Smok Alien 220 Tc Watt Firmware Update

Smok Alien 220 Tc Watt Firmware Update

There are A LOT of noted SMOK Alien 220W issues – similar, way more any other SMOK modernistic, so I figured I’d do a quick primer on the subject field…

Today we’re going to talk most SMOK Alien 220W bug and issues. Things you NEED to be aware of if you’re because getting this mod.

SMOK makes a lot of great mods, but there are some well-known issues associated with SMOK’s Conflicting 220W vape mod that yous should know about.

Some of these “bug” were non known at the time I originally reviewed the Alien, simply as a dedicated reviewer, I feel information technology necessary to note them hither.

In my experience, which is pretty extensive, I have had ZERO problems with
SMOK mods and tanks.

Only wanted to go that out of the way.

I own a agglomeration of mods by SMOK – including the Conflicting – and they accept all worked flawlessly and continue to practice so at present, months and years after purchase.

SMOK Alien Mod Issues: Why’s It Then Bad!?

This could be down to the fact that I maybe don’t use mods equally long equally the average consumer; I switch between new review units every week.

Either way, this is 1 of the reasons we always update our reviews over fourth dimension, just in case there are any issues with it – bug that I find or are noted past other users.

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SMOK Conflicting Display Issues

However, at that place are some pretty notable bug with SMOK’s Alien 220W, problems that have been posted all over the web and
and the resounding result appears to exist to do with the overall quality command that has gone into making the mod – it basically wasn’t as good as it should have been.

Things were missed.

So what, exactly, are these bug?

The main one appears to be a design fault where, through excessive heating, the acme of the device tin come off.

Plain, this should have been addressed during the R&D phase.

SMOK Alien problems

But alas it appears information technology wasn’t and there are plenty of reports online near this happening.

Reddit is too PACKED

with unhappy Alien 220W users. Then, yeah… proceed with caution, folks.

Fortunately, SMOK’s Alien is now kinda old, so near new upgraders volition be looking elsewhere either inside
the SMOK war chest of mods
or from other retailers.

I’ve outlined all the best mods I’ve tested this year in our

All-time Box Modernistic Guide
, so bank check that out if yous’re looking for a new mod.

All-time SMOK Mod To Buy In 2018?

For me, personally, it has the be the SMOK I PRIV, which, as you can come across below is one hell of a looker!

The modernistic packs in TONS of features, including AI Voice Commands – just like your iPhone or Android phone.

It also comes with the
SMOK TFV12 Prince
tank as well; just brand sure you go information technology with
mesh coils
– they’re VASTLY superior to the standard SMOK ones.

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Equally of right now, the SMOK I PRIV is my #1 option out of ALL SMOK mods in circulation.

smoke alien problems

[letsreviewaffiliate url=”” text=”SMOK I PRIV | Best Deal | $99 (Includes Tank)” size=”big” rel=”nofollow” target=”newwindow” accent=”#dd3333″ border=”on”]

If you lot want to see what else SMOK has to offering with respect to mods,
have a look at my guide to the Best SMOK Mods For 2018

This includes well-nigh of the latest mods released by the visitor.

SMOK’south Non The Only
Mod Maker With Issues

Pattern flaws, it’southward worth noting, are NOT exclusive to SMOK.

Far from information technology.

I have had mods from Wismec,
Vaporesso, Joyetech, and
that have all cleaved soon after purchase.

When y’all’re dealing with technology, there’s always a hazard of things going wrong.

This is why it is IMPERATIVE that you use a retailer that offers a warranty.

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Smok Alien 220 Tc Watt Firmware Update

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