Neptune Apex Firmware Update but Blue Screen

Neptune Apex Firmware Update but Blue Screen

Neptune Systems Noon Controllers

At AquaCave, we offering some of the best option and all-time prices on Neptune Systems Aqua Controllers and accessories for yous marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium.

The Apex Base of operations Unit is basically the brains of your unabridged Apex System. The Apex Base Unit (ABU) is far dissimilar than from what whatsoever other controller at this cost level is offering. The ABU is basically a modest computer whose only task is accept intendance of your aquarium. It has a 32-bit microprocessor and a built-in web server. The web server makes information technology possible for your to configure and operate your Apex from any network-connected figurer or mobile device – no software to install on a PC – it also means it’south Mac compatible!

The Apex runs at up to 10x the speed of other controllers in its class due to its accelerate processor engineering (most others employ viii or 16 bit microcontrollers). It as well has enough memory on board to shop many calendar month’s worth of complete tank data in non-volatile RAM.  Even with a ability outage, your tank history and all configurations are rubber.

Congenital-in Internet Connectivity

The Noon Base Unit of measurement is Internet-ready straight out of the box. Just plug it into your router and you are practiced to go – no software to install! This means that you can control your tank from whatever calculator (or mobile device) in the house. At that place is no need, always, to connect information technology directly to a calculator to monitor your aquarium or update its firmware. And, once yous ready up external access via port-forwarding on your router, you tin easily access your Apex from anywhere in the world via a web browser or via our iOS or Android apps!

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And, with Internet Connectivity, the Apex can be configured and then that you will get an email or text message whenever something is non quite right with your organization – whether that is an over-temperature condition in your tank, the pH is out of whack, or there’s a leak on the flooring!

All-time Software Bachelor on Any Aquarium Controller

Hands down, the Noon has the about feature-rich, field tested software of whatsoever controller on the marketplace today. It all starts with the onboard web server within the Apex Base Unit of measurement. This spider web server is part of the Noon’due south firmware and is truly the secret sauce to information technology’s success.

Not tech savvy, no worries

Built-in wizards allow fifty-fifty the most technophobic person out in that location to be able to program the basics similar calorie-free timers and heater control in a affair of minutes. And so, every bit y’all build upwards confidence and engage the awesome Apex Community Forum, you will be taking it to the next level in no time.

Uber Reef Geek, we have you lot covered besides

The Apex has a powerful yet easy to learn programming language. This enables every user to get artistic and come upwards with new cool means to use their Apex…from creating storms in their tanks, to complex dosing of additives, to unique mixing of colors on their DIY LED lights. The possibilities are pretty much only limited by your imagination. And again, the Apex Community Forum is out there to help you along as well.

Graphs, Graphs, Graphs!

The Apex has a full-featured graphing engine built right in. Every bit an example, you lot tin can very easily compare the cycles of your outlets with temperature and pH, place ongoing patterns of trouble, and even discover means to cutting costs like being able to visually see when two external devices (such equally a heater and a chiller) are on simultaneously when they really shouldn’t be.

Going Mobile ?  The Apex did!

The Noon is the only controller on the market place that has manufacturer-written, full-featured applications for the reckoner browser (Mac or PC), iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets (currently available equally a beta). At present you can take your Apex with you anywhere and bank check in on your tank, reprogram your lights, or fifty-fifty feed your fish remotely from the touch of your phone!

Complete Aquarium Monitoring right out of the box

The Apex Base Unit of measurement is equipped with the following monitoring ports:

  • Temperature Port
  • pH Port
  • pH/ORP Port (can exist used for either – a feature unique to the Apex)
  • 6 – I/O switch inputs (for utilise with leak detectors, door switches, feed buttons, ATO, etc.)

Let’s Talk About A Little Matter Called Galvanic Isolation

This is a topic other controller companies like to avert. Why? Considering non all monitoring ports are created equal.Galvanic Isolation is key to getting accurate readings on pH, Temp, ORP, and Conductivity. Some controllers either practice not do it well (they are even so figuring information technology out) or perhaps not at all.

Then what is Galvanic isolation? Well, the tech-answer is that it’southward where two or more than electric circuits must communicate, simply their grounds may be at dissimilar potentials. It is an effective method of breaking ground loops past preventing unwanted current from flowing between two units sharing a ground conductor.

At present of class that is all geek-speak to virtually of us so let’s only put information technology this way: on a controllerwithout galvanic isolation, your readings of pH, Temperature, ReDox (ORP), Conductivity/Salinity, etc. will be completely inaccurate.Of course information technology costs the states more than to add this circuitry into the Apex, only what expert is a controller if it doesn’t give you authentic readings?

LED Dimming and Tunze Pump Control

The Apex Base of operations Unit comes standard with 4 channels of 0-10V control. These outputs are controlled in the Apex software and are most commonly used for LED dimming or Tunze speed control pumps. By using one of our optionally available cables, y’all can connect any Noon Prepare 0-10V device to these ports. This means you can do cool things like take your LED lights ramp upwards and down to simulate sunrise and sunset!

They tin can besides be used for various DIY purposes like controlling the dimming level on Meanwell LED drivers. Should you need additional channels of 0-10V control, no trouble, simply purchase our VDM module and get four more – and besides get a connection for Apex Ready+ LEDs!

External 12V Power Capability – UPS Set!

