Standard Usb Host Controller Driver Download Windows 10

Standard Usb Host Controller Driver Download Windows 10

All the storage drivers (Hard Disk) connected to your reckoner require a
SATA AHCI Controller Driver. Without these drivers installed in Windows 10, you volition outset having issues while accessing the drives of your PC. And if the SATA AHCI drivers go corrupted or outdated, then y’all should update them right abroad. Just since there are a lot of motherboards and processors out in that location, finding the correct driver for your storage drives can exist a lilliputian difficult. Therefore today nosotros are here with the full guide on Download Standard SATA AHCI Controller Drivers for Windows 10. You volition likewise learn about the importance of these drivers in Windows 10 besides every bit how you can install them.

What is SATA?

SATA or Serial ATA
stands for Serial Advanced Engineering Attachment and is used with all modern storage drives. Chances are that the hd drives and solid state drives connected to your reckoner are using SATA. As of right now, most devices use the latest SATA 3 protocol for proper bulldoze functions. Unlike IDE which uses parallel signaling, SATA uses serial signaling due to which the S in SATA stands for serial. Compared to older engineering, SATA provides much faster speeds for file transfers.

What is AHCI?

AHCI stands for Advanced Host Controller Interface
and information technology is responsible for providing advice between Windows 10 and SATA devices. Information technology is essentially a protocol which is used by the AHCI SATA controller of your motherboard. Yous tin enable the AHCI protocol via the UEFI BIOS of your computer which volition switch all SATA devices to AHCI fashion. AHCI allows you to hot-swap disk drives in your reckoner due to which you lot can remove or connect any SATA devices to your estimator without turning it off. Before AHCI, this was not possible and every time you had to turn off your estimator which was an issue for servers. Non only that only you also get faster admission time with AHCI which makes Windows ten more responsive while using a hard drive equally your kicking drive.

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What is a SATA AHCI Controller?

SATA AHCI is basically a controller mode in the BIOS of your computer. As the proper name suggests, it basically controls all the storage drives of your estimator with AHCI protocols. This means that if you are using SATA AHCI controller, yous will exist able to apply all the features of AHCI mentioned to a higher place. Apart from that you also go Native Command Queuing which optimizes the operation of SSDs and HDDs in your computer being used at the same time. It also improves the transfer speeds for big data files.

What are IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers in Windows 10?

IDE, which is commonly known as ATP, is an older applied science for treatment storage drives in the reckoner. It was used until all computer manufactures moved over to SATA AHCI which is much faster and better. IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics which was found in older storage drives. And ATA is the older name of PATA which stands for Parallel Advanced Technology Zipper. Simply since these protocols are older than AHCI SATA and have fewer features, IDE ATA/ATAPI is no longer used.

What is the Difference Betwixt AHCI and IDE mode?

Some of you might exist wondering about the differences betwixt AHCI and IDE style for Windows x. And because of these differences, AHCI SATA is preferred over IDE ATA controllers due to which knowing the differences can be quite useful. The biggest departure between these two controller types is hot-swapping ability. Unlike IDE, AHCI allows y’all to replace disk drives without turning off the reckoner which is quite handy in servers.

Not only that but IDE lacks the support for native command queuing. This feature results in much faster speeds and increased response times for both HDDs and SSDs in the case of AHCI SATA controllers. Talking almost concrete differences, the SATA connector is quite pocket-size equally compared to IDE connectors. The connector cable itself is also quite thin and flexible for the case of SATA. Overall, AHCI SATA is much better compared to IDE which is why all modern devices employ SATA instead of ATA.

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How to Discover What SATA Fashion is Being Used?

Thankfully to know what SATA controller mode is being used is possible right from Windows itself and doesn’t require rebooting and access BIOS settings. To know what SATA controller is being used on your organisation,

  1. Printing
    Windows Key + Ten
    keyboard shortcut to launch Quick Menu
  2. Now to got
    Device Director
    and open it
  3. Inside Device Manager, look for
    IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
    and expand it.
  4.  That’s it, if you come across
    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    in the listing that means your system is using AHCI mode.Standard Usb Host Controller Driver Download Windows 10

How to Switch from SATA IDE to AHCI Mode?

In social club to switch SATA style from IDE to AHCI yous will have to restart your Windows 10 PC. Do go along in mind that information technology is not recommended to switch SATA way if you have already installed Windows 10. Doing so will result in
INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE blue screen error. Only make a switch if you lot planning to install fresh Windows installation using bootable media.


  1. Restart your PC and printing Delete key to enter into BIOS/UEFI settings.
  2. Inside BIOS/UEFI settings wait for Advanced or Standard Configuration or Storage Configuration.
  3. You lot will run across SATA configuration section or OnChip SATA Controller settings
  4. Click on “Configure SATA” or  “SATA Blazon” and from the listing select AHCI.
  5. Hitting F10 key to salvage the settings to CMOS and let your system reboot.

Download Drivers for SATA AHCI Controller for Windows 10

Past at present y’all must know the importance of SATA AHCI Controllers in your computer. And the drivers for this controller are equally important equally they provide communication between Windows 10 and the actual controller on your computer’due south motherboard itself. Therefore, if due to some reason these drivers are either outdated or corrupted, you volition beginning facing many bug. In such a case you lot have to update the SATA AHCI drivers in Windows 10.

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But before we go along further to the update instructions, make sure to download the latest version of drivers in Windows 10. As there are a big number of motherboards and processors out there, finding the correct driver version for your computer can be a piffling difficult. Therefore, you tin download the standard SATA AHCI controller drivers for either Intel or AMD on your Windows 10 PC from the download links mentioned below:

Standard SATA AHCI Controller drivers for Windows 10 AMD:

You can download the latest version of SATA drivers for your AMD computer from this

download link
. This driver can be highly useful if you are not able to find the correct drivers on your computer manufacturer’southward website.

Standard SATA AHCI Controller drivers for Windows 10 Intel:

Similarly, if y’all take an Intel estimator and desire to update the AHCI driver, then y’all can become them from this

download link
. If yous are non able to the latest commuter online, then this driver will certainly piece of work for yous equally it is the standard version.

How to Update Drivers for SATA AHCI Controller in Windows ten?

Now that yous have downloaded the latest version of, you can go ahead and update the drivers. The whole process for updating the drivers is quite easy in Windows 10. Once you go through the download links, it will download an EXE file that you take to install like any other EXE file on your device. And once you have done that, the SATA AHCI commuter in Windows 10 will be updated to the latest version.

Although, if this update method is not working for you, then you lot can also do it via the Device Manager in Windows 10. Y’all can do this quite easily as shown in these steps:

Standard Usb Host Controller Driver Download Windows 10

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