Rt Ac66u Router Wont Work After Firmware Update

Rt Ac66u Router Wont Work After Firmware Update

I was under the impression that this wss an fcc related block, but every bit ive stated im no skilful, im simply trying to offer up a solutuion to a problem i encountered, sorry if my diction or assumptions bother anyone,

I recently purchased a
new Asus RT AC66W (aka RT-AC66u in white). I , like many logged into my new routers Web UI to set up the sucker up, and noticed it had a pending Firmware(FW from now on) Update. I did the update, and so, decided I would try the “merlin” ddwrt FW I accept heard SO much about. NOPE!!!. That FW update I did upon inbound MY new Routers Web UI, was the FCC compliant update that locks you lot out of flashing DDWRT , and frankly caused me several other issues, not express to dropped wireless, missing functions in the UI, and more than.


I practise Non merits to be a professional

in regards to networking/routers, merely I searched , and the only guide i found to resolve this BS, was a POORLY worded pace past step, that was very clearly written by someone who did non speak English as theyre principal linguistic communication. Although i am grateful for that step by pace, it didnt work,

So I have decided to post the steps i took in hopes that anyone else, who makes the impaired mistake of updating that FW, tin can fix theyre mistake if they and then choose. As i said, the FCC block was but one of several problems i accept experienced, later that update.then without further adieu, lets motion to the business……

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earlier anything , download & install the

Asus FW restoration tool.

You will also want the most current iteration of Your preferred DDWRT,i chose

Merlins 380.59

i recommend connecting to the router via ethernet/CAT5-6~remove other devices plugged into LAN ports)
now that yous have those 2 items, the procedure tin begin.
you’ll demand to depress the “factory reset” button on the router which is the tiny in-set up button, and so get a newspaper prune, or a pencil, or a small, pointy narrow particular (Rt Ac66u Router Wont Work After Firmware Update)
from hither you can follow step by step, since you should be all set to become.

open the FW recovery tool

point it to the FW version you want to wink to.(DONT upload notwithstanding)

Set a static IP for your desktop (i went westward/ subnet

power off the router by depressing the power button on the back.

1st Depress the manufacturing plant reset push button on the back, and keep it held down WHILE you power the router dorsum on…. about 2 seconds later on powering back on (and still holding the reset button down) you lot tin can let go the reset button.

You SHOULD now be in recovery mode(SLOW ~2 second intervals~ blinking ability LED on front end of router). Now, click “upload” on the recovery tool. (you should have the plan pointed to information technology already if you read the higher up)

the upload will accept some time , I had No issues afterwards doing EXACTLY what i have listed above, and i tried it in SEVERAL different versions, generally because i am an idiot, and i didnt want to read EVERY judgement of the factory owners manual.

this ane worked, i did information technology 3 times to check.

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I assume NO responsibility if your a “damage prone” person. bricking these routers isnt like shooting fish in a barrel, since information technology uploads the FW 1st, So once it is on the router, it installs it, so information technology would take SOME piece of work to brick it.

nor practise i want any “feedback” I wont be responding to whatsoever, i just was fed upwardly with HOW long i had to search for such a unproblematic solution. then im posting it in the “pay it forwards” mind set

if i see y’all have asked a question i might respond, merely i disabled notifications on TPU LONG ago.
I take posted this ONLY as a tool for reference, or equally a guide to recover from the situation i was in.

i hope it helps You, as information technology did for Me.

Rt Ac66u Router Wont Work After Firmware Update

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