Rolling Back Dji Mavic Firmware on Mac

Rolling Back Dji Mavic Firmware on Mac

DJI introduces new firmware to fix bugs and release new features for your drone. This post is to bear witness y’all how to update your Mavic’s firmware using the most successful method I know, via your computer, a USB cable and the DJI Assistant software. You tin can also update your drone using your telephone or tablet and the DJI Go iv app, however, I’ve found that many times the update will fail or hang due to a variety of factors from intermittent cyberspace connectivity to interference. A direct cablevision connectedness to the update source seems to be the about stable choice and I accept notwithstanding to experience an update hang or failure using this method.


If you follow the steps outlined below or in the video, you should have no issue updating your Mavic successfully.  Please be kind.  I exercise not take a production studio and my only professional camera is my Mavic.  Since it’s in the video I had to apply my iPhone to tape everything.  Some of the footage is a bit bad-mannered as I attempt to hold the phone and dispense the drone, remote and cable.  Let me know what you lot think:

FSLabs 5 in 1 Charger for the DJI Mavic Pro
Fully Charge All Devices to be Updated

First things get-go. Make certain to fully charge all devices involved in the update. This is where a multi charger such every bit the
Mavic Pro Multi Battery Charger
comes in handy. You lot don’t desire an update to fail because the device lost ability before the firmware update could complete. The listing of things to charge should include your Mavic batteries, Mavic remote, laptop (if using your laptop to perform the update) and battery fill-in (if you have 1 for your desktop figurer you plan to employ to perform the update). I mention laptop and battery backup here because, if you do have these options, they are a great safeguard against power failures in the eye of your firmware update. I know this is rarely an issue, only the added layer of security is a skilful affair. I’d detest to see a firmware update fail because the estimator lost power in the middle of the performance.

DJI AssistantMake Sure Yous Have the Latest DJI Banana App

While your devices are charging, take the time to make sure you take the latest version of the DJI Banana app. If y’all have a Mac, open the Assistant app. For those of you using Windows, open the DJI Banana ii app. Both the Mac and Windows applications will show the version number in the lower right-mitt corner of the screen.

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At present that you have the version number for the DJI Banana app currently installed on your machine it’south time to check it against or download the latest release, or, if you don’t nonetheless have the DJI Banana application installed on your automobile it’s time to get get it. To do this open up your web browser and navigate to Once there click on Consumer then, under the Mavic Series section, click on your model (i.e. Mavic Air, Mavic Pro Platinum, Mavic Pro, etc.). From the folio that loads, click Downloads. On the correct-paw side of the screen, under Software, yous will observe the Release Notes and latest versions of the DJI Assistant software for both Mac and Windows. Here are the direct links to these pages for the
Mavic Air,
Mavic Pro
Mavic Pro Platinum. It should be noted that they all use the same DJI Assistant app and then, technically, yous tin download the DJI Assistant installer from whatever of these pages regardless of which Mavic yous actually have.

Just compare your currently installed version against the version number listed on the site. If information technology’south not upwards to appointment or you don’t have the application installed yet, download the latest version and install it.

UpdatingPerform the Update

OK, everything is charged, y’all have the latest DJI Banana app installed and you’re gear up to perform the actual firmware update. Groovy! Let’s get started. Delight notation that your remote control, Mavic and batteries (if applicative) should exist on the same firmware version. Don’t pick one version for the remote control and another for the Mavic.

Updating the Remote Control

To update the remote control’south firmware follow the steps beneath:

  1. Launch the DJI Assistant app.
  2. Connect the USB Cable to the remote control’s side port. Make certain there’s nothing plugged into the bottom port.
  3. Plug the USB cord into your computer.
  4. Power on the remote command. The DJI Assistant app should recognize that you have connected the remote control.
  5. Click on the remote command icon that appears in the DJI Assistant app.
  6. Click the Upgrade button adjacent to the firmware version you want to upgrade to.
  7. The DJI Banana app will download the firmware update from DJI and so update the remote command.
  8. One time the update is complete click Dorsum.
  9. Verify the current version listed is the 1 you chose to update to.
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The remote control updates are commonly pretty quick and should finish in just a couple of minutes. Once you lot’ve completed the steps to a higher place you will run into that your remote control is now on the firmware version you chose to upgrade to. You tin now power down your remote control and disconnect it.

