S8 Plus Firmware Installation Do Not Turn Off Target Error

S8 Plus Firmware Installation Do Not Turn Off Target Error

Are you stuck in download mode?
“Downloading..Do not turn off target!!”
is an error bulletin that appears mainly on Samsung and some Nexus devices. Most users report that their device unexpectedly rebooted into a black screen with the caption
“Downloading…Do non turn off target”.

S8 Plus Firmware Installation Do Not Turn Off Target Error

At a commencement glance, information technology might wait similar the message will be gone after the phone downloads some files, but most of the time that’due south not the case. Normally, information technology’s a sign that your device’s firmware has been tampered with, but that’s not the only cause.

This error message simply occurs inDownload Mode. Download Fashion is part of Samsung’s sectional style of flashing (Odin), but it’s also used on some Nexus models. For the near part, it serves rooting purposes or is used for restoring a device to the stock version. If you have a rooted device with a custom ROM, you might encounter it on other brands.

There are several ways that volition lead you to this mistake message. Past far the biggest occurrence I’ve seen is users wanting to get into
Recovery Mode
and mixing the push combination. On most Nexus and Samsung devices, the button combination for the
Recovery Mode
Power button + Home push + Volume Upward button. If y’all mix the
Volume Up
button with
Book Down, instead of entering
Recovery Manner,
yous’ll exist taken to the
Download Mode
which volition display the“Downloading…Do not turn off target”.If you got into Download Mode with the incorrect primal combination the fix is very simple, read beneath.

Another mutual cause that will cause this message is a software glitch. But it normally goes abroad without besides much trouble.

A more serious way to get into Download Style is to mess upward your device’s sensitive files and then badly that information technology tin’t successfully kicking up anymore. If the internal sectionalization has become corrupted or some data in the
EFS binder
is missing, your device is programmed to boot direct into the error message we’ve talked most above.

Now that nosotros know the causes, allow’s become to the fixing role. Go through the post-obit methods in order until you find a set that will brand the error get away.

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Method 1: Exiting Download mode (Samsung Just)

If you entered Download Mode by mistake, the gear up couldn’t be easier. This is confirmed to work on Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Milky way S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Unless your smartphone has more than serious issues, the following method volition make the error message go away:

  1. Make sure you lot’re on the screen with “Downloading… Do not plough off target“.
  2. Simultaneously printing and hold
    Power push + Dwelling button + Book Downward
    button. It’s of import to printing them at the aforementioned time.
  3. Keep them pressed until the screen goes black, then release all buttons.
  4. If your device doesn’t automatically reboot, press the
    power push

If your phone is still unable to kick up, motility over to
Method two.

Method two: Forcing a Clean Restart

If you’re having this consequence on a Nexus, or the first method didn’t make your Samsung device kicking up normally, let’due south try forcing a restart and drain the capacitors earlier attempting to boot up over again.

  1. Hold the
    power button
    until your device is turned off. If it doesn’t answer, movement to footstep two.
  2. Take out the back case and remove the battery.
    If you have a Galaxy S6 or another device with a non-removable battery, press and hold the
    Power button
    for 15-20 seconds to force a reboot. If that doesn’t work, press and hold
    Book Down button + Power button
    for 10 -20 seconds. This volition perform a “false battery disconnect” – it’s the equivalent of physically disconnecting the battery.
  3. Accept out the SIM card and your SD card if y’all have any.
  4. With the bombardment removed, press and hold the ability button for at least xx seconds. This will belch any left electricity from the capacitors and some internal components.
  5. Power up your device again and see if information technology boots up normally.

Method three: Wiping the Cache partition

If the two methods above didn’t make the “Downloading… Practice not turn off target” mistake go way, your telephone might be suffering from a firmware glitch. These things are quite complicated to tackle, every bit the culprit can be annihilation from an OTA update to a bad re-flash.

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If you this fault started appearing after your telephone received an OS update or you’ve recently re-flashed your stock ROM, deleting the wipe cache partition might get rid of some potential conflicts. Here’s what you lot need to do:

  1. Power off your device completely. If property the power button doesn’t work, physically remove the battery or perform a simulated bombardment disconnect by holding
    Volume Down push + Power button until the screen shuts off.
  2. Press
    Volume Upwards fundamental + Abode button + Power push button
    at the aforementioned time and hold them downwards.
  3. When your device vibrates and the Android system recovery screen appears, release all buttons.
  4. Utilise the
    Book Down central
    to navigate downwardly and highlight
    wipe cache partition.
  5. Press the
    Power button
    to select it and press information technology again to confirm.
  6. Await until the process is consummate.
  7. When the process is complete, employ the volume keys to select
    Reboot system now
    and tap on the
    Power push
    to restart your device.
  8. If the device doesn’t kick upwards normally, motion to the final method.

Method iv: Performing a Master Reset

If the methods above weren’t successful, at that place’south 1 more than matter you can try earlier sending your device to a certified technician. A
master reset
will delete any of your personal data (photos, videos, music, contacts, app data) that isn’t nowadays on your SD card.

Since performing a master reset isn’t guaranteed to brand the “Downloading… Do not plough off target” mistake go abroad, we are going to protect confronting any data loss by booting up in
Safe Mode
and brand a backup kickoff.

Making a backup in Condom Mode

Aside from backing up important personal information, booting up in
Safe Style
will tell us if the phone is still capable of booting upwardly. If
Safe Mode
works just fine, it’s clear that we’re dealing with a firmware/software conflict and we should follow up with a master reset. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make certain your device is completely turned off. If your device isn’t responding when holding the
    Power button, accept out the battery or perform a
    simulated bombardment disconnect.
  2. Press and hold the
    Ability cardinal

    to ability your phone.
  3. Immediately after the initial screen appears, release the
    Ability button
    and hold down the
    Volume Down key.
  4. Continue property the
    Book downwardly until the device restarts and is starting to kick upward.
  5. Whan you see the
    Safe Mode
    icon in the lesser left corner, release the
    Book down
  6. If your telephone successfully booted up in
    Safe Mode, go to
    Settings > Advanced Settings > Fill-in & resetand tap on
    Support my information.
  7. Once the back up is complete, turn off your device.
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Performing a Primary Reset (Factory Reset)

Now that your personal data is safely tucked away, permit’south revert to the default factory settings and encounter if the mistake will go away. Hither’s how:

  1. Turn off your device completely.
  2. Press and hold
    Book Up primal + Home push + Power button
    at the same time.
  3. When the telephone vibrates and y’all see the initial Android screen, release the
    Power push
    merely keep property the
    Book Upwardly cardinal
    and the
    Home key
  4. When yous see the Android recovery bill of fare, release both keys.
  5. Use the
    Book downward fundamental
    to navigate downwards and highlightwipe
    data / factory reset.
  6. Press the
    Power button
    to select
    wipe data / factory reset
    and use the
    Volume Downwards cardinal
    to highlight
    Yes – delete all user data.
  7. Hitting the Power push to start the mill reset. Depending on your storage space and specs, it might take less or more than 15 minutes.
  8. When the process is complete, hit the
    Ability button
    to restart the device.

If all the methods above have failed, it’s time to take your phone in for a repair. If you have a viable warranty, don’t hesitate to ship it in. If you’re past the warranty period, taking it to a telephone technician and request for a re-flash should exercise the task.

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S8 Plus Firmware Installation Do Not Turn Off Target Error

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