Phantom 2 Update Gopro Firmware No Longer Receiving Live Feed From Gopro

Phantom 2 Update Gopro Firmware No Longer Receiving Live Feed From Gopro


For pretty much the second fourth dimension in GoPro’southward history, they but at present added camera features to significantly older cameras – in this case,
the Hero 7
in particular (the other time was the GoPro webcam fashion). You may call up terminal spring,
GoPro appear GoPro Labs, which allowed you to do all sorts of creative things with the GoPro Hero 8 using QR codes, such as sunrise/dusk timers to trigger a camera, motion-triggered activation of recording, and plenty more. It was basically a geek’s ability tool dream for GoPro tweaking goodness.

Except…it only worked on the
GoPro Hero 8. And and then when the
Hero 9 came along
this past fall, it didn’t work there anymore. Nor did information technology work on the
GoPro Max.

Well, as of today you lot can. GoPro has rolled out GoPro Labs firmware for all those cameras: Hero 7 Black, Hero eight Black, Hero nine Black, and GoPro Max. Notation that you demand to manually download these from the
GoPro Labs page,
and install them manually also. This won’t come up to your photographic camera via the normal updates. I’d point out equally well that this seems similar probably a skilful time to just have these features become via that aqueduct now instead, and even so utilise QR codes if need exist. Merely my two cents…


Once y’all’ve got the firmware updated, you can indicate your camera at QR codes you lot make using the smartphone app or small website. To some, this would seem a bit slow (and frankly, that’s truthful). But what it gains you is a boatload of flexibility with super-specific tweaks that would be cumbersome or plush for GoPro to add together into the user interface menus. Some of form they take since done – similar the ‘Scheduled Capture’ feature of the Hero 9, which started as a GoPro Labs function.

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If you’re looking for the quick run-down on this feature, hit upwardly my video below to go started:

Now 1 really weird new modify in the last week is on the GoPro app
they’ve removed the ProTune settings configuration. This is about as wonky a choice as I tin recall of. Instead, GoPro says you can poke at the back of the camera to change settings, flash a GoPro Labs QR code at them, or use the smart remote to enable ProTune. The trouble with all of those is multifaceted. The beginning two don’t use if y’all can’t physically bear upon the GoPro, or perhaps yous can’t see the screen itself the style you’ve mounted it (super common). The concluding smart remote option doesn’t aid if you lot just want to increment exposure 1 stop, or annihilation else that’s non a predefined setting. I hope GoPro undoes this move, cause it’south simply such a bizarre alter. Heck, even their press release seems to exist like ‘Umm…we know this sucks, but, here’s some non-starter options to distract you.’

I do recognize that but a small fraction of users would utilise ProTune remotely, but ultimately, these are arguably the same GoPro users (or to utilize a fancy term – ‘content creators’) that are producing the most well-edited and widely viewed content on social media.

In any example, speaking of GoPro bits, their CEO (Nick Woodman) is speaking at
noon U.s.a. Pacific Time today for a CES keynote. Historically speaking when he’s done so they’ve tipped their manus for various things. Rarely major announcements, simply more minor things that make their competitors sigh. Except the
GoPro Karma drone. That was
pre-appear, then
put on life support, and
so ultimately killed off, all at CES on successive years. As always, I’ll be watching to see what might slide out this year.

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With that – cheers for reading!

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Phantom 2 Update Gopro Firmware No Longer Receiving Live Feed From Gopro

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