Why Is My Printer So Slow to Print

Why Is My Printer So Slow to Print

Irksome Printing
is an annoying issue frequently faced by many of us. The speed of printing depends mainly on the make and model of the printer. If you are facing issues related to the printer’s printing speed, here we have provided tips to help you fix this issue.

Why Is My Printer So Slow to Print

Why Practice Printers Outset Printing Slow?

While printing documents, we all sometimes report bug related to dull printing. There can be various reasons for irksome printing, such as:

  • If you are using a network printer, the slow printing problem could be the network, the impress spooler, or printer drivers.
  • Wired printers impress faster as compared to wireless printers.
  • An inefficient printer server tin can besides cause wearisome press.

Whatever is the reason, but information technology makes all of this so annoying and also reduces our workflow. Let united states at present go through some tips to solve this trouble.

How To Fix Slow Press In Windows PC?

Follow these steps to resolve the printer issues:

  • Difficult Reset Printer
  • Printer Preferences
  • Restart Printer Spooler Service
  • Check Network Connection
  • Update Printer Firmware
  • Update Printer Driver

You will need admin permission and clear knowledge of using the computer on the technical front. Also, make certain to
create a system restore
or take backup.

1] Hard Reset Printer

When used for a long time, the
printer oftentimes gets heated. To avoid overheating bug, printers often reduce the printing speed to reduce heat generation. And then first, you lot should reset your printer by a simple restart. Follow these steps to restart your printer:

  • Long press the Power button on the printer to plough it off.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • Await for few minutes to completely bleed off power from all-electric components of your printer.
  • Then reconnect the ability cablevision and turn on the printer

To check the speed of the printer, give some test impress control. Check if your printer has started working properly now, else effort other methods.

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two] Printer Preferences

Printer preferences are one of the causes of slow printing issues. Hence information technology can be fixed by changing the
print speed and print quality settings. The printout quality is inversely proportional to the print speed of the printer. And so the print quality decreases with a faster press speed. You demand to alter the print quality settings from best to normal or draft for quick printouts.

This is a tradeoff. Information technology is possible that the current setting of the Printer output quality is high, and hence printer takes a longer time. Commonly, it’southward non the default setting, but someone may have changed information technology.

Bank check the post-obit steps to make changes in your printer speed settings:

Printing Preferences Windows Printer

  • Open the search box using
    Windows + S
    and search for the Printer.
  • Click to open the Printers & Scanners when it appears in the listing
  • Select the printer which is working slow, and then click on
    Printing Preferences.
  • In the Printing Preferences window,
    modify or lower the quality to default,
    or if you demand, set the quality further lower to increase the speed.
    Alter resolution, toner setting, and others.
  • Click on Utilise and OK.

If y’all practice not desire colored printouts,
choose Blackness & White.
At present take a test to check the speed of the printer. Postal service this; the speed should improve but can impact the overall quality.

iii] Restart Printer Spooler Service

Restart Printer Spooler Service

The Printer Spooler is used to create a queue of all that has to be printed. Sometimes when at that place are many impress commands, the printer spooler gets chock-full. Because of too much information, it slows the response of the printer. In such cases, all you demand to exercise is restart the printer spooler service.  Follow the steps to practise and so:

Printer Spool Folder

  • Open up the RUN box using
    Windows + R.
  • Blazon
    and click the OK push button.
  • Now locate the
    Printer Spooler
    and right-click to open the context menu.
  • And so click Stop and minimize the window.
  • Over again
    open the RUN box and blazon Spool.
    Press Enter.
  • Information technology will open the
    folder.  Double click to open the
    PRINTERS folder.
  • Here yous will find a
    print queue.
    Delete all the pending files nowadays in this folder.
  • Then go to the
    Services window
    once more and right-click the Print Spooler. Click Start.
  • Now give a new Print control to check the printer’s speed.
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4] Check Network Connection

For network printers, the slow printing problem may be
because of network issues. If you are using a network connection, it is advisable to reboot it at least once every 24 hours. In the case of wired printers, make sure that the ethernet cable is in identify. For wireless printers, reboot your router and close all the unwanted bandwidth draining applications to increase the printer’s speed.

Network Troubleshooter Windows

Alternatively, you tin run the Network Troubleshooter wizard bachelor under Settings > Arrangement > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters > Network Adapter.

Recheck your network connection and print. If the issue still exists, try the next method.

five] Update Printer Firmware

To resolve the slow printing issues of your printer, make certain that the firmware of your printer is updated. For the wireless printers, you may get the manufacturer’s push notifications from time to time for updates. In the case of wired printers, you demand to download and install the firmware updates from the official website of the printer manufacturer.

Make sure to install the Printer Software from the OEM website. It will exist able to notify you lot about the new firmware and help you install it.

half-dozen] Update Printer Drivers

The adjacent method to fix the ho-hum press problem in Windows PC is to update the printer drivers. It needs to exist washed manually past downloading the relevant file from the OEM website. To manually update the printer driver, follow these steps:

  • Use Win + X to open up
    Power Menu
    and and then select
    Device Manager.
  • Go to the Printers and expand it.
  • Locate your printer, right-click and select
    Update Driver
  • Click on
    Search automatically for drivers
  • On the next screen, you need to click on
    Search for updated drivers on Windows Update.
  • It will open Windows Update, where you lot go and cheque if a printer driver is available under Optional Updates.
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Make sure to restart the PC in instance of a new driver installation. You tin can also employ 3rd-party tools for
automatic updates of outdated drivers.

How Do I Modify Printer Settings In Windows?

  • Go to Start, select Settings, and so go to Printers & Faxes.
  • Right-click on Printer and select Properties.
  • And then get to the Advanced tab.
  • Click on Press Defaults.
  • Hither you lot tin can change the settings.

How Do I Ready A Print Queue Issue?

While you can cease the Impress Spooler service and then delete all the files at
C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERSto clear the print queue, you can use an alternate solution.

Go to System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters and run the Printer troubleshooter.

Why Is Printer Slowly Printing The PDF Files?

The reasons for the wearisome printing of the PDF files include large PDF Files, loftier-quality epitome size included in the file, and the excessive number of pages. All these increase the time of printing fifty-fifty at normal speed. Brand sure to check how yous can optimize the print by changing speed, lowering the quality of the output, and and so on.

We promise that the suggested method volition help you to prepare irksome printing issues on Windows PC. Let usa know in the annotate section below which method worked for you successfully. At present your printer’s printing speed must improve. Only if you are still facing issues, contact your printer manufacturer for further assistance.

Why Is My Printer So Slow to Print

Why Is My Printer So Slow to Print

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