Tyt Md 380 Dmr Privacy Decoding Firmware

Tyt Md 380 Dmr Privacy Decoding Firmware


This radio has been approved by the FCC. Blazon accepted for Role xc, FCC ID PODMD-380 (UHF); FCC ID POD-MD380V (VHF)

Enter the digital age in style with the TYT Doc-380 DMR Digital Portable Two Way Radio! The MD-380 offers amazingly clear, full quieting digital voice communications without walloping your wallet. It operates in analog and digital modes so you can ease into the realm of DMR at your leisure without leaving the comfort of skillful onetime analog. Information technology operates on 400-480MHz frequencies (UHF model) or 136-174MHz VHF (VHF model) at up to five watts and uses Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) digital applied science to double the number of users on a single 12.5kHz channel at either loftier or low ability.

The MD 380 has an impressive 1000 channels to start you off right. It has a two-color LED, congenital-in CTCSS/DCS, channel scan, priority browse and a DTMF keypad with full access to a menu of all its powerful features.

Demand calling features? The MD-380 has Private Telephone call, Group Call and All Call for all the flexibility expected from true a digital radio. Add in a lone worker mode, power salve mode, low ability alarm, and emergency alarm and y’all have a characteristic packed portable that rivals comparable DMR radios at twice the price!

But for all its amazing features, the almost notable is the display. The TYT MD-380 is equipped with a color LCD display that is large, clear, and easy on the eyes. It gives text, graphics and text letters a professional ambient that rivals many other digital handheld radios costing hundreds more!

Equally for accessories, no worries. The Medico-380 uses a standard Kenwood 2-pin (K1) connector, so yous tin can add headsets, earbuds, speaker mics and other audio accessories equally needed.

The TYT Medico-380 digital radio uses Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier two Standard protocol. Information technology is compatible with the popular MOTO TRBO series Tier I and II using standard encryption, besides as other makes and models of DMR supported radios. Information technology is also compatible with any existing analog two-way radio operating on the supported UHF frequencies for easy migration to digital technology.

Includes ane TYT Medico-380 UHF or VHF digital mobile ii manner radio, antenna, belt clip, Ac charger, 2000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, owner’s transmission and one twelvemonth manufacturer warranty.


Disassembly, hardware or software hacks may harm your radio or render it inoperable and will void the manufacturer warranty. Customers who attempt to modify, hack, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to alter the TYT MD-380 radio from its original specifications with the use of hardware or software hacks do so at their own risk.


TYT MD-380 Features

  • 1000 Channels
  • 400-480MHz UHF Frequencies (UHF Model)
  • 136-174MHz VHF Frequencies (VHF Model)
  • Born CTCSS/DCS
  • 5W/1W Output Power
  • Repeater Capable
  • AMBE+ii™ Digital Vocoder
  • Uses Li-ion Rechargeable Bombardment Packs
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack Included
  • Includes Charger
  • Emergency Alarm
  • VOX
  • Encryption (Digital Mode Only)
  • Private Telephone call/Grouping Call/All Telephone call
  • Cloning Capable
  • Text Messaging
  • Talk Effectually
  • Aqueduct Scan
  • Priority Scan
  • Solitary Worker Style
  • LED Status Lite
  • Colour LCD Brandish
  • Lighted DTMF Keypad
  • How-do-you-do/Low Power Selectable
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Battery Meter
  • Low Bombardment Alert
  • Programmable Multifunction Cardinal
  • PC Programmable (Optional Software and Cable Required)
  • Timeout Timer
  • Keypad Lock
  • Audible Button Beeps
  • Clock
  • Drop-In Charge Capable
  • IP54 H2o Resistant
  • Audio Accompaniment Connector
  • DMR
  • Stun/Kill/Activate
  • Ane Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the TYT MD-380

  • TYT Md-380 DMR Digital 2 Fashion Radio
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Antenna
  • Belt Clip
  • AC Adapter
  • Desktop Charger
  • Owners Manual

