Repair SN Serial Number Huawei E5577 Cs

How To Fix Serial Number Huawei E5577, E5577Cs-603

We have to Generate the Hash Hex Code for your serial number.

For this install the software free-hex-editor-neo.exe.

Update!! You can use Easy online Hex Converter Or this Link

  • Now open it and click on File –> New File.

Enter your Serial Number as you got it (Case Sensitive) on the Right side, and on the left the Hex Code will auto generate.

  • Now run the Below Commany in DC-Unlocker,and it should return OK.

AT^NVWR=6,16,Your Hex code with SPACES


AT^NVWR=6,16,53 45 52 49 41 4c 4e 55 4d 42 45 52 48 45 52 45

If you want to set a datalock code use the command, and you can set any 8 digit valyue you like.


  • Now If you again click on the search button on dc-unlocker, it will re-populate the details and you will see the correct IMEI and Serial Number.

Fix for cme error 50:
After copy and paste the hex code add 00 to the last
AT^NVWR=6,16,35 4c 32 37 53 31 36 39 39 33 30 30 31 33 32 39 is the code you have to enter but this gives the cme error 50.. so add 00 (double zero) at the last with space after ur hex code like this –>
AT^NVWR=6,16,35 4c 32 37 53 31 36 39 39 33 30 30 31 33 32 39 00

Or Write Manual Last digit.

Now ur serial code will be registered and the result will be shown as OK..
This is for dc unlocker version 1277, with neo hex code.

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You Can Use Hex Editor Online For Convert IMEI OR S/N Here

Bonus Fix Imei Huawei E5577

Here you will see that IMEI is set to 000000000000000 and Serial Number is 123456789ABCDEF.

Run copy the Below command in dc-unlocker, below the ========  and press enter on keyboard. you should get a return value OK.

AT^CIMEI=”Replace with your IMEI number”

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