Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro 55″ 16gb Tracfone


Power and Performance

In 2015, Samsung unveiled the Milky way J7, a mid-range phone-tablet hybrid that received loftier marks for its alloy of function and affordability. Information technology’s available in blackness, blue and gold and offers some desirable features usually reserved for pricier devices, including dual-ring Wi-Fi and most-field advice.

With 3GB of RAM, the Galaxy J7 has plenty of speed for multitasking. At that place’s lilliputian lag time opening new apps or working with multiple windows open up, note reviewers at AndroidPIT, so you can browse websites or send text messages while listening to a podcast.

The telephone has a respectable battery life that lasts a full mean solar day with bones use. Y’all can conserve bombardment life even more past turning on Power Saving mode, which reduces functioning and turns off the SIP battery connectivity. If that’south non plenty, switch to Ultra Power Saving fashion and work with a black and white screen until you can plug in the charger and juice up the phone.

Camera and Connectivity

The Galaxy J7’s telephone features a 13MP rear camera with an LED flash for taking photos in low-light conditions. A 5MP front end photographic camera is available to apply during video chats and for taking selfies. The camera as well records 1080p video at 30 frames per second, so you lot can capture important moments in your life.


Earlier sharing your photos, edit them in the congenital-in photograph editor and make your pictures pop. Crop the paradigm to describe viewers’ eyes to just the right spot. Apply filters that adjust colors, dissimilarity and effulgence to give your pictures artistic flair. Add lettering to create your own memes or comments on the photos you share with your followers.

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You lot won’t take problems sharing your photos thanks to the dual-band Wi-Fi, a feature that lets the phone operate on more ane frequency so you can access more bandwidth. The telephone besides has near-field communication and then you can wirelessly pay for purchases while yous’re out and almost. Data-conservation features limit the amount of data the phone consumes when you’re not using it.


Arguably the phone’s most striking feature is the Super Amoled HDS display, which provides deep contrast and rich colour expression. No thing what you’re viewing, you see more than bright colors, and the screen’due south maximum brightness is crisp enough to assistance you see what’south happening even under the outdoor sunday. The brighter screen makes information technology easier to aim the photographic camera for the perfect shot or cheque the navigation map while you’re on the road.

With a 73.i percent screen-to-case ratio, you have enough room to review your photos, play games and lookout man videos on the 5.5-inch screen without feeling like yous accept to squint. The 720-pixel resolution produces sharp graphics that make viewing a pleasance fifty-fifty at an angle, despite the fact that it’s not as sharp as higher-finish smartphones, according to AndroidPIT. Yet, information technology’south more than adequate for everyday apply, and many users don’t notice the departure in graphics quality.

Storage and Security

Samsung gives the Galaxy J7 16GB of internal storage, which is adequate space for storing downloaded apps and other files. If that’s non enough, you tin can insert a microSD card to aggrandize the storage to 256GB. You aren’t able to store apps and organisation files on the card, but information technology provides plenty of room to hold your music, images and videos so you can carry them with you lot at all times.

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You lot also get amped up security features on the Galaxy J7 that permit y’all restrict access to your data. In 2016, Samsung included a fingerprint reader on the J7 Prime number in improver to the Pin locking role. This lets y’all fix the lock and rest easy knowing your phone has an extra layer of protection. To unlock the phone and proceeds access to your data within, scan your fingerprint to show the telephone that it’s in the right hands.


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