TYT MD-380 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.15 x two.4 ten 1.41 inches (131 10 61 x 36 mm)
  • Weight (Approx.): 9.1 oz (258 thousand)
  • Antenna connector type: SMA Female

Additional Information

Warranty ane Year
IP Rating IP54
FCC ID PODMD-380 (UHF Version) ; PODMD-380​V (VHF Version)
Channels 1000
Maximum Output Power 5 Watts
Radio Type Handheld
Services Amateur, Business concern
Digital Standard DMR
Integration Repeater Capable
Frequencies UHF, VHF
Display/Keypad Display/DTMF Keypad
  1. TYT Medico-380 DMR Digital Ii Way Radio

    review by
    Mike Due west.

    on 12/12/2021

    This is a two part report. The radio itself was wonderful and no problems with shipping. Yet, I did not have success with using the radio software with programming my radio. My radio technician at my PD did non take success with using the electric current and previous versions of the software.

    Buytwowayradios.com charged my a xx% restocking fee then I had to pay another $11.00 to have it shipped. Poor customer service gesture which I will not be a returning customer. Not happy merely I’m glad they accepted my return.

  2. Tyt Md380 great radio

    review by
    on 10/12/2021

    Have purchased over xx of these radios for our organization. They have worked flawlessly. Programming was a learning curve but one time done they have given us not bad reception and range in DMR mode.

  3. Dandy Radio

    review by
    Church Mouse
    on x/12/2021

    Our church have been buying these radio’s for several years. Dearest the radio. Most of all, I love the client service of Buy Two Way Radio’s . So prompt in response and very knowledgeable of product. Y’all guys Rock!

  4. Smashing Radio

    review by
    on iv/29/2019

    Swell radio, using for security on a fifteen acre church campus, works swell in and out of buildings, even basements.

  5. Splendid Radio

    review by
    on 3/23/2019

    I am new to DMR, but after programing, I was able to talk to 9 different countries the offset day. I am amazed at DMR and how piece of cake it is to communicate worldwide. The next step is to expand the coverage.

  6. Bang-up value for simply $89, congenital well & reliable!

    review by
    on 10/i/2018

    Built very well, not flimsy in whatsoever fashion. Accept had my original i over a year and it still looks and works as new, bought this one for my XYL. TYT has a winner with this HT!

  7. Excellent value, prompt shipment

    review past
    on eight/12/2018

    First DMR radio. Excellent functioning, piece of cake to apply. Programming is different from ham radio, just with videos and codeplug downloads information technology is a no brainer to experience the future of ham radio. Programming cable is a perfect free add-on. Don’t delay, social club yours today!

  8. Good deal and fast aircraft!

    review past
    on 4/26/2018

    The programming software is a little clunky with obvious english language translation mistakes and severely defective in documentation, but it gets the chore done and there are plenty of videos online to assist. Other than that, fantastic radio for the price!

  9. GREAT RADIO !!!!

    review past
    on 4/24/2018

    First DMR radio. Dandy reports from all DMR contacts.

  10. I would buy this production once again.

    review past
    on three/iii/2018

    I have found no faults with this radio great for my desk-bound.

  11. expert

    review past
    on 9/28/2017


  12. I like this radio very much.

    review past
    on 9/24/2017

    I am having a hard time programing this radio. I’g new to DMR. I hope to employ it in my area, simply the repeater close to me is closed. I accept looked at many you tube videos. They just get way too fast. I will try.

  13. Nifty radios.

    review by
    on 7/23/2017

    Great radios. Purchased for piece of work. Job does not take Cell coverage.working great a little hard to programme

  14. xcellent service

    review past
    on half dozen/29/2017

    ham radio

  15. Excelent product and service

    review by
    Juan Are
    on 6/28/2017


  16. TYT MD380

    review by
    Tracy D ASC 2
    on 6/28/2017

    This product is very good for the cost. Nosotros employ them for our Alabama Tempest Chasers Team. Privacy is what we needed and buytwowayradios had what we needed….. First-class people to purchase from…. We ordered iii to try and they are very very adept for the price. Nosotros are looking to several more than in the adjacent few months as nosotros move over from analog to turbo dmr. Perfect radio perfect website to buy from.. A plus all the way effectually.

