‘Windows cannot connect to the printer. Admission is denied’
is a common printer mistake that Windows 10 users mostly face afterwards installing the security update KB5005565 in Windows 10.

This error message occurs while calculation a printer considering of some issue with the
‘Print Spooler’
service. The
‘Impress Spooler’
service is necessary for carrying out all the press tasks successfully.

Windows Cannot Access the Printer Access Is Denied
Error Message: ‘Windows cannot connect to the printer. Admission is denied’ – Explained and Fixed (Title image)

Variations of the ‘Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer’ Issue

Apart from Windows 10 users, Windows 7 or Windows XP users also face this mistake. This error message has several variations with almost all of them rooting to the same trouble.

  • Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000007e).
  • Printer error access denied unable to connect.
  • Admission is denied 0x0000011b.
  • Operation Failed with Error 0x00000002.
  • Performance Failed with Error 0x0000007e.
  • Access is denied server 2012 r2.
  • No printers were plant.

Following are the fault codes that are displayed separately:

  • 0x00000bcb
  • 0x00003e3
  • 0x11b

If your error bulletin is one of those, so you will observe the solution to your issue here.


Reasons for the Occurrence

After researching this error message for several days and troubleshooting it, we have found the following reasons for its occurrence.

  • Print Spooler serviceis non running or is stuck in an error state.
  • Pending documentsmight be locked in the press documents queue.
  • Permissions
    might non be granted to the computer. Typically, this happens in a network when multiple computers are sharing a single printer. In some cases, the administrator blocks the printing admission.
  • A corrupted or improper installation
    of the printer drivers might also cause this error message.


Reinstalling the Printer

The most basic remedy to this error message is reinstalling the printer by checking whether all the wires are plugged right or not.

If reinstalling the wires of the printer didn’t resolve this error message, and so move to the next tip.


Running the Basic Troubleshooter and Resetting the Printer

The adjacent tip is to use the default troubleshooter of Windows to detect the trouble. More often than not this doesn’t work merely trying it won’t cost anything.

  1. So, become to the
    ‘Control Panel’
    and choose the
    ‘View devices and printers’
    option under the
    ‘Hardware and Audio’

    Opening ‘Control Console’ via ‘Offset menu’
    Choosing the ‘View devices and printers’ choice under the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section
  2. Now, right-click on your printer under the
    section and cull the
    ‘Set as default printer’

    Setting the current printer as default and choosing the ‘Troubleshoot’ selection
  3. When you select the
    selection, Windows will run a troubleshooter to find the problem yous are facing with this device and try to set up information technology.

    Windows is detecting the problems in the printer via default troubleshooter
  4. Once Windows has finished the troubleshooting procedure, then right-click on the printer once more and cull the
    ‘Printer preferences’

    Clicking the ‘Printing preferences’ choice by right-clicking the printer
  5. A new window will open. So, click on the
    button and save the changes by clicking on the
    push button.

    Clicking on the ‘Reset’ push button and then, choosing the ‘OK’ push

Checking the Drivers of the Printer

The next tip is to reinstall the printer drivers because sometimes faulty or corrupted drivers’ updates tin can also crusade this issue.

  1. And so, go to the
    ‘Device Manager’
    window and find your printer.
  2. Then, right-click on it and choose the
    ‘Uninstall device’
  3. Now, reconnect the printer again and Windows will automatically install the best possible drivers. Still, if yous are using an older version of Windows, like Windows-XP/Vista/seven, then you may have to install the drivers manually.
  4. So, get to the official website of your printer’s manufacturer and download and install the drivers.
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If reinstalling the printer’s drivers didn’t resolve this mistake message, then move to the main solution.

How to Gear up the Issue?

Before trying any solution, read the description of the solution considering the solutions of this error message vary from use case to use case. So, information technology’due south amend to read the clarification first because information technology will save y’all from trying anything stupid and wasting your time.


Editing ‘Providers’ in Windows Registry

verified solution

If none of the methods work, nosotros are going to delete a registry key in the ‘Providers’ department in the Windows registry. We recommend backing upward your registry before proceeding as you can always revert the changes dorsum if this doesn’t work.

  1. Press Windows + R, type ‘regedit‘ in the dialogue box, and press Enter.
  2. Once in the registry editor, navigate to the following path:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Impress\Providers
  3. At present,deletethe following key from this registry:
    Client Side Rendering Print Providers
  4. The last stride is torestart the Print Spoolerservice. Press Windows + R, blazon “services.msc” in the dialogue box, and press Enter.
  5. Search through the services until you find the service. Open its properties andTerminatethe service. Later waiting a few seconds,
    Startit over again.
  6. Now try connecting to the printer and see if this solves the problem.

