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Though Sonic hasnt used it in some time he is capable of using a technique called Chaos Control which gives him limited manipulation of time and space. Sonic struggles to outrun that annoying sound on water levels.

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Also when he is using speed force he is invincible and becomes 10 times faster than sonic.

Who is faster sonic or flash. Hes never showed off any ability to walk around freely where time doesnt exist inaccessible speed. He once outran death as one does. 6 Superman While Superman sits right above Supergirl in this rating due to their individual races against Barry Allen there is a chance that Supergirl is actually faster than her cousin.

The conventional answer is that the Flash would win because he is faster. The Flash has tried to quantify Barrys speed on multiple occasions. Clark Kent is simply too good to beat.

He can punch as fast as he can run. His name is Superman after all. Superman has been known to keep up with characters such as the Flash who we know is way faster than Sonic.

Thats how fast The Flash can travel. Hell soon need to find out because The Flash has arrivedMusic usedSonic SATAM OpeningDonkey Kong. So yes there is little point in comparing him to say Sonic the Hedgehog.

At the same time Flash and Superman have raced to a tie so it is assumed that Superman is faster than Supergirl. Whether its Barry Allen or Wally West it is important to know that they are both absolutely the fastest in their universe. If it was than its debateble and at least if flash is faster he still getting stomp.

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On the one side there are the fastest men in all of DC. In Computers Technology if the answers seem to be not correct or theres no answer. Hes so fast he can run faster than time itself.

Speed of sound 34029 m s Speed of light 299792458 m s. I would say the Flash because his whole body is fast. Ok so Sonics faster than light but so is the flash Well it.

The comics have taken Barrys speed to higher levels but one hero remains faster than the Flash most of the time. Try a smart search to find answers to similar questions. Goku in UI supposedly has no reaction time but no matter what HE HAS LIMITS.

This dude is a meta-human in a league of his own. Find an answer to your question Who is faster Sonic Or Flash. Except when he isnt.

Sonic is just a slow poke. Sonic runs at the speed of sound quickest hedgehog around. Matt Carter Spliffzilla March 31 2015 IGN The Flash can travel faster than the speed of light.

There is no doubt that the greatest superhero of all time is faster than the fan-favorite video game character. He can move an part of his body as fast as he can run. Sonic the Hedgehog runs fast but just exactly how fast does he run in comparison to Flash Quicksilver.

Sonic may outrun his foes but can he outrun his guilt. In the second season Trajectory established that he can reach the speed of Mach 3 or 2532 miles per hour. The Flash seems to indicate how fast Barry Allen.

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Flash is faster than all Dragon Ball characters COMBINED no one in Dragon Ball or Marvel is faster than him theres only Zoom and Wally in DC. Flash is faster than sonic by a long shot he can run through walls and solid objects. Flash runs faster than the speed of light.

The Flash uses the Speed Force to jog to victory. The Flash versus Sonic the Hedgehog is a battle thats been debated constantly throughout both fanbases and can sometimes reach Goku versus Superman levels of debate. So no chaos emerald for archie sonic yeah flash is faster.

It requires a Chaos Emerald to perform or a similar power source. The flash has had different speeds with different version s but he can go around the world in 10 sec fastest version and 11 hours original comic version hes way faster also he can beat the speed. Even in character descriptions put out by Sega Sonic has consistently been stated to be light speed or faster since his inception.

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