  17. Great production and smashing company to buy from

    review by
    on 6/28/2017

    Would buy over again they send really fast

  18. Best Buy For Ham Operators

    review by
    K4RKS robby
    on half dozen/28/2017

    This radio has features that would cost two to iii times information technology’due south price. If you want to become in to DMR and talk digital local or worldwide – Buy THIS RADIO.

  19. Tyter MD380

    review by
    on 5/4/2017

    Abslutely outstanding company and people to sreak with

  20. Amazing bang for buck!

    review past
    on 5/2/2017

    Radio easily compares to amend known players. Excellent performer. Can be made user friendly.

  21. Production works as stated,an will purchase again.

    review by
    on 4/23/2017

    Use as scanner just.

  22. neat

    review by
    on four/21/2017

    Very skillful.

  23. Splendid Radio

    review past
    on 4/19/2017

    Expert radio for burn service and ham radio

  24. Splendid radio

    review by
    on 4/xix/2017

    Skilful radio, well worth the money.

  25. Fantabulous choice for MotoTRBO DMR employ

    review past
    on 4/19/2017

    Use in and out of uniform for apprentice and public rubber DMR radio

  26. best Bang for the Buck

    review by
    on iv/19/2017

    The UHF version will permit you to install MD380TOOLS all the same the VHF version does non accept enough internal memory to perform such

  27. I would purchase this product!

    review by
    on 4/18/2017

    Good price, rugged, ergonomic, clear audio

  28. I am happy with the performance incoming and approachable signal

    review by
    detective John
    on 4/18/2017

    I am using on both analog and digital systems with little or no deviation with the operation

  29. WOW! That was fast!

    review by
    Andy – N4LAP
    on 12/21/2016

    WAY more than than I expected! You tin’t beat this radio for the price.

  30. Great DMR radio…

    review past
    on 12/21/2016

    I wanted to try DMR radio, this little gem gets you there for a one/7 of what a Motorola would cost. Ordered the mobile at the same time, received a call telling me the anticipated delay… bully visitor!!!

  31. Quality Service and a Quality Radio

    review by
    on 12/8/2016

    Great Receiver, Works fine out of the Charlotte Area.


    review by
    on 12/six/2016


  33. Save your money

    review by
    on 10/nine/2016

    I purchased this radio several months ago, when it came to downwardly load the software it triggered a virus alert. I was told to turn off my antivirus and then download the software. Large mistake. After a dozen attempts to download, no help from the vendor, the radio sits on my shelf, unable to use it practice to bad software. Save your coin and buy a Motorola.


    review by
    on 9/26/2016


  35. VERY happy user!!

    review past
    on 9/19/2016

    Being a offset time DMR user, this rig is outstanding! Easy to larn and easy to utilise! Worked a OM in Switzerland inside 5 minutes of installing the battery.

  36. Product Excellent.

    review past
    Davi the Law
    on 8/31/2016

    I’grand all the same learning how to utilize it.

  37. Bang-up radio, low toll is a bonus

    review by
    on 7/30/2016

    The radio programming, for digital use, is not terribly like shooting fish in a barrel. Although pre fabricated templates are available. If you watch a few you tube videos, programming volition exist much easier and make sense.

  38. great to go started in Dig radio

    review past
    Fine art
    on 7/iii/2016

    works so good I pur a 2ed


    review by
    on half dozen/xxx/2016

    Amazed at existence able to communicate with people effectually the world, loud and clear, with a handheld radio at a very reasonable price.

  40. radio

    review by
    on vi/21/2016

    Love It and thanks look frontwards to my next radio

  41. Sounds as practiced an radios costing 3x as much

    review by
    on 5/25/2016

    Low-cal weight and easy to read, had no problem programming, but downloaded a lawmaking plug from DMR-MARC and used the TYT software to install it.

