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To protect your ships the convoys should be a total of 3. I have two extremely profitable convoys each with several ships for protection.

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Port Royale 3 is the next in the series of hugely successful economic simulation games.

Port royale 3 trade routes. Be sure to set the trade route preference to Profit. I chose port royal santiago san Juan and port-au-prince. It can be extremely profitable to run your trade routes through different regions for example into the southeast buying cacao and then around Florida buying dyes.

Game time it is easy to have a small number of 2-3 ships on routes as well as a. Run this is greatbut for the first 2 year or so i think tasking non stop makes a heck of a lot more money than any trade route profit and to task the most efficiently i gather large amount of everything in one central city draining everything on the map and distributing to the cities i work. Port Royale 4 Trade is simple in its premise – buy low sell high – but there are plenty of variables to consider when trying to optimise.

Port Royale Port Au Prince Santiago. This guide will show you how to set up your business empire and maximise your profits through trade. By Zombiechild September 8 2012 in Port Royale 3.

Joe sisal Cacun and caymen. Sell goods in the regions that dont produce them. Another route I did was Biloxi Port st.

In this task you are required to make a trade route between Port Royale Cayman Nobre de Dios Havana and Gibara. Now that you have the planned route set to the 3 towns change Prosperity to My strategy. Port Royale 3.

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Sell Buy Wood 57 40 Bricks 57 40 Wheat 57 40 Fruits 85 60 Corn 85 60 Sugar 85 60 Hemp 85 60 Textiles 250 200 Metal 130 99 Cotton 85 58 Metal Tools 350 255 Dyes 170 125 Coffee 250 180 Cacao 250 180 Tobacco 170. Now R2 over to the section. If you want to gain a bit less money but time is a matter go for short routes.

I am attempting to set up. If your convoy goes through an area that has a certain resource at every port like cacao or dye then the convoy will build up a stock of those. 2Theres 2 general rules for profit trade routes imo.

If you choose profit your reputation will flop everywhere. Buying at a low price and selling for a higher price is a large part of Port Royale 3 this list gives rough prices at which to sell higher price and prices to buy at the lower price. Now take your trading vessel and set up your first trade route.

Change the trade preferences to Supply demand. Max profit Trade routes max profit Trade routes. Trading Strategies are options that can be used to preset how your ships trade with both towns and your warehouses in Port Royale 3.

Port Royale 3 will take players on a grand adventure where they can play as a heroic captain villainous. The strategy we will be using is basically to send the ship in a circle spending as little time at sea as possible. Once you set up the distribution port I have a fleet of heavily guarded Trade Fluyts go from port to port and scoop up a thousand barrels of each commodity and bring them to this port.

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Zombiechild 10 Posted. Usually I find a cluster of 3 towns that are self sustaining produce every good efficiently and set up a trade route between those three towns. The next step is to have trade routes take the goods to the towns and deplete the stockpiled quantities making sure they return unsold quantities to the warehouse.

The best way to earn good money is short routes. Port Royale 3 will take players on a grand adventure where they can play as a heroic captain villainous. If you want to gain a lot of money but time is not a matter to you go for long routes.

Not Fully Understanding Trade Routes Not Fully Understanding Trade Routes. Port Royale 3 is the next in the series of hugely successful economic simulation games. Now go down to the bottom of the menu and click on the Edit my strategy.

Port Royale 3 Trading Tips. Port Royale 3. Port Royale 4 Manual Trade Routes Price Guide Posted on November 6 2020 For Port Royale 4 players this guide was created to make things easier if you have players who want to approach the game with higher difficulty and without the help of AI.

You can pick any set of cities to go to but I prefer Port Royale – Santiago – Port au Prince but thats just me. At its heart Port Royale 4 is a trading simulator setting you up as an entrepreneur in the colonial Americas. The strategies mentioned here are available in the full game with expansions so if you dont see a strategy listed here in game then its likely your missing an expansion.

Watch the port in port royale for ships on sale once your have a bit of profit this will honest be very quick. This tutorial will help you set up an automated trade convoy in Port Royale 3. By Eggnogga October 31 2012 in.

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You will want to start in Port Royale then go to Port-au-Prince and end in Santiago. The number of cities connected and the area coveredThe more cities you connectthe better and the wider the area you coverthe betterBut dont make trade routes that go from for examplethe top left area of the map to the bottom right onetry to cover one areaconnecting all the cities in it. Well start with the basics though.

I actually havent used the trade routes to buysell because it seems too unpredictable to me. This trade route is supposed to supply Po.

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