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Once youve found it type git checkout tagsTAG where TAG is the latest tag found eg. But Web installation is still a failure I checked the Apache log and found the following error.

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The application poller did not run successfully when the server was starting.

Web poller found a running server. Install Centreon web interface only monitoring engine and Broker. Can i have my additional poller run on server 2008 and my primary NPM at server 2003. Weathermap 098 run complete – Thu 16 Nov 17 084256 1300.

Running the Repository Creation Utility RCU creates all the required Service Bus queues and queue tables. Zabbix Troubleshooting and Problems. Install database server if you have already installed a Central server without a database option.

By changing Server State Detectors Startup Poller and Shutdown Poller from Web Port to Management Service Ive solved the. Yes this is correct. Unable-to-run-network-discovery-on-additional-poller How To Network Performance Monitor NPM Featured Topics Orion Platform Network Management Disclaimer.

You may have to REGISTER before you can post. Config wizard fails with. Im getting the below message once I start the server.

Install poller monitoring engine and Broker only. I added a value to the pdo_mysqldefault_socket directive then restart the Apache service. Review the exception message in the server log.

Orion 951 Additional Polling Engines can run on Windows Server 2008 but Windows Server 2008 R2 is not officially supported. Jboss Server ErrorServer already running on localhost 6 answers Closed 4 years ago. Invalid Responses Errors12 DeviceFTTx3850StackOneTwo Thread1 DS.

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If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. According to the web search results I modified the phpini configuration file. Im having the same problem.

Zabbix Discussions and Feedback. WEB CONSOLE installs an Additional Web Server. Some misconfigured application may be present in the applications directory.

Also were putting this poller in a new group 1. POLLER installs an Additional Polling Engine. Top 3 posts Page 1 of 1.

Run Configuration Wizard found in Start All Programs SolarWinds Orion Configuration and Auto Discovery. 325020140213141252812 server 5 started poller 3 325120140213141252813 server 6 started poller 4 326420140213141252810 server 19 started discoverer 1 324820140213141252821 server 3 started poller 1 325320140213141252821 server 8 started unreachable poller 1 325220140213141252821 server 7 started poller 5. Both HAProxy and Apache HTTPD support stats API endpoints for to get information like the number of open connections.

Otherwise the main servers poller and this poller will work together to poll the same devices at the same time. I tried changing the port to 9045 but then got Web Poller found a running server at url localhost9045 mycowan Nov 12 15 at 715. NPM 121 SAM 64.

Select Poller and click Done. An application server may already be running on host localhost Im working on a web project where JBoss Application Server is used for deployment. 39 maps were run in 2322 seconds with 0 warnings.

Please note any content posted herein is provided as a suggestion or recommendation to you for your internal use. You can use default admin account. If i patch my primary NPM i patch my additional poller as well.

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The must have access to configuration API. Using HTTP Poller to monitor HAProxy stats and Apache server-status pages. Check if all web server directory permissions are in place.

In the following example Ill show how to setup Logstash to record this information to elasticsearch. Now type php installphp and the installer will setup the poller itself. Note that in this case you should use the IP address of the server thats running the full install of LibreNMS on which you installed rrdcached.

Also check the snmpd daemon status and its open ports. Where is the. Im working on a web project where JBoss Application Server is used for deployment.

The surprise is that the order has been executed successfully. Once the install is complete navigate to your Sonar instance go to Network Monitoring Pollers and add a new entry for this poller. Php usrsharecentreonbinregisterServerTopologyphp -u admin -t Poller -h 19216801 -n poller-1 Replace by the IP of the Centreon server seen by the poller or by the Remote Server if you want to link your server to it.

If not add them and make sure to use the SQL user sa and password. If it has been run before then it should have the SQL details cached in the fields. Add a comment 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes.

Verify if SNMP service is up and running by restarting snmpd daemon by issuing the below command. To start viewing messages select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. System configuration Configure disk.

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By default poller transports use WebLogic Server JMS but you can configure a clustered domain to use Oracle Advanced Queueing AQ JMS when you create or extend the domain.

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