How to Update the Firmware in Your Nikon Digital Camera

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What is firmware?

Firmware is the embedded software that a device such equally a digital photographic camera uses to control sure hardware functionality. Sound confusing? It really isn’t. It’s what helps a piece of hardware run. Cameras have firmware, as do computers and all sorts of consumer electronics devices.

Manufacturers design products with the intention that there will be regular firmware updates. Updates to firmware can fix problems like bugs or provide users with added functionality and features or advanced compatibility with other products similar lenses or new media card formats.

Why should you update the firmware in the camera?

If your camera offers a firmware update it’s usually a expert thought to have advantage of it.

For example, when the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 were appear, they shipped with a certain firmware version. Later, the engineers were able to add new features. If you bought ane of the cameras new at that time, it shipped with the firmware updated. But, if you lot had purchased a Z half-dozen or Z seven early on, y’all would need to update the firmware to take advantage of the newer features.

Z 6/Z seven firmware version 2 added Center Detection Autofocus functionality as well every bit some other features. Firmware version 3 for the Z 6/Z 7 added Animal AF Detection.

How exercise you update the firmware in the camera?

We’ve put together a video showing exactly how to go about updating the firmware on your Nikon photographic camera—from checking the current firmware version, to downloading a new version on the estimator and copying it to a media carte du jour for uploading to your camera. Updating your camera’s firmware is relatively simple and takes only a few steps.

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Watch the video below to larn how to update your camera’s firmware, and bask the new features and functionality that will add together to the enjoyment of your gear for years to come.

How To Update Firmare –
Watch this video to learn how to update the firmware in your Nikon digital camera.

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