Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Tracfone Review

BTW, TracfoneReviewer has just reviewed the luna pro – he gives it a great review:…ro-s327vl.html

Yes it was discussed earlier in the thread. I may utilize the card i have to see how information technology fits in with my use. While I consider myself a light user, I call back I’one thousand gonna need way more than 200 minutes for a twelvemonth. I have to counterbalance the $50 price of the menu versus the lack of minutes. So I have to await at that. That won’t exist my biggest concern initially with the luna pro since it comes with 1500 for a year.

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I become the feeling that site’south reviews are written past just spewing the specs and they do not actually take a telephone in hand to exam with


I don’t know. I know he writes the reviews and he responds to comments. The focus is on comparison and how information technology works with Tracfone.

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I was looking at the 2 star reviews for the “TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro 5.5″ due west/ Case & 1500 Min/Text/Data” on QVC and a couple reviews complained about too many advertisements.

< snip >

I was lucky and found some ad killing software the works on PC/Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad. It is not free, but I accidentally found a discount for ii licenses for our two PCs, and 2 licenses for our ii TracFones (L33L Sunrise). The product I utilise is called AdGuard and
I am super happy how information technology kills 99.ix% of our telephone app ads. The blinking/flashing/animated ads are <your favorite bad word> the worst!

I posted a question in the Tracfone forum virtually the new Tracfone smartphones that have the “This telephone volition only piece of work with smartphone plans” characterization on the packaging with an instance link and whether or not they can exist used with regular airtime cards explaining that I had been told by customer service via email that you could and the reply again is yes that is right.

I guess the proof will exist in really doing information technology with the phone so when I get it I’ll run into how it goes and report back.

Something I noticed: The TracFone ZTE Five…inutes/8313522

Tracfone reviewer states this particular new Tracfone smartphone gets “triple minutes for life”.

In the clarification on HSN which is selling it it states it comes with a 400 minutes that triples and you get 1200 minutes phonation text data.

I’ve seen the packaging on this phone (actually the phone I saw was the ZTE Zfive two) and it states “This phone will only work with smartphone plans”.

But smartphone plans don’t triple. Then I imagine you must be able to use airtime cards with it to get triple minutes even idea information technology states “This telephone volition only work with smartphone plans”

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Aye, makes no sense in the HSN information. The packaging ever had the SOP marking on the box in retail stores. Does HSN have a different variation? Only 1 model number.

I think there are 2 ZTE Zfive 2 and ZTE Zfive… perchance they use different providers like verizon versus att.

I’ve only seen the ZTE zfive 2 packaging.. peradventure the ZTE Zfive packaging is different I don’t know. Information technology does fit in with what they are telling me… that “This phone volition only work with smartphone plans” does not mean you cannot use airtime cards.

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Don’t know nearly the Luna Pro. The box of the Rebel ii that I bought from HSN says it’s uniform only with SOP. Like you have mentioned in other posts, the 1200/1200/1200 that comes with the phone can exist anything that TF set up. It doesn’t have to be a 400-infinitesimal card tripled.
There are some phones that come with 1500/1500/1500, which is not a triple of any card.

Well, with the ZTE ZFIVE they are selling on HSN in the description it states information technology comes with 400 minutes tripled..

Promotional parcel with 1200 minutes, 1200 texts and 1200MB data with 365 days of service (400 minutes/texts/data tripled)

Additionally, Tracfone Reviewer states that this phone comes with “triple minutes for life” apparently separately from anything HSN is selling. He gets his info from tracfone from what I’ve read. Unless he’s incorrect.

The simply affair is I oasis’t seen the packaging for this phone equally describled by Tracfone Reviewer. The “2′ version has the sop label. It seems all their contempo smartphones lately have the sop label.

Tracfone certain makes it confusing lol.

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