Which Epson Printer Is Best for Home Use

Which Epson Printer Is Best for Home Use

What are the all-time Epson printers to purchase in 2022?

Which Epson Printer Is Best for Home Use

If you want to purchase the best Epson printer available on the market, you need to learn more well-nigh which specifications you should pay attending to when making your choice. Epson is i of the best-known brands since information technology releases loftier-quality printers at unlike price ranges.

Top half-dozen All-time Epson Printers

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-M1170
    – Our Selection
  2. Epson Expression XP-970
    – Affordable
  3. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730
    – Relatively fast
  4. Epson Expression Home XP-4100
    – Popular
  5. Epson Expression Premium
    – Solid functioning
  6. Epson Expression XP-15000
    – Splendid photograph quality

Whether you are going to purchase a printer for home or office utilise, Epson has many decent options for you to consider. Some of them are perfectly suitable for personal use, while others are perfect for large workspaces. On this listing, you will observe both high-end and cheap Epson printers that volition serve yous for years to come. After reading this commodity, yous will know which things yous need to have into account and what are the chief selling points of various models.

i. Epson EcoTank ET-M1170

Our Choice

best epson printer

Impress speed: 20 ppm |
Paper capacity:250 sheets |
Paper size: upward to 21.59 x 35.56 cm |
Weight: iv.31 kg |
Resolution: 2400 x 1200 dpi

  • ✚ Cheap printing costs
  • ✚ Tin can print thousands of pages without cartridge replacement
  • ✚ Remarkable print quality
  • ✚ ii-yr warranty after signing up

  • Expensive

  • Low speed


The ET-M1170 is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an Epson workforce printer that delivers high-quality performance. It’s a role of the series of monochrome EcoTank inkjet models released by Epson. While the ET-M2170 and the ET-M3170 can exist used for other tasks besides, such every bit scanning or copying, this printer was designed equally a single-purpose device.

Since it doesn’t take regular cartridges, it has lower running costs. You need to purchase affordable bottled ink and fill the in-built reservoirs with ink. This model is measured 5.9×14.8×13.seven inches and weighs just 9.5 pounds. Besides, it costs just $279.99 on Amazon and won’t take up much of your workspace.

2. NEC NP-PA622U-13ZL


epson workforce printer

Print speed: 8.5 ppm |
Paper capacity: 100 sheets |
Newspaper size: up to 27.94 x 43.18 cm |
Weight: 8.8 kg |
Resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi

  • ✚ Amazing output quality
  • ✚ Borderless 11×17-inch printing
  • ✚ Tin be accessed from a mobile device

  • High printing costs

  • Comes without an automatic certificate feeder


3. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730

Relatively fast

epson printer scanner

Print speed: xx ppm |
Paper chapters:250 sheets |
Newspaper size: upwardly to 21.6 10 119.9 cm |
Weight: xi.viii kg |
Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi

  • ✚ Amazing print quality
  • ✚ High speed
  • ✚ Relatively low printing costs
  • ✚ Wi-Fi Directly and NFC support

  • Doesn’t have a multipurpose tray


If you are looking for an Epson all in one printer, it’s a peachy choice to consider. This inkjet model supports scanning, copying and faxing. Thanks to PrecisionCore technology support, it allows yous to impress documents and images at a 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution and upwards to xx PPM speed.

Besides, you tin can utilise information technology to print iii.5×5-inch cards or eight.5×47.ii-inch banners. Due to automated duplex printing, you tin can chop-chop impress large-volume documents. It supports Wi-Fi with NFC, which allows you lot to access the printer from your smartphone past using Wi-Fi Directly, Apple AirPrint and other connectivity options.

four. Epson Expression Home XP-4100


epson colour printer

Print speed: 10 ppm |
Newspaper capacity: 100 sheets |
Newspaper size: up to 21.59 x 111.76 cm |
Weight: 4.31 kg |
Resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi

  • ✚ Remarkable print quality
  • ✚ A color display with impact controls

  • Ink costs too much

  • Depression scanning speed


This Epson colour printer supports a wireless connectedness and duplex printing, which makes it a neat value for the money. It is fitted with a two.4-inch color LCD for a quick setup. With it, you can print, scan and re-create various documents and images. This printer can exist accessed from an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone. Its central selling point is its low running costs. Y’all can quickly replace any ink cartridge when a color runs out.

Besides, it is pretty compact and can be controlled with voice commands. Thanks to instant-dry ink, you can rapidly print high-quality photos and documents.

