Why Does My Printer Print Red Instead of Black

Why Does My Printer Print Red Instead of Black

  • HP Officejet 6000 Print grey instead of black


    My HP Officejet 6000 works well for most a twelvemonth until today, where he began to print calorie-free grayness instead of black.

    My officejet is attached via USB directly to my PC, I’m under Ubuntu 12.04 with gnome shell. Used to piece of work out of the area to print. I just install HPLIP Toolbox to run into if I can fix annihilation, but that was no assistance. I exchanged the inktank blackness for a new, only that did non help either one. The grey looks perfect grey and not a faded defective, blackness dryness. I tried to modify the output of color mode in the settings of the printer to the just black than grey, and the printer does not impress the necessary ink at all. Is this a software problem? Or printer hardware problem? I tried printing from my laptop and had the same trouble.

    Whatever assist would be appreciated.

    Problem solved. I got my printer to my friend who has a Windows PC and a exam print looked fine. I thought it must be a Linux question so. I have connected my printer to my PC Ubuntu again, and for the hell of it, I tried to print a exam page and go figure, information technology worked. Maybe unplug the printer helped solve the problem? BTW, when I meet my problem, the printer was not actually printing greyness instead of black by mixing the inktanks colour. I discovered that she did not use the black tank at all. I’m glad that everything works again without having to actually fix annihilation. So if anyone else has this problem, try disconnecting the printer, and so effort over again. That could be the solution. Turn off the PC one on or the printer doesn’t aid.

  • Photosmart C5380: My Photosmart C5380 printer Green instead of black

    Occationally my printer prints green instead of black.

    Sometimes it’due south at the start of a certificate, and sometimes it’s in the centre of a certificate.

    I tried to change the cartridge, but have the same upshot.

    All-time regards

    Torben Arp


    I want to help you with this issue, black is sometimes printing in green. You accept changed the cartridge and having the same results.

    I would like to do a hard reset to see if that will solve the problem.
    Permit the printer and disconnect the printer cable and the wall socket for 60 seconds.
    Reconnect the power cable to the output of the printer and the wall, and not a surge protector.
    This ensures that the printer is total on and can aid this situation.

    Try the following steps to see if it will solve the problem.

    Message “Ink cartridge problem” on the printer.

    Please do not take into business relationship the championship.

    You use 18-carat HP cartridges?
    What are the ink levels?

    Please let me know if y’all demand additional assistance.

    Have a fantastic 24-hour interval!
    Thank yous.

  • Printer prints blueish instead of black

    I take a HP 6840, has worked well and all of a sudden started printing blue instead of black.  Prints all other colors, but non black.  On the test page, everything is blueish, except two small squares at the top that are dark greyness.

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    Any thoughts?

    The test page actually uses a combination of color to print what appears as black text.  It seems that you will need a blackness cartridge.

    It is not uncommon for the third-party products to take poor quality,
    see the study here for more details.

  • Want 4520: want printing 4520 cherry-red instead of black

    Recently, my 4520 began to print ruby-red just when I want to print in blackness. I get around this past removing the color cartridge. However, it is not a skillful solution. As part of the copy of the screen, I select ‘Black Start’ when you make a re-create. This does non resolve the situation.

    @nwnittany49and welcome to the Forums of HP!

    I’d beloved to help you with your urge for 4520. Co-ordinate to your description, I understand that the printer will not impress blackness when you lot accept both cartridges installed, and instead, information technology prints red. Please use the following document to solve the problem and I would like to know the results of your efforts:
    HP printers – color or black ink non print.

    If this solves the problem, I ask that you click on Accept as Solution push beneath then that others may see that your post is solved. Give thanks you.

    Run into yous before long!

  • Prints blue instead of blackness

    I have a HP Photosmart B210, more than.  My black text (and pictures) impress calorie-free blue instead of black.  I replaced the cartridge twice and I always feel the aforementioned question.  I cleaned the impress heads several times.

    just to repeat the solution.  Cull Printer Preferences and fast/economic printing.  Likewise in the grayscale option choose black ink only.

  • Printer HP printing green instead of blackness text, information technology only happens in the reckoner printer.

    Original title: printing problems.

    I use Vista Habitation Premium on a Dell Inspiron 351 and I have problems with my printer, black impress green fate how do I change. I use a HP Deskjet 3050 a J611 serial.  The scanner and copier piece of work in the dark, only not my computer.


    Accept you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    This type of problem usually occurs due to a change in the settings in the printer.

    I would suggest trying the post-obit methods and bank check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Run the fixit from Microsoft Fixit article and if that helps.

    Issues press and press errors:


    Method 2:

    Endeavor the steps in the following Microsoft article and cheque if it helps.

    Printer in Windows bug:


    If the steps above mentioned methods, then it would exist best to contact HP for assistance.

    HP support:

    Promise the information is useful.

  • Photosmart 7960: Photosmart 7960: color printing problem print Brown instead of Cherry-red

    Instead of printing red print Brown.


    Although the issue you described is different from what the title in the following document States, the proposed solution might help:
    printed Images contain blanks or streaks of single color.

