What Is the Current Firmware Version for Samsung Gear S3 Sm-r760ndaaxar

What Is the Current Firmware Version for Samsung Gear S3 Sm-r760ndaaxar

It looks like Google isn’t the only company
preparing to launch
a rival to the Apple Watch this year, as at present there are mounting reports of Samsung joining the party.

In this article, we have gathered up everything nosotros know so far about the upcoming Samsung wearable. The article will be updated as more information nearly Samsung’southward next smartwatch comes to light.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch rumors and leaks: Release date

Samsung is no stranger to smartwatches, having launched several nether its Gear brand since 2013. Its latest addition, the
Gear Sport, launched in October 2017, but at that place hasn’t been a ‘regular’ smartwatch from Samsung since the Gear S3 of Baronial 2016, which came a year after the Gear S2.

Everyone expected to see the Gear S4 around August 2017, but it failed to arrive. Instead, Samsung went downwardly to the fitness route with the
Gear Sport.

Now though, there is mounting speculation that the Gear S4 (or an equivalent called the Galaxy Lookout) will make it soon. Samsung is holding a media event in New York on Baronial 9 for the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, but information technology is more than probable that a new picket will debut at IFA, the annual technology bear witness which kicks off in Berlin on August 31.

Samsung often has a huge presence at IFA and has launched many devices at the bear witness in previous years, often at i of its Unpacked events the evening before IFA itself opens. This means Baronial xxx is a likely date for Samsung to reveal its new smartwatch, before showing information technology off at IFA the post-obit day.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch rumors and leaks: The name

Logic suggests the new clothing will be called the Samsung Gear S4, given its follows the Southward, S2 and S3. Merely Samsung may exist about to change tact, as on June 20 the company submitted the name ‘Milky way Watch’ to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, as spotted by
Milky way Gild.

This reportedly is the logo of Samsung’south next smartwatch

This could simply exist a case of Samsung protecting itself from other companies making a watch with its iconic Galaxy name, but it is an interesting move nonetheless.

It is understandable that Samsung may want to step away from the Gear proper name, as it has been applied to a wide range of unrelated products over recent years. Samsung’s virtual reality headset is called the Gear VR, but this is unrelated to the Gear smartwatch range, which is turn has nada to exercise with the Gear IconX wireless earphones. As a family of products, Gear feels confused compared to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Sentry rumors and leaks: Operating organization

Samsung’s commencement smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, ran Google’s Android Wearable (at present called Wear Bone) when it launched in 2013, but every model since has run Samsung’s ain Tizen operating arrangement.

It would be a big move for Samsung to bandy out its ain software for Google’s, especially when in many areas the two companies are rivals. But the name change helps make this make sense – later all, Galaxy smartphones all run Android, so logic suggests a Galaxy Watch would run Android (or Wearable OS), too.

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Helping cement this is a tweet from regular technology tipster Ice Universe, who
said on July 6
that the Samsung lookout man will exist “based on Android Vesture”. They besides said the device will “probably” be called the Galaxy Watch, and that it volition accept a new user interface and a blood pressure monitor – something none of its rivals currently offering.

An earlier tweet by the frequently-authentic
Evan Blass
backed upwards the Habiliment Bone claims, stating: “Seen on the wrists of Samsung employees: Gear watches running not Tizen, simply Article of clothing OS.”

Samsung Galaxy Watch rumors and leaks: Brandish and design

According to
SamMobile, which has a skilful track record for Samsung news, Samsung is working on 2 different “versions or sizes” of the new watch. This could mean an approach like Apple tree’s, which sells 38mm and 42mm versions of the Watch; or, information technology could exist a nod towards what Samsung did with the Gear S3, where information technology launches a traditional-looking model chosen the Classic and a larger, chunkier version chosen Frontier.

Samsung Galaxy Watch rumors and leaks: Features

SamMobile as well claims the new Samsung smartwatch is known internally every bit Galileo, and will be offered with LTE so it can connect to the cyberspace without keeping your smartphone nearby. The LTE version is said to exist coming to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

It is also claimed the device will be more fitness-focused than Samsung’southward previous wearables, and that information technology will offer more than in-depth slumber tracking. This could mean the spotter will become a larger bombardment, to help it survive several full 24-hour interval of notifications with total nights of slumber tracking in-between. Reports merits it will have a 470mAh battery, which is noticeably bigger than the 380mAh offering of the Gear S3.

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Application icons of the Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Galaxy Lookout man rumors and leaks: Bixby

A report out this calendar week, once more by
SamMobile, claims the Galaxy Watch will include Bixby, Samsung’s voice-activated personal assistant and rival to Siri and Alexa. This would be the beginning time Samsung has fitted Bixby to a wearable, and sounds like a logical move.

All the same, nosotros aren’t sure how Google would react to Samsung putting its own voice banana on Vesture OS, instead of using the broiled-in Google Banana. Using Google’due south Ai instead of Bixby would exist seen every bit a major blow for Samsung, so it will exist interesting to see how this situation pans out.

Samsung Galaxy Watch rumors and leaks: How much will information technology cost?

The Gear S3 arrived with a retail price of $349, while last twelvemonth’s
Gear Sport
started its life at $299. We await to come across the new model have a similar price, putting it roughly on par with the
Apple Watch, which starts at $329.

What Is the Current Firmware Version for Samsung Gear S3 Sm-r760ndaaxar

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