Upgrade Firmware Change Wallpaper Laisimo L1

NOTE: This software is used to upgrade L1 to make your device able to change wallpaper by bluetooth. After upgrading is successful, please search “Laisimo L1 V2” in Apple store or Google Play to download the new software. then your L1 can change wallpaper by Bluetooth. Following is the APP surface for IOS and Android.

Download Driver And Firmware Laisimo L1. Link

How To Upgrade Firmware Laisimo L1

1.Driver Installation Steps:
System Requirement: windows 7/windows 8/windows 10
(Bit: 32bit or 64bit)
To our valued customers:
If your Security Software in your computer auto detected the software downloaded from our
website as virus or Trojan horses,please add it to trusted software to avoid being deleted or
isolated by your Security Software.
Please rest assured that our software is 100% safe and will not cause any threat to your
computer or violate your privacy.
For 32bit:
Window7 click twice Win7 32bit to install driver.
Window8/10 click twice Win8 OR Win10 32bit

For 64bit:
Window7 click twice Win7 64bit to install driver.
Window8/10 click twice Win8 OR Win10 64bit
Take Win7 64bit system as an example:
1.click twice Win7 64bit ,then you will see the
following pop-up window,click PUSH to do the following procedure.


When driver is installed, it is time to

Upgrading Instruction:
1. Steps for Upgrading:
Step 1: Take batteries out, then press and keep holding on the fire
button and “+” button when installing batteries.
Step 2: 3 to 4 seconds after finishing installing batteries, release the
fire button and “+” buttons. Now the device is under IAP
Step 3: connect the device with computer via USB cable
You can open the program “ UPGRADE” to check whether the device
connects with your computer successfully.
4:If connect successfully, it shows as the below picture after you open
the program. Then you just need to click to do the upgrade.
When it shows 100%, the upgrade is finished.

6. If not connect successfully, you need to connect the USB again. And
you will see the following reminders.

Note:please unplug the USB cable and connect it with your c
omputer again. If the above warnings still appear,please take bat
teries out and repeat all the above operations

For detail please watch video how to upgrade and change wallpaper laisimo l1 via android.


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