Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch Faces

The Samsung Gear S3 has proven to be a popular smartwatch, so much so that Samsung postponed a refresh, instead launching the Gear Sport in 2017. Presumably, we’ll see the Samsung Gear S4 afterward this year.

One of the large advantages Samsung has over the Apple Watch is the selection of watch faces available, which spans well exterior Samsung’southward own walls. Like Android Clothing, you can also load on 3rd-political party creations, giving yous no finish of means to make your smartwatch stand out.

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Best Samsung Gear S3 apps

But that’south as well a downside: there actually is no stop. So to make the selection process less overwhelming, we’ve whittled down a list of our current favorites. Of course it’s going to be a affair of personal taste, but we remember we’ve herded together a pretty good crowd of diverse, eye-catching faces to choose from. Some of these cost money, some are free; we’ve highlighted the verbal costs under each.

For the fashionable

Hugo Boss

Though non actually contributed by Hugo Boss, this imitation spotter face is spot on. Information technology’s minimalist, classy and elegant AF. Information technology’due south as well a nice fit on both the Classic and Frontier models, while a rose gilded variant, as well available on the store, is better suited to the former.

Free, Samsung Gear shop

GMAN GA 100 24H

There are quite a few mechanical faces for the Gear S3 just this one from GearMasterX is 1 of our favourites. As well as displaying the date and a digital clock complexity, it can exist tweaked with shortcuts to apps like Southward-Wellness, your calendar and the weather.

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£0.71, Samsung Gear store

Sleep Time Analog

The best Samsung Gear S3 watch faces

If you lot vesture your picket to bed to rails your sleep, so this simple face is for you lot. It’due south designed to minimise the screen glare in the night, while you also benefit from a bit more battery life.

£0.72, Samsung Gear store

Luxury Regal WF

Super basic, this one, only we’re really into the purples and blues that make that background pop. There’s a step counter on at that place likewise, then you’ve got an excuse to gaze into that cute purple completeness on the regular.

£0.50, Samsung Gear store

Mondaine (Facer)

Equally much as we’ve liked Mondaine’s hybrid smartwatches to date, cipher beats that archetype Swiss railway clock blueprint. Here y’all tin can get it in its cleanest, most minimal form – and it looks great on the Gear.



Sapphire Pulse

There are several faces that try to pull off the “future await” only few exercise it better than Sapphire Pulse. Bachelor in a handful of different colours, the face up subtly displays information around the border of the clock so equally to not overcrowd it. Information technology won’t hit that bombardment besides badly either, with an e’er-on manner available if you lot want it.

£0.78, Samsung Gear shop

For the sporty

Take a chance

We actually dig the layout of this one, which puts a selection of app shortcuts against a beautiful dark sky. Information technology strikes that difficult balance of fitting a lot in without seeming overcrowded. And all for the princely cost of absolutely nothing.

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Free, Samsung Gear store

Samsung Sports Watchface

This Samsung-made watch face looks great and fits in a lot of data, but our favourite feature is the GPS complication that shows you your identify on the map. It besides makes it super like shooting fish in a barrel to outset a workout from the face up.

Free, Samsung Gear shop

MbM – Aileron two Gold (Facer)

Winner of the yard prize in Samsung, Facer and aBlogToWatch’s blueprint contest, the MbM is busy but handsome, with everything from weather data to battery estimate, and a really neat outer dial for counting seconds.



TimeWalker TW Discover Line

This sports watch face comes with 8 color schemes to choose from and a rugged design that nicely fits the Gear S3 Frontier. Information technology crams a lot on that face too, with complications in the middle and app shortcuts effectually the exterior.

£1.43, Samsung Gear store

For the fun lovers

Mickey Premium (Facer)

A timeless classic, and there are plenty of variations of the Mickey confront out there, but for our money this one’south the best. Yous know the score – Mickey’s arms are the clock hands rotating around – and y’all get the date on there too.



Mr Time ten David Flores

Samsung teamed up with artist David Flores for the Mr Fourth dimension collection of faces that bring his stained-glass mode to the smartwatch. There are iv to choose from, all of them pretty funky.

£0.70, Samsung Gear store

Tronic – Neon

A tad more garish than the Sapphire Pulse, the Tronic confront was built-in to be worn on the dance floor. Information technology’s like every 80s sci-fi motion picture rolled into one clock face, and nosotros honey it. Its creator signs off the app store summary with “Skilful luck”. Who needs luck when yous’ve got this neon party breaking out on your wrist?

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£0.72, Samsung Gear store


We’re both orphans, James – but just one of the states is rocking this absurd-ass watch confront. Yes, the Classic Goldeneye watch face can exist yours in 12-hour and-24 60 minutes versions. Based on the watch in the classic N64 game, the health bars effectually the side brandish your battery life – when they deplete, it’due south game over.

Gratis, Samsung Gear store

Futurom – Luxury and aquarelle

This one might be a flake also psychedelic for some tastes, but if y’all like having the loudest watch in the room, the Futurom faces fit the neb without going too OTT. Each 1 comes with a catalogue of wallpapers to choose from and a peppering of metrics across the face.

£one.48, Samsung Gear store

TextWatch Two in 1

TextWatch doesn’t evidence you the time – it
you the time. It’ll display the current time in words, updating in five-infinitesimal intervals (so if you always similar to know the time downwardly to the very minute, this one’southward non for you). It’ll also show y’all the date and bombardment condition, and there’s an ambient mode here besides.

£1.03, Samsung Gear shop


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