Removing the ‘Deny’ Permission from /spool/drivers

verified solution

Another workaround every bit reported past
numerous Redditors
was to remove the ‘Deny’ permission from the following file path:


This seems to exercise a quick fix if the consequence is originating from non having plenty permissions available. This was particularly the case after updating Windows to the latest build available.

Here is a batch file yous can use to instantly perform the action instead of manually changing the permissions


@echo off net  finish  spooler takeown  /F  C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers  /R icacls  C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers  /T  /Grant Anybody:F del  /Q  C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers\*.* net  start  spooler

You tin learn more than about how to create Batch files from an
commodity on Windows Central.

Enabling the Invitee Business relationship

verified solution

If you are using a printer in a computer network, the administrator might have disabled your guest account. Here, enabling the guest account will resolve this issue for yous.

  1. Beginning, right-click on
    ‘This PC’
    (for Windows-10 and Windows-8/8.1 users) on the figurer with which y’all have (physically) attached the printer. Only if you are using Windows-7 or Windows-XP, then the required option would exist
    ‘My Calculator.
  2. So, cull the
    option to open the
    ‘Reckoner Management’

    Correct-clicking on ‘This PC’ and choosing the ‘Manage’ selection
  3. Afterward that, go to the
    ‘Local Users and Groups’
    and inside that, get to the

    Going to the ‘Local Users and Groups’ and inside that, opening the ‘Users’ folder
  4. Now, you lot will find a
    business relationship inside the
    binder and the ambassador of your network may accept disabled this account, which is why y’all are facing this effect.
  5. So, right-click on the
    account and cull the

    Going to the ‘Properties’ of ‘Guest’ business relationship
  6. Then, uncheck the box that says
    ‘Account is disabled’
    within the
  7. Afterwards that, click on the
    and then the

    Unchecking the ‘Account is disabled’ option and clicking on the ‘Apply,’ and then the ‘OK’ push
  8. Now, restart the system.
    Restarting the system past going to the ‘Start’ < ‘Power’ < ‘Restart’ options

After restart, check whether this solution has fixed the error message.

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Creating a New Port While Connecting to the Shared Printer

Suitable for Shared Printers

tested solution

If you take faced the
‘Windows cannot connect to the printer. Admission is denied’
error message while attempting to add the network printer, then try this solution. Even if you lot take already applied the basic troubleshooting, such as checking the security settings of the shared printer, check the sharing settings to make sure that the file and printer sharing is enabled.

Sharing the Printer from the Host Estimator/Laptop

  1. Showtime of all, share the printer as usual from the figurer on which you have physically attached the printer. So,
    ‘follow Footstep 1 of Tip # two’
    to reach the
    ‘Devices and Printers’
  2. At present, right-click on your printer nether the
    department and choose the
    ‘Printer properties’

    Choosing the ‘Printer properties’ choice of the connected printer
  3. Then, go to the
    tab and type an piece of cake-to-remember name of the printer. In our case, we have used

    Typing a custom printer name while sharing and clicking on the ‘Use,’ then the ‘OK’ push

Connecting to the Shared Printer from the Other Estimator/Laptop

  1. Now, on the other figurer (from which yous desire to connect to this printer), we volition run the printer wizard as usual. And then, go to the
    ‘Control Panel’
    once more and cull the
    ‘View devices and printers’
    choice under the
    ‘Hardware and Sound’
    section according to
    ‘Stride 1 of Tip # two.
  2. At present, click on the
    ‘Add together a printer’
    option in the new window.

    Clicking on the ‘Add a printer’ choice within the ‘Devices and Printers’ window
  3. Then, windows will run a scan to discover the attached printer. And then, click on the
    ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’

    Choosing the ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ option
  4. A new window will open. Then, choose the
    ‘Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings’
    option and click on the
    push button.

    Choosing the ‘Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings’ choice and clicking on the ‘Next’ push button
  5. After that, choose the
    ‘Create a new port’
    choice and keep the
    ‘Type of port:’
    every bit
    Then, click on the

    Choosing the ‘Create a new port’ option and keeping the ‘Type of port’ as ‘Local Port.’ then, clicking on the ‘Next’ button
  6. Now, blazon the port name in this format
    So, in our case, the

If you don’t know your computer name, then right-click on
‘This PC’
‘Computer’) and choose the

option. Then, cull the
‘Rename this PC (avant-garde)’
option and click on the
button to view your
‘Calculator name:’

Jotting down the proper name of the laptop/figurer

Make certain that you are using the name of that estimator, on which you take (physically) attached the printer

  1. Then, click on the

    Entering the port name and clicking on the ‘OK’ button
  2. Adjacent, Windows will ask you to select the brand and model of the printer, install its drivers, etc. So, keep following the wizard and provide the information information technology requires to connect to the printer successfully.

