Unlock Bootloader Redmi Note 3 Pro

Today i present you my guide how to unofficially unlock the bootloader on your Redmi Note 3 Pro and RN3 Pro Special Edition phone with flashing the necessary files only. (Snapdragon only)

Unofficiall Bootloder Unlock Redmi Note 3 Pro

So let’s start it!

  1. Download the .rar from the attachment and extract it to C:\
  2. Enter Bootloader mode by pressing the Power button + Volume down simultaneously
  3. Connect your phone to PC with USB cable
  4. Enter EDL mode (Follow this tutorial by @emuzychenko HERE
  5. Start MiFlash
  6. Select the folder you extracted (C:\RN3_unlockblonly)
  7. Press refresh to see your phone connected
  8. Press Flash and wait for a few seconds
  9. Voila… Done

Have a nice day!

RN3_unlockblonly.rar[Click for QR Code]


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