Why Does My Printer Not Print Pdf Files

Why Does My Printer Not Print Pdf Files

If your PDF document isn’t printing, either your printer is faulty or there may be some event with PDF settings. Both the printer and your PDF file must run across sure criteria to print your PDF document.

Below, nosotros’ll discuss a few reasons why your PDF is not press along with its fixes in particular.

Why tin can’t I print a PDF?

The first matter you need to know is if the trouble you are facing is in the printer or your
pdf file. You tin can check this by trying to print whatever webpage or even a .dr. file to know where the issue is.

  • The Printer Is Not Connected to the Device

    A loose wire connection may cease your PC and printer from connecting. If you have a wireless printer, your PC and printer must exist connected to the aforementioned Wi-Fi. Yous can also check if you have selected the correct printer.

  • Outdated Driver

    Not updating your printer commuter may likewise stop you from printing your PDF. So, it is required for y’all to update the driver of your device now and then.

  • Corrupted PDF file

    PDF file
    tin can get corrupted considering of multiple reasons, such as viruses, incomplete PDF file downloads. A heavy magnet nigh your storage device tin can also damage it, resulting in corrupted files.

  • Locked PDF File

    When creating a PDF file, there is an option to lock your file. So, if yous take a locked PDF file, y’all cannot print your documents.
  • Printer Queue

    If your printer already has multiple files waiting to be printed, your PDF may not get printed until all the other tasks are completed.
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The above are some of the most mutual reasons yous cannot print a pdf. Now, let’s become onto what we should do to fix these problems.

Fixes for Why You Can’t Print a PDF

If you cannot impress any document, then the problem is with the printer. Here are some steps you lot tin do to gear up your printer effect.

Set Your Printer as the Default Printer

Sometimes, if you have non set your printer as the default printer, information technology cannot print your document. To prepare a printer equally your default printer, y’all can follow these steps:

Update Your Printer Driver

Why Does My Printer Not Print Pdf Files

Y’all can update your printer drivers if your printer isn’t working. To update your commuter, you tin go to
Command Console
Device Manager > aggrandize “Printer queues“> select your printer> correct click and

After the update is complete, you can effort to print the PDF file to see if it worked.

Clear Files That Are Left to Be Printed

Some other reason your PDF isn’t printing might be because there are already some files that are on the list of the printer that needs to be printed. The printer works on the Offset-In-Outset-Out policy, which means whichever file information technology gets first is printed.

To articulate your printer queue, yous can follow the following steps.

  • Become to
    Control Panel
    Device and Printer.
  • Right Click on the printer that is connected to your device and click on “run into what’s printingsee-whats-printing
  • Here, you will come across a listing of files waiting to exist printed. Correct-click on one of them and click on cancel. This volition remove the files from the printer printing list and y’all tin impress your file.

Clear the Print Spooler

The impress spooler is an in-built application that stores the printing tasks on your computer. Higher up mentioned steps may not always work while clearing files that are left to be printed. In that case, you lot can follow these steps to articulate your print spooler.

yous accept to exist logged in as an administrator to do these steps.

  • Printing
    Windows + R fundamental
    and blazon
  • Search for
    Print Spooler
    and double click on it.
  • Under the
    Full general
    tab, make sure the “startup type” is automatic. services-print-spooler
  • Click end. One time the
    Service Control
    tab closes, click on offset. Afterwards this click on apply and so ok.
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Restart your calculator and attempt to print your PDF.

Troubleshoot Your Printer

This is kind of a final resort if zero works on fixing the issue with the printer. Troubleshooting a device works in well-nigh cases, windows tin figure out exactly what is incorrect with the device and give a solution. You can troubleshoot a printer using the mentioned steps.

For Windows 11

  • Press the
    Windows primal
    and go to settings.
  • Search for
    and run the printer troubleshoot. If y’all don’t find the printer, click on “Other troubleshooters“. There you can find a printer troubleshooting option.
  • Wait for the troubleshooter to complete, and then select the printer that is not working properly.
  • Click side by side and await for the troubleshooting to complete

For Windows x

  • Press the
    Windows key
    and get to settings.
  • Click on “Update and Security”. Then click on “Troubleshoot”.
  • Look for “Printer” and click on it.
  • Click on “Run the troubleshooter”
  • Select the printer that is non working properly.
  • Click side by side and wait for the troubleshooting to complete.

Windows volition tell you what is incorrect with your printer commuter and suggest some fixes. Once you lot are done with the fixes, you can print your PDF file.

If the issue is not with the printer but something else, you can try the following fix.

Save as New PDF

This is one of the easiest fixes. All you take to practise is to save the PDF file once again as a dissimilar name or supersede the existing one. Doing this removes some corrupted bits from the file and you will exist able to print your file.

Unlock PDF Files

To unlock your PDF files, you can use websites similar
Smallpdf. Once you are on the site, you can upload your locked pdf and get the unlocked version of it.

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Set up Corrupted Files

If your files are corrupted, there is nothing you can do except for using tertiary-political party software or a web application to recover and print those files. Software and websites such as recovery toolbox, SysInfotools PDF repair, Datanumen PDF repair, etc. tin be used to uncorrupt those files.

Print PDF as Image

This fix unremarkably works for most of the users, as this set doesn’t impress the pdf but it prints the PDF as an image.

You can follow these steps to impress a pdf equally an epitome.

  • Open the PDF file from Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Press
    Ctrl +P
    and click on the
    Advanced setting.
  • Tick the
    Impress as image
    checkbox and press
  • Click on

However, there is one disadvantage to it, as information technology can accept a while to print. The final step of printing the certificate every bit an image works almost of the time if your PDF certificate fails to print.


Why Is My Computer Not Letting Me Print?

If you have the printer assault offline mode, you lot cannot print your document. Make certain that it is online. After that, you lot can also check if it says “set up” under your printer. If not, you lot cannot print the document.

Why Is Adobe Acrobat Reader Not Printing My Document?

If your Adobe Acrobat Reader is not printing the document, there may exist some problem that occurred while installing information technology. Yous tin prepare it from the repair option you get once you choose to “uninstall” the application from the “Control Panel“. If this does not work you tin endeavor to reinstall the awarding.

Why Tin’t I Print PDF Files From My Printer?

Your printer manufacturer may have some specific application that yous need to apply to connect to the printer. The application detects your device and connects to it automatically. Read the user guide of your printer to check if you need any application to print your certificate

Why Does My Printer Not Print Pdf Files

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