Where to Do a Firmware Update in an Arris Sbg7580-ac

Where to Do a Firmware Update in an Arris Sbg7580-ac

The ARRIS SURFboard® Director app is beingness updated to SURFboard Key – https://apps.apple.com/u.s.a./app/surfboard-central/id1478418148

SURFboard Fundamental will aid you get the near of your device with new features, new UI and new experiences.

We are excited to have our new and electric current customers shift over to SURFboard Primal and have worked to brand the transition every bit like shooting fish in a barrel as possible.

For our SBG8300/SBG10/SBG7580-Air-conditioning / SBG6950AC2 / SBG7400AC2/ SBG7600AC2 customers:
New customers – please start with SURFboard Key App for onboarding and managing your device.
If you already completed onboarding, no worries – you lot will exist prompted to seamlessly transfer all your information to the new App.
Existing customers – with this update, yous will be prompted to launch SURFboard Central that will seamlessly transfer your existing configuration and settings to the new App.

For our legacy device users: SBR-AC3200P / SBR-AC1900P / SBR-AC1200P / SBX-AC1200P
Stay Tuned – we volition be updating our Mobile Awarding to support these devices.
For at present, please continue to use the ARRIS SURFboard® Manager App to manage and configure your devices.

What’southward New

Version 5.iii.41

This App updates provides an option for SBG10/SBG7580-Air conditioning / SBG6950AC2 / SBG7400AC2/ SBG7600AC2 users to exist migrated to our new SURFboard Central App seamlessly. Just launch this app and follow the instructions. All your configuration and settings volition be copied over then you tin can enjoy the benefits of the new app!
Stay tuned – all remaining gateways will shortly be supported.
Legacy users can withal apply this Application and return from SURFboard Key if preferred.
This update includes several issues fixes.

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Ratings and Reviews

Terrible at first, at present complete garbage

Information engineering made me angry that I had to enable location information to manage my router via app-what’s the point of having an admin tool on a portable device if y’all accept to be dwelling to utilize it? It was touchy to get in and the parental controls were absolute garbage, no value or functionality to them if there’south more than ane developed connecting a single device to the network. The modem/router and this associated software are DEFINITELY not worth eventually saving the $14/month we were paying comcast for their device and far superior network management tools.

I’m not certain how long agone information technology happened but the app only manifestly stopped working. Access devices must be on the wifi network to connect to the app, and the app never recognizes that my phone is on its network so NEVER connects. Awesome characteristic when you lot’re troubleshooting connection issues with your network and tin can’t get into the direction tool, kudos to the Encarmine Stupid Johnson who programmed that problems in.

Nosotros’re getting a new modem and router and I won’t be putting my money into whatever AARIS products once more.

“Break” “unpause” “network map”

Aside from wishing it was easier to speak to someone my biggest outcome is with the network map. The network map shows and “helps” yous manage all the connected devices to your WiFi/router. On the top right corner later on borer a device at that place is a push button that says “pause” if yous break a device information technology volition pause its WiFi connectedness and take no internet admission. After y’all pause a device, at that place is NO Way OF UNPAUSING. Delight Fix! Someone keeps pausing my laptop to get better internet merely so I go screwed because now that I figured this out, I take as well figured out that in that location is no fashion of unpausing my device after it’s been paused. As far as I can tell my device volition eventually go internet admission once again. And so not too long subsequently get paused once more because someone wants meliorate cyberspace connexion. Lesser line is, it’s easy to pause a device. There is NO Option TO UNPAUSE and information technology needs to be fixed.

APP Bankrupt Later on IOS 13.2

App no longer fetches router information, worse when you become along to log in to router via spider web manager a pop up alerts you that someone is already logged on to spider web admin and add deplorable asks if yous want to log them off. One fourth dimension you cull to do so it keeps alerting y’all that some other user is logged on. You lot take to literally reset the unabridged router to get back into web admin. This is not but a high run a risk liability for keeping y’all locked out of bout web admin it also creates many security problems. ARRIUS Gear up this app immediately or Apple tree should remove from store. For a company that claims to have sold over 300 modems how in the hell do they develop complete garbage software and create security bug for millions of households. Become your homo action together ARRIUS – i paid over $400 for your DOCS iii.ane wifi router and you tin can’t even reply your reviews here? Your app breaks your routers, you need To update your app for ios 13 or your customers will demand Apple tree tree to have downwardly at one time.

App Privacy

The developer,
ARRIS Group, Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include treatment of data every chip described below. For more than information, see the
programmer’southward privacy policy.

Data Non Linked to You

The following data may be collected simply information technology is non linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info

  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for case, based on the features you use or your historic period.
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  • Where to Do a Firmware Update in an Arris Sbg7580-ac

    Family unit Sharing

    Upward to vi family unit unit members can employ this app with Family unit Sharing enabled.

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Where to Do a Firmware Update in an Arris Sbg7580-ac

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