Open Firmware Boot From Usb Powerbook G4
This is how the screen of your computer will look like, if you boot into open up firmware style.

Howdy everybody ! Many people have some sometime apple computers laying around in their attic or somewhere else, and probably, one day, decide to endeavour and revive them. If yous are one of those people with a G3, G4 or G5 Mac, and don’t want to bother yourself with trying to find old installer CDs, I will show y’all how yous can install Mac OS 10.3 (not tested), 10.4 and 10.5 on your PowerPC from a USB stick. Now you may think that you already can do that by just holding the Alt fundamental, but these machines are a bit too old for that. Thats why we gotta forcefulness them, through Open Firmware Fashion !

Things you´ll need:

  • A PowerPC Mac with a G3, G4 or G5 processor
  • A modern intel Mac
  • A 4gb or larger (8gb recommended) USB stick
  • A copy of Mac OS 10.three, 10.iv or x.v
  • A tiny bit of patience !
  • Panther minimal requirements: 233mhz G3 processor and 128mb of RAM
  • Tiger minimal requirements: 300mhz G3 processor and 256mb of RAM
  • Leopard minimal requirements: 867mhz G4 processor and 512mb of RAM

Here are the download links to Mac Bone ten.3, 10.4 and 10.5:

And then, to start off, download the version of your pick. I would recommend first trying 10.4, because information technology is compatible with more than Macs. Once you lot downloaded Tiger (the name of Mac OS 10.4). You lot want to plug your USB stick into your intel Mac, open Disk Utility, and format information technology as Apple Division Map with the name USB. Once done, restore your stick from the Tiger dmg. Yous may need to scan the image, for that, whilst in disk utility, get into ‘images’ and select the top option. After the restoring process is done, right click on your usb in disk utility (left side, where every disk is shown) and look for its partition number. Could be 3,2,1 and so on. At present you can squirt your usb, and plug it into your PowerPC. Make sure that it is the but USB device, except for your keyboard and mouse. Now comes the fun office 🙂

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Did you know ? The original iMac came in xiii ‘flavours !

Congrats !
You’ve fabricated it until hither ! Hopefully without any bug. Just that was the easiest part; now starts the more difficult function, if y’all don’t know what you’re doing. Kickoff things get-go, to starting time your Mac into OF mode, yous need to turn information technology on, and immediately hold ‘command’, ‘Alt’, O and F all together. Hold those 4 keys down, until you encounter the screen shown to a higher place. After you successfully booted your Mac, yous gonna wanna type ‘dev / ls’ and hit enter. At present there volition be a long listing of all the stuff within of your computer. At the terminate of the list you will most likely encounter something like ‘More (space, cr,q) and so on. Only press infinite once. At present at the finish there should exist ‘0’ with an arrow and underscore. Before typing any other stuff, you volition have to find your usb in the list. Information technology should exist towards the terminate and await something similar this:

Yes I know, at that place is no /disk@one, but still follow the instructions please 😉

Your USB will be /usb@xx (hither usb@18) and below at that place should be /deejay@xx (here disk@1). Are you lot set up to type now ? Alright and so, let’s go !! ( Tip: press the upward key to foreclose rewriting everything )

After each line press Enter

  • /pci@f2000000/usb@xx/disk@20
  • devalias ud /pci@f2000000/usb@xx/deejay@xx
  • dir ud:x,\ (instead of x write the sectionalisation number of your usb)

If everything went right, at that place now should exist a list of the stuff that’s on your usb. Now type:

  • kicking ud:10,\System\Library\CoreServices\BootX

If you typed everything similar shown, your Mac should now happily boot from the USB ! You can at present continue without me, and install Bone X on your old machine, assuming it has enough RAM, and is uniform with your Mac ! If you see any problems, or something is unclear, but comment downwardly below, write me a DM on instagram @idevice_collector or email me: I hope yous enjoyed this tutorial, and we will run into us in the next ane !

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