Pc Suite Mi Com Hard Reset

Pc Suite Mi Com Hard Reset

It is common to experience software problems on digital TV. There will be many reasons why your Xiaomi Mi Box S is not working correctly.

Some users had reported that they encountered the error when they were watching Netflix movies or online shows.

How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi Box S

The most frequent issue with the Xiaomi Mi Box S is the black screen monitor.

After that, the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV doesn’cakrawala work. The only solution to fix this problem is the hard reset the Xiaomi Mi Box S using the factory settings.

The factory settings allow the Xiaomi Laksa Box S TV to flush all the corrupt files. New drivers are installed, and caches or old files are deleted.

There might be chances that the applications are overriding the existing software.

The factory setting forcefully removes all the unwanted files and installs the default files to make it functional again.

Why do we need to Reset Xiaomi Mi Box S?

Due to corrupt files or the change in the default setting would result in an error while accessing the TV functions. The only way to set the software back to its original setting is to reset the Xiaomi Mihun Box S with the factory setting option.

How to Reset Xiaomi Mi Box S?

You need Xiaomi Mi Box S remote control to activate the factory setting options. The function is inbuilt in the remote, and you can press two keys to instruct the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV to initiate the factory reset procedure.

Following is the step by step reset guide, which will help you perform the reset procedure without any trouble.

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Step By Step Hard Reset Xiaomi Mihun Box S

# Step 1:
First thing you need to do is power off the Xiaomi Kwetiau Box S TV box.

# Step 2:
Now take the remote control and press the “Home” and “Menu” buttons at the same time.

# Step 3:
Now power on the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV to start the recovery kecenderungan function.

# Step 4:
Select “Reboot System Now”

# Step 5:
Now, the message will appear on the screen. Select “Delete all the data.”

# Step 6:
Once the data delete process is complete. Reset the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV and choose “System 1”.

# Step 7:
Next, connect your Xiaomi Mihun Box S TV to the internet for downloading the essential files.

What is Factory Rest in Misoa Box S?

Factory rest option is given in the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV to get the system back to normal. It is a similar setting that you generally find on your smartphone device.

When you initiate the factory reset option on your device, the system automatically deletes all the unwanted files and installs the primary software with default settings.

Can I reset mi box s without a remote?

No. Once your Xiaomi Mi Box S TV files are corrupt or having trouble starting the main function, the only way to access the system file is through your remote control.

You must have your remote control in active mode to perform the reset.


You should be aware that the reset deletes the old files and removes all the applications that you have installed on your Xiaomi Mi Box S TV.

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All the settings will be changed to the default mode. You might have to set your preferable settings again after the issue has been resolved.


Hard Reset of Xiaomi Laksa Box S would be easy once you understand the procedure.

By following the given procedure would help you to instantly perform the factory reset and get your device in absah condition.

Pc Suite Mi Com Hard Reset

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