Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing in Color

Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing in Color

Color printing problems in the Epson inkjet printers are widespread. When you don’t use them regularly, you lot might accept 1 of the following problems.

  1. The Epson printer is printing incorrect colors.
  2. The Epson printer is printing faded colors.

I know how abrasive it can be when you lot demand to impress some important documents and such a trouble appears in your machine? But the relieving part is that yous can hands calibrate the color bug in the Epson printer. Desire to know how? I am hither to assist you lot with that.

Why is my Epson printer not printing colors properly?

Before we proceed to the solution, permit’s understand

why is the Epson printer not printing correctly or giving y’all the faded prints even though the Ink is full?

Fix Epson Printer color problems

More often than not, An Epson printer prints color properly when the ink nozzle/ printhead is jammed. And then you lot demand to clean them (nozzle/printhead) to calibrate the colour issues. Apart from that, these problems can also cause faded or incorrect color print issues.

  1. Ink book is low.
  2. Newspaper tray settings are incorrect.
  3. The printer is not using the original cartridges.
  4. Nozzle/print head is chock-full.
  5. Grayscale/blackness print mode is activated.
  6. An ink cartridge or nozzle settings are wrong.

How exercise you prepare the Epson printer colour print issues?

Now we have an thought about the natural causes for wrong color print issues on the Epson machine. Now information technology’south time to fix the bug. And then follow the steps given below.

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Bank check the ink book-

When an Epson printer doesn’t give you the colour prints, you need to

bank check the ink level on the Epson printer

. Assure that the tank/cartridge has sufficient Ink to print the documents.

Check ink volume

  • Turn on the

    Epson machine
  • Push the

    home/ bill of fare

  • Become to the


  • Now select the

    ink volume
  • Press the



If the ink cartridge is low, you need to replace the ink cartridge or fill the ink tank. After that, your printer volition commencement printing the documents without any errors.

Check the newspaper tray settings –

When settings practise not match the newspaper you have loaded on the machine. Your printer will non appropriately impress the documents. So you need to check the

newspaper tray source

settings and correct them. If yous want to load the A4 size paper for printing, you must adjust the paper tray according to the A4 size certificate.

set paper type from printer printing preferences

  • Go back to the
    control panel .
  • Select the
    Epson printer.
  • Go to the
    printing preferences.
  • Under the
    tab, Select the

    Paper source.
  • Now select the
    document size.
  • After selecting the document size, you need to select the
    paper type and quality likewise.
  • Load the paper now, and so reboot the printer.

Clean the nozzle/ printheads –

If your Epson is printing the documents disorganized or some colors are missing on the paper. This issue might be related to the trouble related to the printhead or nozzle issue.

Probably, the ink nozzle or printhead has been clogged with solid ink particles. So you need to

clean the Epson printer printhead/nozzle

using the following instructions.

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Clean print head

  • Open the

    control panel

    on the computer.
  • Go to the

    devices and printers
  • Select the

    Epson printer
  • Right-click on it and click on the

    press preferences
  • Go to the


  • Press the

    clean printhead

  • Select

    all colors

  • Press the


    push button to clean the printhead.

After cleaning upwardly the print head, you need to clean the nozzle and then retry to color documents. It should be printing fine now.

Disable The Grayscale Printing-

If the

Epson printer is printing blackness

only instead of colour prints. You demand to check the grayscale/ blackness print only settings. You have probably activated them; that’s why your printer is simply press the documents in the black & white format.

  1. Open the

    control panel

    on the Windows reckoner.
  2. Click on the

    devices and printers.
  3. Right-click on the

    Epson printer
  4. Go to the

    printing preferences
  5. Disable the

    grayscale/black impress-only

  6. At present press the



Run the Ink Flush settings –

If yous oasis’t used the printer for a long time, some ink particles might go dried up on the nozzle or screen. In that instance, y’all need to affluent the Ink; correct later on that, your printer will start working fine.

  1. Open the

  2. Click on the

    printers and scanners
  3. Now click on the

    printing preferences
  4. Printing the


  5. Click on the

    ability ink affluent
  6. Press the


    push button.

Bonus Tips:

Y’all must have fixed the color printer problems on the Epson printer. However, If you’re yet dealing with the Epson printer color print problems, delight check these settings too.

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Replace the Ink cartridge-

If the Epson printer is not printing specific colors, y’all need to replace that detail ink cartridge from the Epson auto. The ink has probably been dried, or the

printer cannot recognize that cartridge

. That’s why y’all are having color problems with the Epson printer.

And then y’all need to buy a new original ink cartridge from the Epson Store or online website and then install information technology on your device.

Use the branded cartridge only –

When you are using the duplicate or refilled ink cartridge on the Epson inkjet printer, you will take wearisome or faded color impress-related bug considering these types of cartridges do not contain the skilful quality of Ink. Due to this, your printer will start giving the blank page of output.

Adjust the color management settings –

Although Epson tries its best to print the color in the best quality, it will not be matched with the color displayed on the screen. However, if colors are very unlike, y’all need to accommodate the colour settings past going into the colour management settings.

And so these are the steps to ready the Epson printer not printing color print only. If you are still dealing with color issues,
reset the printer
to the manufacturing plant settings. After that, it will offset working fine.

Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing in Color

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