of Windows Update? Effort this forum instead: states of america/w7hardware/threads
    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Acquit) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ Warning: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Error 0x00000002

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