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  • If Adobe Acrobat is not printing, exist sure to update the software to ready whatever potential bugs.
  • As a workaround, yous can try press other files and cheque if that helps.
  • Drivers are some other cause for this problem, and so continue them updated to avoid any other issues.
  • If you still tin can’t print your PDF document, you can always apply the Impress as Epitome selection every bit a workaround.

Why Is My Printer Not Printing Pdf Files

Nosotros’ll requite you a piddling suspension from
Windows 10 and its bug and bugs, because there’southward all the same a lot of computers using older Windows Bone version.

In instance you but changed your mind and you want to upgrade your OS,
check out this footstep-by-step guide
to acquire how you tin can install the latest Windows 10 version.

But in this guide, we won’t be focusing on any special version of Windows, because this problem could appear on whatever OS release. In this post, we’ll try to help y’all out if you can’t print PDF files on Adobe Reader.

What practice I practice if Adobe Acrobat Reader fails to impress PDF files?

1. Print other files

print other documents adobe not printing

Earlier we proceed to complicated steps, let’s effort a couple of simple solutions. First of all, try to print another PDF file. In this way, yous’ll be able to see if your previous PDF file is corrupted and Acrobat Reader won’t print it because of that.

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Also, try to print some other type of file (.txt for instance). If you’re able to impress that file, the problem is with Adobe Reader, and updating it should ready the problem.

Another thing you tin do is restart your computer and printer. At that place’south a possibility that your printer‘due south memory might be full. If none of this helped you, endeavour some of the following solutions.

This is a elementary workaround, but it will assistance you diagnose why yous can’t print PDF files on your calculator.

2. Update your printer’due south commuter

  1.  Open the
    Device Managing director
  2. Locate your printer under
    Devices and printers
  3. Right-click on in and become to
    Update Drive

    Update Printer Driver

If you can’t print your PDF document, perhaps the issue is driver-related. Then checking if your printer‘s driver is updated couldn’t exercise any harm.

If y’all still can’t print your PDF files after you installed the latest driver update, then your printer is not the problem.

Alternatively, yous tin can update your drivers automatically using
driver updater software. These can automatically scan for out-of-date drivers and match your hardware with the proper version of the driver.

These can save you some time equally they tin can update multiple drivers at the same time and you can gear up them up to practise automatic scans regularly.

3. Employ some other PDF reader software

In many cases, switching to another reader might be the easiest solution to solve this type of issue. The market is full of PDF viewers and editors which will help you.

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Yous can observe many good alternatives to Acrobat Reader that include a similar set of features, if not even more than.

PDF is the format of choice for e-signing, filing forms, and publishing, so y’all need to have all these into consideration when picking your Acrobat Reader alternative.

We recommend looking into up-to-date software that tin provide a practiced reading experience with not much disturbance. On meridian of that, you should be able to edit, comment, and convert your pdf documents.

Soda PDF
is a solid alternative that includes all the above-mentioned features, plus OCR, batch editing/opening, online admission, and many more.

Endeavor to impress with some other software and run into if the trouble persists. If it is fixed, consider keeping this new software as your go-to PDF reader.

four. Try to print PDF as an image

print as image adobe not printing

Maybe some function of your PDF file is damaged, similar some corrupted text, for example, and that is blocking the printing. That could exist solved by printing your PDF file as an image, and then it won’t exist dependent on the text version.

To print your PDF as an image in Adobe Reader, become to
File > Print > Advanced, and cull
Impress as Image.

That’southward essentially all, simply if y’all still can’t impress your PDF file from Adobe Reader, you might look for an answer on
Adobe Reader Forum.

Often Asked Questions

  • Corrupted or outdated printer drivers often forbid users from printing PDF files. To fix this result, install the latest printer driver, or check this guide to see what to do if
    document tin can’t be printed in Adobe Acrobat.

  • To print a PDF as an image in
    Adobe Reader
    navigate to File, select Print, then click on Avant-garde and select
    Impress as Image.