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Indestructible Mighty Powerhouse -B. To item trade hold the ite in your hand make sure they are also holding jt and do itemtrade username and to accept itemaccept username 1Tell them to come to the middle and pull out the stand they are offering you.

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Its more secure for u.

Project jojo how to trade. This tier list is based of an opinion. Recorder is in the same place where screenshot option is. Project JoJo Stand Trading group is a group on Roblox owned by balrog360 with 442 members.

You get traits randomly upon rolling for a stand you can also reroll a trait with a corpse part as of V 550. So you should make sure the other player sends the request if you are afraid of getting scammed. Actual legitimate gore will result in.

To start an item trade both players must have the item in their hand in order for the trade to work for example if they have an item in a gucci bag they will not be able to trade it. Anime or movie gore should be posted with a spoiler. The way to trade stands is trade username and to accept accept username.

Project jojo created by MlgArcOfOz and inspired by Hirohiko Arakis long running manga series. Trading in PJJ is what drives the In-Game Economy. To trade stands type trade other players username in the chat.

But you can still accept trades from other people so have them send the trade instead though ask if they have traded in the last 12 hours. Sending memesunrelated images in scam-reports will result in a ban. Traits are completely random when getting a stand or re-rolling a trait so theres no rarity chart for it.

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Please note that this Wiki is not yet official. Trading is a function in the game that allows players to exchange Stands abilities andor items. When trading items dont go first.

1 Introduction 2 Information 3 Types of Traits 4 Trivia Traits is a game mechanic that gives your standspec a specific amount of points in ranging 3 stats Potency Speed Resilience. What a stealI might use this to troll. This is the Project JoJo Trello.

Project Jojo Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. How Do I Trade. Reuploaded to add rebirth arrow informationAfter months of saying soon here it isGame link.

Tank Elegant Brute Balanced Humble Hypersonic -C. Values may change over time Trading Value List. Rates upon the current Trade Values in the ValueTrading Economy from via Project JoJo Official Discord.

Traits can be kept if you fused it even if you achieved heaven or obtaining requiem. For people who want to exchange their stands with other people. Project JoJo Wiki is an encyclopedia of everything you need to know about the Roblox game Project JoJo.

Project Jojo Trading explainedHow to trade. If the user you sent the trade request to types accept username in the chat you will both die and get the stand the other person has equipped and they will get the stand. Quick Strong Speedy Timid -D.

Having access to exploit scripts for Project JoJo is bannable. Abusing custom voicelines by using bypassed inappropriate or loud audio will result in a permanent ban. This is by far the best place for info on many of the games aspects use your knowledge wisely and make sure to make sure you check the information correctly before asking questions.

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Slugger Agile Resilient Trait Properties. This is not the Finished Product. This Wiki is currently a work in progress so feel free to help out.

When u are trading more than one item or the person u are trading with has more than one always tell them to give first item then u give them yours then they give thiers item. Stands in their respective tier are placed in order. There is a trade cooldown so you cant send another trade in 12 hours after sending one.

No Photos Currently Available NOTE. Keep in mind both players must have a stand. Project JoJo สอนใชคำสงตางๆ เเลกสเเตนต สงของ เชญเขาเเคลน – Duration.

Many individuals benefit from Trading. You can re-roll. From showing current Wealth in the in-game Economy to acquiring a specific Stand that theyve been trying to obtain.

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Project Jojo Trading Explained How To Trade Pjj Youtube

Trading One Or Two Of These For A Fusable D4c Please Note That Top Left D4c Is Ulf Purple Haze Is Fused With Ball Breaker And Tusk Is Clean And Max Speed

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Trading Projectjojo

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