Updating the Mavic

The steps are pretty much the same for the Mavic itself with one notable exception, remove anything that would restrict moving parts from performing their plow-on tests (i.eastward. gimbal locks, prop clips, etc.). Merely replace anywhere you see remote control with Mavic instead.

  1. Launch the DJI Assistant app if you lot airtight information technology after updating the remote control.
  2. Remove any protective restraints such as gimbal locks and prop clips.
  3. Connect the USB Cable to the Mavic’s USB port.
  4. Plug the USB cord into your computer.
  5. Power on the Mavic. The DJI Assistant app should recognize that you take continued the Mavic.
  6. Click on the Mavic icon that appears in the DJI Assistant app.
  7. Click the Upgrade push button next to the firmware version you lot want to upgrade to.
  8. The DJI Assistant app will download the firmware update from DJI and then update the Mavic. The Mavic will reboot 1 or more times at the end of the update to complete the installation.
  9. Once the update is consummate click Dorsum.
  10. Verify the electric current version listed is the one you chose to update to.

The Mavic updates usually have substantially longer than the remote command ones and tin range from 5 to a little over 10 minutes to complete. This is why your batteries should exist full earlier performing a firmware update. Don’t panic if the update appears to hang at a sure percent for couple of minutes. Information technology should go along to climb after a while. Once you’ve completed the steps above you lot
will meet that your Mavic is now on the firmware version you chose to
upgrade to. You can now power down your Mavic.

Updating Additional Batteries

Sometimes firmware update releases will likewise update the firmware in the batteries. Usually the release notes don’t mention this so it’south hard to tell when an update addresses the batteries too. To see if a firmware update addresses the batteries every bit well take the following steps:

  1. Update the Mavic using the steps outlined to a higher place.
  2. Back out to the first screen of the DJI Assistant (the 1 with the Mavic icon).
  3. Turn off your Mavic. The Mavic icon should disappear from the DJI Assistant window.
  4. Swap your Mavic battery with one that hasn’t been updated.
  5. Power the Mavic back on.
  6. Click on the Mavic icon that appears in the DJI Banana app.
  7. Await a few seconds (say 30 or so).
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If in that location is an update for the batteries yous should run across a Firmware Mismatch alarm pop up. If and so, perform the update again but as yous did in the Updating the Mavic steps above and repeat this for each bombardment you have. If non, you’re done! Just power down the Mavic, disconnect information technology from the calculator and shut the DJI Banana app.


Verify the Update and Check Functionality

As you saw in the DJI Assistant app, when the update is complete and you hit the dorsum push button, it will display your device’s electric current firmware version and should now ostend that your device is on the firmware version yous selected.

The adjacent step is to verify everything is functioning as information technology should. Take the drone out and put information technology through its paces to make sure the update didn’t affect the way you utilise it. Too accept the fourth dimension to double-check preferences and settings every bit firmware updates can sometimes alter or reset them. Brand certain you lot cheque for new settings or features as DJI will sometimes sneak something in and doesn’t ever announce it.

If y’all are having difficulty upgrading your Mavic’s firmware using this method (I hear that Windows x has been difficult for some) check out Heliguy’s post on how to update the Mavic firmware using the DJI Become 4 app for the
Mavic Pro
or the
Mavic Air.


There yous have it, how to update your Mavic’s firmware. This really is the virtually successful method I know. I’ve gone through many firmware updates and have never meet an consequence doing information technology this manner.

I hope yous plant this post helpful. If you find an error, notice a step I missed, have a better way, simply love information technology and desire to let me know, or anything else, please leave a comment below. I read and respond to each ane.

Thank you,

Scott Hinkle

Rolling Back Dji Mavic Firmware on Mac

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