  42. Gateway to DMR

    review by
    on 5/xi/2016

    Gateway to DMR…I was very impressed with this little radio…Very good radio at a skilful price…if yous want to try DMR this is a skillful starting point for a fleck over $US100…Programing is not easy for me….yet I do have a Friend/Amateur Radio Operator who lives in my neighborhood that programed the Tytera with his PC and its full …all 999 Memories..Have fun and Enjoy Life.

  43. Yes I would buy from them again

    review by
    Tim Wilkins KB1PRG
    on five/vi/2016

    The radio works as information technology should. Information technology’s not a high priced radio so one should non expect a lot. The Medico 380 is skilful buy

  44. Great little radio

    review by
    on five/2/2016

    Ham DMR

  45. Keen Radio

    review by
    on four/28/2016

    Ham Radio

  46. Bang-up entry level DMR radio.

    review past
    Ken (KB3IIE)
    on iv/28/2016

    Super DMR radio.

  47. Keen little Radio,works well!

    review by
    on 4/16/2016

    Fine footling radio, accept not run into any cons and so far. A lot of my radio buddy’s have purchased this radio!

  48. Great radio!

    review by
    on four/nine/2016

    These radios are bully. I was a little skeptical of them but decided to become ahead and get one. I am very interested in the DMR organisation and also use the analog system regularly. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get into DMR. I am planning on getting at least 2 more before it’s all said and done

  49. Great radio for DMR at an extremely smashing cost.

    review past
    on 4/6/2016

    Apply on my DMR repeaters in NC and VA

  50. Price reasonable for what it is

    review by
    on 4/six/2016

    Trying to get on DMR. Finding information technology difficult to program the radio

  51. Works as expected.

    review by
    on 4/4/2016

    I purchased this radio with the programming cable and software recently. I was hands able to program it with the lawmaking plug provided by my local repeater. I as well edited Channels Data to add together 16 local analog repeaters, then added a new zone “analog” and made them a member of it. Now I can utilize it for DMR and analog modes.

  52. very pleased

    review past
    no nick proper noun
    on 4/4/2016

    very pleased with radio

  53. TYT MD-380 UHF

    review by
    on 4/three/2016

    Great for doing Hytera with the DV4Mini and Mototurbo over local DMR repeaters.

  54. i will purchase once again

    review past
    on 4/3/2016

    world wide comm.

  55. We will buy this product again!

    review by
    on 4/three/2016

    We use this for SKI Patrol Business organization – communicating with dispatch, emergencies, first aid, etc. Our mountain went digital and those of us who endemic their own analog radio’due south could not reprogram them. The Tytera was our reply. Pricey, merely works amend than the new expensive mountain radio’s. They produced an echo, the Tyters does not!!!

  56. Great Radio for DMR

    review past
    on iv/three/2016

    Just getting into DMR and enjoying information technology so far.

  57. First-class value DMR

    review by
    on 4/3/2016

    Dandy MOTOTRBO DMR. Downloaded the codeplug for the DMR network for my area of 1 of the local club websites, loaded it into the radio and was on the air in under v minutes. I will buy more radios from buytwowayradios in the future.

  58. good unit of measurement!!

    review by
    on iv/3/2016

    for the money you cannot beat this niggling dmr ht–hey in that location are many guys on the air today using them and that is the reason I got into dmr because of the reasonable price and adept quality–they sound slap-up too–No its not a Motorola but why pay for the name when you lot can have a nice little unit for a lot less coin

  59. I certainly woululd buy some other i

    review past
    on 4/3/2016

    Highly recommend this little radio for DMR use.

  60. We will purchase more of these radios going forword

    review past
    Engineers Rule
    on two/ten/2016

    Perfect transition radio as we retool to a digital future.