After post-obit all the steps, this solution will definitely solve the
‘shared printer access denied unable to connect windows x’
error message for you because it worked for others in the by. Simply if this solution didn’t prove useful, and then endeavor the next solution.

Disabling the Mitigation for

verified solution

If you lot are receiving the
‘Windows cannot connect to the printer Access is denied 0x0000011b’
error message later on installing the Windows security update (KB5005565), then this might exist an issue with the
‘Print Spooler’
service. Here, uninstalling the faulty security update volition fix this effect. But if you don’t want to uninstall the update, then disable the mitigation for CVE-2021-1678 with the help of the post-obit guide.

  1. Press the ‘Windows + R‘ keys to open the
    dialog box and type
    in the text box. Then, click the ‘OK’

    Opening the ‘Run’ dialog box and typing ‘Regedit’
  2. In the next window, click on the ‘Yes’
    button to permit the windows
    ‘Registry Editor’
    to brand changes to your device. This will open the Registry Editor.

    Clicking on ‘Yes’ to open the ‘Registry Editor’
  3. Now, paste the following address subsequently
    in the address bar of
    ‘Registry Editor’
    and hit the
    key to attain the required binder.
Pasting the address of the ‘Print’ folder in the address bar of ‘Registry Editor’
  1. At present, right-click on the space within the
    folder and choose the
    ‘DWORD (32-bit) Value’

    Right-clicking on the empty infinite inside the ‘Impress’ folder and choose the ‘New’ ‘DWORD (32-scrap) Value’ option
  2. And then, rename the newly created value as
  3. Right-click on the newly created value and click on the

    Correct-clicking on the ‘RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled’ and choosing the ‘Modify…’ option
  4. Then, modify the
    ‘Value data:’
    to disable it and click on the

    Changing ‘Value data’ to ‘0’ and clicking on the ‘OK’ button

This solution volition let yous utilize the printer again. However, if this solution didn’t show useful, then you can undo the changes and try the next method.

Disabling the ‘Point and Print Restrictions’

tested solution

If the in a higher place solutions didn’t piece of work for you, then try disabling the
‘Point and Impress Restrictions’
by going to the
‘Edit group policy’

  1. Outset, become to the
    ‘Edit group policy’

    Opening the ‘Edit group policy’ from the ‘Start menu’
  2. Then, go to
    ‘Administrative Templates’
    ‘Computer Configuration’
    and double click on the
    folder to open it.

    Going to ‘Administrative Templates’ under the ‘Reckoner Configuration’ section and double-clicking on the ‘Printers’ folder
  3. At present, double-click on the
    ‘Point and Print Restrictions’

    Opening the ‘Point and Print Restrictions’ pick by double-clicking on It
  4. Then, choose the
    selection and click on the
    buttons to save the changes.

    Checking the ‘Disabled’ selection and applying the Settings by clicking on the ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons
  5. At present, restart the system.
    Restarting the organization by going to the ‘Start’ < ‘Power’ < ‘Restart’ options

After restart, check if this solution has fixed the error message for you. If yes, and so good for you lot. Otherwise, endeavor the next solution.

Uninstalling the Security Update KB5005565

tested solution

If none of the discussed methods have worked for you, so we recommend uninstalling the security update. Uninstalling the security update volition definitely fix this effect because this result mostly originates subsequently installing the security update (KB5005565).RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled

  1. First, go to the
    ‘Control Panel.

    Opening ‘Control Panel’ via ‘Start menu’
  2. And so, cull the
    ‘Uninstall a program’
    pick under the

    Clicking on the ‘Uninstall a program’ pick under the ‘Programs’ section in the ‘Control Console’ window
  3. Now, click on the
    ‘View installed updates’

    Clicking on the ‘View installed updates’ option
  4. Then, select the
    ‘Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5005565)’
    update and click on the

    Uninstalling the ‘KB5005565’ security update
  5. Click on the
    button in the next window to ostend the uninstallation procedure.

    Confirming the uninstallation procedure of uninstalling the updates by clicking on the ‘Yes’ button