What Is the Latest Fibit Charge 3 Firmware Version?

What Is the Latest Fibit Charge 3 Firmware Version?

All Fitbits come characteristic-packed right out of the box, merely in that location are consequent updates and new features being rolled out beyond devices.

In recent months we’ve seen Fitbit add together its stress score, skin temperature tracking and other peak features to devices such every bit the
Fitbit Charge 4
Fitbit Versa 3
via over-the-air updates.

So by not updating your Fitbit, you could be missing out some amazing free features.

Then, how exactly do yous update your Fitbit? We’ve cleaved that down stride-by-step, whether yous’re doing it from your phone or your reckoner.

Update Fitbit on iOS or Android device

What Is the Latest Fibit Charge 3 Firmware Version?

Every bit mentioned above, your way of doing this is through the Fitbit app, which you should already accept installed on your iPhone or Android device.

Check you’re running latest version of Fitbit phone app

Before you become to the updating part, you lot’ll want to check that the Fitbit app y’all have installed on your telephone is the latest version.

Caput to the app shop where y’all first downloaded the app.
Search for ‘Fitbit’. Once the official app is located you’ll know if an update is available if yous see the option to ‘Update’.
Tap, and the update will showtime installing for you.

At present the phone app is running the latest version, the side by side thing to do is make sure your Fitbit is charged up to ensure you lot can go your device updated. Those updates usually require your device to be charged to at to the lowest degree fifty%.

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To be on the safe side, nosotros’d propose having your Fitbit sitting in its charging dock to make sure it fully completes whatsoever updates.

Is an update bachelor for your Fitbit?

How to update Fitbit

Now you’re charged up and you’re running the latest version of the app, in that location’s a couple of ways y’all can find out if an update for your Fitbit device is available.

When you launch the phone app that is paired with your device, y’all may see a big banner at the meridian of the Dashboard screen saying, ‘Firmware update bachelor’.

Alongside that, you’ll should also see a small pink icon with an pointer pointing down. You tin tap this banner to offset downloading the update to your device.

The other style to check if an update is bachelor (if you don’t encounter that big banner), is to tap the ‘Business relationship’ icon in the top-left.

That volition push you to select your device, where you tin can then access settings. If an update is bachelor, you should see a banner that reads, ‘Update Tracker Software’. Tap that banner and you’ll be prompted to kickoff the update.

Depending on the Fitbit device you ain, yous might be prompted to do it over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So, for instance, the Fitbit Versa supports updating over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

How to update Fitbit on your computer

Maybe you don’t employ the Fitbit smartphone app – or y’all but adopt viewing your data and tinkering with settings from your estimator. If that’s y’all, and then yous can also update your device from a PC.

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The first thing y’all’ll need to do is launch the Fitbit Connect application on your computer and log into your account. If you don’t for some reason already take it downloaded, you lot tin practice information technology from

Select Troubleshooting, where y’all should be pushed to a screen that volition let you bank check for updates.
It volition and then run a quick check and tell you if yous’re all up to date or there is new software waiting for yous.
If an update is bachelor, y’all’ll so be prompted to follow the instructions to become it installed.
Like updating from your phone, y’all’ll need continue your device close to your computer and you’ll meet a progress bar on both your device and Connect until it’s completed.

What Is the Latest Fibit Charge 3 Firmware Version?

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