  61. High end radio for depression price

    review by
    on 2/2/2016

    I purchased 2 of these radios, one to get myself out of the Baofeng loop, I had gone through 2 Baofengs in 2 months, spending what I would have on one of these Tyteras. I use this for fire dispatch and communication. Before yous enquire, no I would not trust this in an interior fire, and that is why the department owns their own radios. I found the programming software to be easier to piece of work with than CHIRP, and that plan is pretty darn easy. This radio gets excellent range, during a radio examination I was successfully able to ping our VHF repeater from about 30 miles away. YMMV. This could exist due to conditions conditions and all the other fun things that can cause a radio to 1 day have a spectacular range, and the side by side not to. I am using the short rubber duck antenna that came with it, it did include a whip, but I do not take a use for that right now, in my home, which is a manufactured habitation, so it has all the nice things built in that would interfere with a radio, I am able to get very clear reception on our main dispatch channel, and that signal is coming from about 15 miles away. This is an excellent radio, the reason I did not choose boating as a utilize is because I have non tested it in a boating situation, however if kept rubber and out of the water I believe that it would work well.

  62. skillful radio get one

    review by
    on 2/1/2016

    None at this fourth dimension

  63. Great Radio

    review past
    on ane/29/2016

    Overnice radio, Hear numerous users in U.S. and Europe using radio on 70cm Amateur Ring). User Manual is poor, (Chinese to English language translation leaves much to be desired). Recommend you Purchase the Software and Programming Cable. If you need extra help, smashing YouTube Videos on the spider web volition step you through the Software Programming.

  64. Good Value DMR Radio

    review by
    Smashing Laker
    on one/28/2016

    Excellent value in a DMR radio. Great features at the price indicate. Well built simply not without some small faults. The programming is difficult if yous are not familiar with professional person LMR radio programming. There is a high degree of complexity and interaction between plan parameters. Once you become by the learning curve, you lot’ll like this radio

  65. This is a great radio, because getting some other.

    review by
    Long shot
    on ane/28/2016

    Use simply in amateur radio

  66. It’due south okay for the price

    review by
    on 12/27/2015

    Radio is skilful for amateur radio use only. The radio is made quite cheaply and yes you lot go what you pay for. Information technology does decode tiers 1 and 2 well yet the radio has a mind of its own. It’southward CPU is wonky to say the least. Very poor design with much misspelling on words in the CPU. Definitely tell even low cease for a chinese made radio. Worst I personally have e’er seen. However it does what information technology it’s suppose to do with just a lot of head-ache errors that’s all.

  67. yes

    review by
    on 12/19/2015

    Well build radio, inexpensive way to become on DMR

  68. corking radio

    review past
    on 12/ix/2015

    i accept this radio for about a week and i actually enjoy the radio clean audio in digital and i institute a improvement in analog fm besides and i compared the radio with motorola xpr-4550 and found there is no difference in sound what and then ever well worth the cost

  69. Great radio!

    review by
    on 11/ix/2015

    Great price.

  70. Excellent radio for a low price, it meets like shooting fish in a barrel all FCC specs

    review by
    on 10/22/2015

    I programmed two of these radios for a couple of friends and I was impressed with the great performance of them.Display is very bright, RX and TX audio is loud, software need to be improved for calculation zones down to the side keys.Radio locks on when a channel is been used not leting enter the carte du jour u less channel selector exist moved.

  71. Splendid Radio for UHF and DMR utilize.

    review by
    KC9YEU/ David
    on 9/29/2015

    The service was excellent and we tested this radio confronting three other DMR/UHF radios. The Tytera MD 380 surpassed the others and I would highly recommend it. Thanks to Gary KA9ZYL for Beta testing these radios for us.

  72. AWSOME !!!!!!!

    review by
    on 9/nineteen/2015

    Works great. Once again it works smashing, Purchase one.Service is good as well. Thanks KB9MVW

  73. Splendid performance for the price.

    review by
    on 9/xix/2015

    Bought to run on an Amateur Radio DMR network. Primary apply for local emergency work. Ease of use and piece of cake to plan.

  74. My new Doc-380

    review past
    on 9/17/2015

    I have loved the radio. A little challenging to program but I’g new to DMR. Later on I got the radio program it has worked flawlessly. I would recommend this radio to anyone starting out in DMR.

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Tyt Md 380 Dmr Privacy Decoding Firmware

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