Power Mac G5 Open Firmware Boot From Usb

Power Mac G5 Open Firmware Boot From Usb

Boot PowerPC Macs via USB 2.0 drives

Power Mac G5 Open Firmware Boot From Usb

Beginning off, I have tried and tried once again over the years to boot various PowerPC Macs via a USB2 deejay. Thankfully, somewhere nigh the time the iMac G5 with the ambient light sensor (ALS) was released, Apple tweaked their Open Firmware, which allowed us to boot PowerPC Macs from USB2 drives.

Machines that I have tested this hint on and made it work are:

  1. iMac G5 west/ ALS
  2. iMac G5 w/iSight (thanks to the eager user who emailed me)
  3. 12″ PowerBook ane.3GHz

Without further delay, here’southward the procedure to follow.

As with all hints that have to do with Open Firmware, proceed at your ain risk! I have not experienced a problem and I don’t run into how this hint could render your Mac useless, since the default can always exist recovered by resetting the SMU.

Here’s what you need to exercise…

  1. You need a USB2 drive with an OS X system installed (I am using x.4.iii, though whatever I retrieve will piece of work equally far as what the machine tin can boot). As you lot know, there are many unlike means of getting a system on a USB bulldoze; contact me if you lot have whatsoever questions on how to do that, or search macosxhints.com for that information.
  2. Connect the drive to your machine, and find out which partition the OS X system is installed on. I usually find this by going to Deejay Utility and looking at the info for the partition on the USB disk with Os X. That is,
    is usually for a USB deejay with no OS ix drivers installed that is the 2nd deejay disk.
    might be a USB deejay with OS 9 drivers that is considered the tertiary disk. In that location are other ways of finding this out, but in my case, my deejay is
    on the finish will come into play soon).
  3. Showtime upwardly the machine in Open up Firmware (this is the fun part). Hold Command-Choice-F-F right later on the motorcar is turned on.
  4. Here is the moment of truth. If this step does not work, I have had
    limited success getting a car to boot off USB2. In Open up Firmware, type
    devalias, and you should get a listing as output. In this list, look for
    ud, usually below where you encounter
    hard disk drive
    is “USB Disk,” I assume). If found, it will usually have beside it
    /pci@f2000000/usb@1/disk1, or something similar. Again, if you meet this, I have not had this neglect however.
  5. Now type
    printenv kick-device, which will usually become you output of
    boot-device hd:,\\:tbxi. (Encounter where this is going yet?)
  6. Type
    setenv boot-device ud:three,\\:tbxi
    where the number subsequently the colon corresponds to that partition number we constitute in step ii. You should get an
  7. Type
    printenv kicking-device, and yous should see the change displayed already. Something similar:

                  boot-device        ud:three,\\:tbxi        hd:,\\:tbxi"
  8. Type
    and cantankerous your fingers.

And now some more fun, there is a Unix script that can be written to enable this, because later on all we are only changing a


variable. The command would be similar to this:

          nvram kicking-device ud:3,\\\\:tbxi

At present this looks a tad bit different and so what we typed in Open up Firmware, but that’s because we have to escape the 2 backslashes, each with a backslash of its ain.

If this fails, at that place is a remote possibility that you tin can all the same boot off of USB2, merely you may need to substitute




, or something similar. If the firmware cannot list the contents of the drive, information technology seems it cannot boot off of it.

Every bit you should know (cheers to the owner of the iMac G5 westward/iSight for letting me know I should mention this), USB2 booting is
supported, therefore you should remember OS X has no support for booting USB 2 and the firmware has no support. So in Organization Preferences, the USB deejay volition not exist shown as a bootable drive. In the optional boot menu (reached past holding down the Choice cardinal during boot), it also volition non show.

So the two ways that I know how to enable information technology are through terminal by using the


control, and directly in Open Firmware. Hope this hint helps someone out there. I figured my trick was shot as soon equally the Duo Core machines came out, merely I now realize at that place are quite a few people with PPC Macs that might be able to apply this hint.

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Power Mac G5 Open Firmware Boot From Usb

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