The Apex Base Unit of measurement comes with an external 12V ability input. With an optionally available wall transformer and a second Free energy Bar, this enables you to configure your Apex for power-outage mode. You simply plug the 12V transformer into your Apex then into a UPS (uninterruptible ability supply) along with your extra Energy Bar. You then plug a powerhead and an air pump with rock into this Energy Bar. If the power should e’er go downward, your Noon will sense the problem, and volition activate the powerhead and air stone potentially saving the twenty-four hours for your fish and corals!

So Much More Just a Power Strip!

The Free energy Bars available for our Noon systems are much more a glorified power strip. In fact, this component of your aquarium controller equipment is far more important than most people realize – and non all systems are created equal!

It is obvious that this component is key to controlling things on your aquarium, but what is not and then credible is how it is critical to preventing catastrophe in your aquarium. Here’southward how.

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Controlled Outlets

Each of the independently controlled outlets on the Energy Bar are independently switched and easily bear the electric current load specified on the label. In fact, we intentional underrate our outlets just to provide that extra level of security. So, depending on which Energy Bar y’all purchase, each outlet is rated from 5A to 10A at 120V AC or 8A on our 240V European model.

Electric current Sensing Device

The Energy Confined continually send their information on their present current drain to the Noon controller. This is incredibly useful data for a number of reasons. Beginning, information technology enables you to recognize what the overall ability consumption is on any Energy Bar and so that you tin better distribute the load across your multiple Energy Bars. Too by having this feature you lot can accurately determine the power utilization of your tank to compare dissimilar lights, pumps, skimmers, etc.

Soft-Outset Extends the Life of Pumps

Imagine revving the engine in your auto and dropping the shifter from P to D. That is exactly what happens when many controllers turn on the power to your pumps. Only like in a car, this kind of instantaneous application of power to your return pump after a feed cycle or to your ability heads will certainly lead to early failure. With the Energy Bar, ability is slowly ramped on so that every motor is safely brought up to speed without the damaging torque.

Power Failure Detection, Communication Error Protection and Pre-programmed Failsafe Country

Each Free energy Bar outlet can be configured to exist either in an off or on state if the power were to fail and and so come up back on or if there was a communication failure with the Noon base unit. This means that if, for case, your heater was on when the power went off, you could have it programmed to be off until command was reestablished with the Apex base unit. Or, every bit another case, you could program your chief return pump to e’er be in the on position in case of failure.

This feature is very important as many other controllers on the market may exit the outlet in its last position or maybe default all of the outlets to off or on. This is even true if they just lose communication with their base of operations unit due to a system failure, software bug, communication effect, lightning strike, etc. Not adept. Imagine if yous were abroad from habitation and a storm took out your Noon – the Energy Bar would just fall back to the Failsafe country yous had programmed for such an incident. No worries.

One additional advanced feature is that when you use an additional Energy Bar on a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) you lot can have key lifesaving devices (low power power heads and bubblers) on there that volition automatically go into their Failsafe Country one time ability failure is detected. This can keep your tank live and good for you for hours on a good UPS until the power comes dorsum online. This will run completely unattended and is ideal to give you peace of mind when y’all are abroad from home whether out for the evening or on a two-calendar week cruise!

Information technology is like shooting fish in a barrel to run across the importance of this one small feature that differentiates the Neptune Systems Energy Bars from the rest and how once once more Neptune Systems is looking out for every possible way for you to avoid catastrophe in your aquarium.

Extra AquaBus Connections

Each Energy Bar has boosted connectors and so that you can easily aggrandize to other modules. This is very helpful for those that want to use i Apex to control multiple aquariums. The Energy Bar becomes an AquaBus “hub” at whatsoever location yous choose – allowing you to connect more than modules in that area. This is called a “star topology” and is unique to the Apex. Many other controllers require you to daisy chain together every module or they require you to purchase a divide “hub” to connect everything together.

Display Module

The Apex Display module is a sleek and meaty way for your to interact with the Apex Base Unit and control nigh every aspect of your Aquarium.

Mechanical, not membrane keypad

Our Display Module uses high-quality, mechanical buttons. So what you say? Well many devices out there make use of what are called capacitive touch pads. This type of membrane push button is just fine for your toaster oven, but in a saltwater surround information technology is highly susceptible to failure. So, even though the cost to us was college, we went with mechanical buttons for our Display Module ensuring your product a much longer life.

Adjustable contrast, high-resolution,
backlit graphic display

While some may tout the importance of a colour display, we disagree. We believe the most important thing for our customers is ease in readability and size of the display. What adept is a color display if it is barely larger than a postage stamp stamp. That is why we went with the backlit graphical display nosotros did. It was the perfect match of function and value for our customers.

Born Speaker Plays Multiple Alarm Tones

Inside the Apex Display Module is a tiny speaker with a big centre. This speaker will play ane of many warning sounds and tunes that are congenital into the Apex. These alarms are perfect to alarm you of a water leak, over temp, or whatever yous status you desire to plan into the Apex.

Multiple Display Module Capability

With the Apex Brandish Module y’all are not limited to having only one control panel. With the Apex (every bit an selection) yous can add together one, two, even three control panels all to the same Apex. And, these are not watered down, smaller versions of the principal command panel, all modules will take the same display and functionality.




Neptune Apex Firmware Update but Blue Screen

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