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    I understand your Red looks more than similar Brownish when it prints, I recall that the cleaning cartridges can assist. The above will aid you in this. Too, please make sure that your ink cartridge ink level is adequate.

    I hope this helps. If this resolves the issue, please click Have equally Solution to place your request as resolved. Cheers.

  • 660 prints yellow instead of Cerise

    6600 HP prints
    xanthous Instead of
    – later replacement of
    all the
    installation cartridges (carmine has worked before changing the cartridge…) Yeah… .to HP replacement cartridges).

    Unplug and restart the ISID printer do non piece of work. Clean the metal tabs on the printer
    the cartridges were not working.


    I’g sorry you take a trouble with ruby-red yellow printing.

    See if y’all can get out of the impress head and clean information technology with h2o and lint. In that location is a lock to the right of the cartridges. Lift it up and out of the area of the basket. Information technology’s your impress head.

    Hither is a link that may help y’all also, if you lot have not washed.

    http://back up.HP.com/usa-en/document/c03063282

  • PSC 1315xi All in one impress in colour instead of blackness on windows 7 and viii

    In our House, nosotros have 3 computers: two laptops, one running windows 7 and one running windows 8 and 1 desktop running windows xp.

    On our office it prints fine, simply on 2 laptops when trying to print black text Print instead in a grayish blueish color. I am trying to impress in color works on all computers. Or ink cartridges are empty.

    Every bit he works on the desktop, I guess it’south a commuter issue, but I can’t find a solution.


    What ink cartridges you actually have in the right slot of the printer, a black cartridge 56/27 or a
    Photograph ink cartridge?

    The supplied sample occurs even if you accept a Photo cartridge in the printer…

    With the help of a cartridge Photo is not intended for printing the text in black, but for printing Photos and volition not have a gray color effect…

  • Printer does not recognize blackness ink and color ink prints instead.

    My printer ran out of black ink so I had put a new cartridge in and it says that it is origanal ink and he has an x on the black ink, bar it prints off the coast of the color ink butthat is exhausted, black ink, I put in what’s new in lexmark simply higher efficiency

    Original title: printer

    Wolfgang Peiker,

    Thanks for keeping us posted and share this information with us.


    I would like you lot to contact the Lexmark Support for assistance.

    Cheque out the link-


    We know if yous need assistance. We will be happy to assist yous.

    Thank you.

  • HP Deskjet 970Cse but prints red after the new color cartridge installed.

    HP Deskjet 970Cse only prints ruddy later on the new color cartridge installed. I use black HP 45 and HP 78 color. Both are new. I know the printer is an older model, but information technology works well a month ago.  Whatever help would be appreciated.

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    Cheers for your aid.It was a faulty cartridge.  I pressed a white cloth on the ink source and only yellow and blue were visible, without reddish (magenta).  I’ve returned the material and cartridge in the store (with my receipt) and managed to get another canister… information technology worked!  Both cartridges take dates of expiry of 2016.  Glad I didn’t have to spend time troubleshooting my printer.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8630: HP Officejet Pro 8630 – practice not impress cherry-red

    Hi, I’yard very happy with the HP Officejet Pro 8630. I am registered to instant ink HP and going well. My problem is that my printer prints yellowish instead of red. IE, write in scarlet text is printed in yellow. It’due south the aforementioned affair if I print a web page for logo etc… sometimes Ribbon appears in greenish

    – checked ink – OK – alignment levels heads of fine – print – run scale – ok all assist much appreciated Marcus

    Hullo, I accept my ternion on 24/7.

  • HP Deskjet 3070: I endeavour to impress red, just it comes out yellow


    I have a HP Deskjet 3070 e-all-in-one – B611a. I was able to impress correctly before of my HP Pavilion laptop to Windows 7 32-fleck Os, only last week my printer started interim strange. When I try to print the text in red, it comes out yellow. When I attempt to impress a purple variant, he leaves little green lifestyle. If I desire to print Xanthous, blue or blackness, it is printed correctly. I checked the ink cartridges, they have been placed correctly. I cleaned the impress head, did not assist. It seems every bit if my printer cannot print cherry-red more or the Scarlet cartridge is somehow filled yellowish ink… Tin someone assist me delight?



    Information technology seems that the magenta ink is not printing correctly.  The
    steps in this troubleshooting folio
    tin can help.  If they don’t resolve the trouble
    the message here
    tin can help.

  • Photosmart C & 180 will non impress red

    The printer has suffered when we had a power cutting and he was turned on.

    Since so, it will not impress red. (I just get yellow).

    Accept looked through the wire “Volition not print Magenta”, I’m not sure who, magenta cartridges (or both), I demand to try difficult – or if in that location are a few other adjustments that I exercise.

    How-do-you-do Phil1812,

    Please confirm the process you take already finished.

    Another process, you lot could try is as follows:

    (ane) remove all ink cartridges.

    (2) shut the ink access door.

    (3) disconnect the printer.

    (4) wait for almost xxx seconds.

    (5) connect the printer.

    (half-dozen) a message indicating to load the cartridges should appear on the control console.

    (7) reload cartridges.

    Kind regards


  • Why Does My Printer Print Red Instead of Black

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