Usb Flash Drive The Directory Name Is Invalid

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The corrupt or incompatible USB controller driver may be the reason behind The Directory Name is Invalid in Windows 10 error. After following one of these ways you will be able to overcome this problem.

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When a USB flash drive is connected the USB flash drive is not visible in Windows Explorer.

Usb flash drive the directory name is invalid. Its in depend on your data virus destroy or not. However this doesnt work. To do that move the file to the root directory such as C.

I get Directory Name is invalid. Solve Drive is not accessible. This is Tutorial can help your USB but your data maybe not good.

The Directory Name is Invalid is a very common issue. USBFlash Drive Path Invalid Thanks for your suggestion trig42. Here are several methods to fix this problem so that you can try another one if any fix does not work for you.

One of the common and annoying problem with USB drive in Windows is the USB Device Not Recognized popup message when you plug in the device into your USB port. If you can still open those folders and files then I suggest you copy those files to another drive immediately. But dont worry as we have 6 Ways to Fix the Directory Name is Invalid in Windows 10.

When you are bothered by it you will be unable to open certain files like Word or access the data storage devices including hard drives SD cards USB flash drives and so forth. Apparently some old USB controllers those that were manufactured before 4-GB flash storage were developed simply do not support USB drives larger than 2GB. If you force to unplug a USB drive from computer when the drive is still in working state like transferring or reading data then there is risk of losing vital files of system information.

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I just started having problems I have no idea why. The drives successfully map however when it tries to run a program from ProcessStart. The working directory is a mapped drive.

When you connect a USB flash drive to your computer it starts to hang out. Besides this issue can also happen to OneDrive or network drive. When I click on it to open it up it says The directory name is invalid I tried changing the directory letter from F to G and many other letters but nothing seems to work.

As a result the files get corrupted. From my research Ive read to put the working directory for when using a usernamepassword in the StartInfo. When I plug in my external hard drive or USB it shows as FRemovable Disk in My Computer.

If you are facing the directory name is invalid error on Windows 10 then the first and foremost thing you need to do is to disconnect the USB Drive or any USB Devices that are connected. Follow the given steps. Also you cannot access the storage devices including SD card external hard drive USB flash drive DVD etc.

Method 2 – Check Disk Errors. Some users said changing the USB port solved the problem. You may try to fix it by uninstalling the USB controller driver.

USB drives are not safely removed from PC. Tried exactly as you suggested managed to change the drive from E. Method 1 – Change USB Port When it reports the directory name is invalid error in Windows 10 the first thing you can try is to re-insert or replug the external hard drive USB or SD card via another port.

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To K but still get the same invalid filepath messages. Turn Off Your Computer. Open the vault folder on the new drive via windows explorer navigate to the system files folder you should see several files among them are two sets of USB Flash Drive-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXidx and bak files.

What is the directory name is invalid error. I tried changing the permissions in the registry editor but that didnt work. If you cant run a certain application due to The directory name is invalid message you might be able to fix the problem simply by copying the problematic file.

The directory name is invalid is an annoying issue. The flash drive is connected to the computer but you get the message Insert disk. And try to run it from there.

The directory name is invalid error is a system issue which can prevent you from opening certain files or directories. A USB drive becomes unreadable when you see the following.


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