5. Epson Expression Premium

Solid operation

epson all in one printer

Print speed: thirteen ppm |
Newspaper chapters: 100 sheets |
Paper size: 21.six x 119.9 cm |
Weight: viii.two kg |
Resolution: 5760 10 1440 dpi

  • ✚ Low printing costs
  • ✚ Comes with a lot of ink
  • ✚ Keen text quality

  • No ADF or fax capabilities

  • Overpriced


This model is some other Epson multifunction printer that can be used for printing photos and has affordable running costs. It’s perfectly suitable for those who want to print family pictures up to letter size at a low price. Nevertheless, with it, yous won’t be able to attain the highest quality. If yous desire to print larger images, opt for the Epson ET-7750.

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While it likewise has low printing costs, the model itself is more expensive. Those who prioritize high quality should select a pro-level photo printer, such equally the Epson SureColor P400 that is fitted with viii ink cartridges. Keep in mind that it has higher running costs.

half-dozen. Epson Expression XP-15000

Excellent photo quality

epsom multifunction printer

Print speed: ix ppm |
Paper chapters:250 sheets |
Paper size: Wide Format |
Weight: 18.seven pounds |
Resolution: 2400 ten 1200 dpi

  • ✚ Impressive photo quality
  • ✚ Borderless images from 4×6 to 13×19 inches
  • ✚ Claria Photo Hd inks

  • High printing costs

  • Depression speed


This is a perfect Epson printer for home use and work-related tasks as it allows you to print wide-format borderless images of up to 13×19 inches. Thank you to six-color Claria Photo Hd inks, information technology can print loftier-quality color and blackness-and-white photos.

Information technology’south fitted with a 50-sheet rear specialty tray and supports duplex printing, which allows it to quickly impress a high book of documents. Besides, it comes with a 200-sail forepart tray and supports a wireless connexion.

best epson printer

Epson EcoTank ET-M1170

Our Choice

  • Print speed: 20 ppm
  • Paper capacity: 250 sheets
  • Weight: 4.31 kg
  • Resolution: 2400 x 1200 dpi

epson workforce printer

Epson Expression XP-970


  • Print speed: 8.5 ppm
  • Paper capacity: 100 sheets
  • Weight: eight.viii kg
  • Resolution: 5760 ten 1440 dpi

epson printer scanner

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730


  • Print speed: 20 ppm
  • Paper capacity:250 sheets
  • Weight: eleven.8 kg
  • Resolution: 4800 ten 1200 dpi

How to Choose the Best Epson Printer?

Which Epson Printer Is Best for Home Use

What Printer Is Right for You?

Earlier ownership a printer, think carefully about what you are going to print. Depending on your needs, you lot can select a model designed either for home or role use. Read on to learn more about their differences.

Home Printing

Such printers are perfect for those who occasionally need to impress documents or photos. A regular Epson inkjet printer is usually quite inexpensive, which makes it perfect for domicile use. However, laser printers often offer improve quality equally they are more durable. Thanks to information technology, they are considered to be a good value for money.

Which Epson Printer Is Best for Home Use

Office Printing

If you are looking for a printer for office apply, have a closer look at laser models. Unlike inkjet printers, an Epson all in one laser printer can print a lot of documents and work for an extended time, which makes it a perfect pick for busy workplaces. You lot tin purchase a model designed specifically for printing tasks or an all-in-one printer that can exist used for scanning and copying documents. Such printers can be also used as fax machines. Those who need to print images can use colour light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation printers that are perfectly suitable for press high volumes of documents.

Students/School Printing

Depression-page-yield laser models are perfect for schools. They don’t cost every bit much as inkjet printers and have lower printing costs than regular part laser printers. With them, you can quickly print whatsoever document you demand.

Creative Printing

Inkjet models are perfect when y’all need to impress images in color. However, information technology’s meliorate not to utilize budget models as they have higher printing costs. You might need to replace their cartridges likewise oftentimes. If you want to print photos in high quality, make certain to buy an inkjet printer with at least 6 ink pots. Epson and Canon are considered to exist the best brands that release reliable printers.


  • • Which brand releases better printers, Brother or Epson?

Those who are looking for an inkjet model that tin can print high-quality text and images will enjoy using Epson printers. Brother printers are less expensive, which makes them a perfect choice for those who want to purchase a budget laser or inkjet model.

  • • Are Epson printers known for their reliability?

While some users complained about occasional issues with Epson printers, these models are more often than not considered to be quite reliable. The company ensures that its printers deliver loftier-quality performance.

  • • Is it possible to print photos using the Epson EcoTank?

The EcoTank ET-7700 and ET-7750 are fitted with five-color ink systems, which makes them perfect for printing text and photos. With an Epson workforce printer, you can easily print a borderless image and quickly edit it by using the Automated Photo Correction or Cherry-heart removal features.

  • • Are Epson EcoTank printers prone to drying out?

EcoTank ink is put into a special chamber, which prevents it from evaporating and drying out. However, you should pay attention to the print head as it tin can dry out or clog if you don’t use your printer regularly.

Which Epson Printer Is Best for Home Use

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