Mecool M8s Pro L Version-lb Stock Firmware Update

Mecool M8s Pro L Version-lb Stock Firmware Update

Mecool M8S Pro L
is the minor upgrade to the non-L version we reviewed last year (you can read it

The previous model did really good so hopefully the new one should exercise too.

Let’s see what this “Fifty” is all about…

Mecool M8s Pro L Version-lb Stock Firmware Update


Packaging – Specifications

No surprises from Mecool. All its products get in in the same white-ish cardboard packaging.

Within you will find the media box itself, an HDMI cable, the remote, the power adaptor and quick commencement documentation.

Bones specifications are exactly the same with the “older” model by sporting the at present famous S912 8-cadre Amlogic CPU, Mali t820 GPU and 3GB of RAM. Out model arrived with 32GB of ROM only in that location are more options bachelor.

Connectivity is good with 2x USB two.0 , 1x HDMI two.0 (4K and HDR support), 1x SD slot and 1x a/v out. No S/PDIF out this time so pay attending if you ain a receiver with no HDMI ports.

For networking, the Mbit LAN, the Dual Ring Wi-Fi and 4.1BT will be more enough for the average user. Although we usually have good performance with Mbit ports, we would only prefer to see the Gigabit equivalent installed instead.

Judging from the promotion of the Fifty model, we assume that L stands for “license” since there is back up for 4K Y’all-Tube and Hd Netflix. Nosotros will run into beneath how it performs in these areas.

Android is the operating system of selection.







Media Actor – Remote

Once over again there are no changes compared to the simple model. It is very modest, rectangular and fabricated of plastic. Color remained black with the curve lines/grilles providing a nice, casual look.

The majority of I/Os are located at the back and right side. USB ports and SD slot are located in the side, while the basic connections (power, HDMI, RJ45) are at the back for easier cablevision management.

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The remote (IR) is exactly the same as the i we observe in all models of the same company. The grip is good and the numeric keys e’er come in handy. The experience when pressing the buttons could be smoother but we don’t take major complains. The pinnacle 5 buttons are programmable and the instructions on how to do that are at the dorsum of the remote.

As in most of all the modern media players, the user has pick to control the media role player via web interface for as long every bit its smartphone is continued to the same network.







Menus – Settings

The menu is very simple and exactly like the one nosotros find in all Mecool products.

You lot volition find one chief screen, but featuring the basic options (KODI, File managing director, Settings, Web Browser and apps) with the possibility to add shortcuts. It is make clean and simple, with a useful clock widget in the heart.

At least the settings bill of fare is the Nougat based one appearing on the right side of the screen. It is similar with the i found in the official Android TV based boxes. It certainly adds a more than refined experience while browsing the settings.

Overall, the browsing feel is good just it is mandatory for Mecool to come with a new, more polished launcher.







Mecool M8S Pro L has a typical S912 SoC based performance and that is a skillful thing.

As usual, playback of mp3/flac files was hassle costless.

Video playback was good using the pre-installed fork of KODI (named as TV CENTER and filled with many famous pre-installed add together-ons).

4K video files (10bit HEVC included) had hardware accelerated playback and you will not find easily an unsupported popular 4K encoding.

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Full Hard disk drive video files had also perfect playback, even loftier bit-rate BLU RAY backups.

23.976fps is oddly not supported both in 4k or total hard disk drive resolutions in KODI. The only valid choice is to select a 60p resolution and let the pull down conversion practise its magic. At least the event is totally acceptable this way (not for video purists though) and few will be able to notice the occasional small stutter. Yous tin ever try MX Player for better performance, especially for cinematic 24p motion handling.

Motorcar frame rate switching is not supported only that is the instance with the majority of media boxes, especially in the below 150$ segment.

Miracast is besides supported.

With Hard disk Audio pass-through, M8S Pro provides an of import upgrade compared to most S912 players nosotros tested until now since DTS HD Master Sound and TrueHD are finally supported. We will accept to thank Nougat for that. Downwards mixing also works bully for those who will connect the M8S Pro directly to their Goggle box set.

Streaming average flake-rate 1080p content via dual band Wi-Fi was also good. Y’all should avoid wireless playback of high fleck-rate video files though. Make sure your access point is located somewhere most the media box for improve functioning results.

Gaming operation is besides good and you will exist able to play nearly (heavy 3d games aside) whatever modernistic game from the Play Store with minimum stutters and lags.

Internal storage and RAM benchmarks are considered typical for the price range. We have seen both ameliorate and far worse.

 Overall expert and snappy performance, merely equally expected from the popular SoC although we have experienced amend performance in benchmarks from other S912 based media boxes.





Android 7 (Nougat) is the new trend and that’s the case too with this one. The, kind of dated, user interface is at least very responsive without whatsoever kind of lags and stutters. Play Store is pre-installed so that you can install any awarding you want from Google’s never-ending catalog.

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4K YouTube although promoted did non appear to be possible. 1440p was the best we got and is definitely ameliorate than the 1080p playback we ordinarily get from other media boxes.

 Fans of Netflix volition be happy to know that the default pre-installed awarding supports playback up to 1080p. Certainly amend than nigh players out in that location.

Mecool M8s Pro L comes pre-rooted in instance yous want to max out its potential.

An OTA update option is included that works really well since during our tests we received one

Later the outset boot y’all will find ~25GB of free infinite that should suffice for the installation of many programs and games.


Mecool M8S Pro 50 is a minor upgrade of the non-L version release months ago. The bones divergence is the root access alongside with the meliorate Y’all-Tube and Netflix playback due to better licensing.

Although the changes announced to be only few, the streaming functioning and compatibility matters a groovy deal to many potential buyers out there.

All in all, Mecool M8S Pro L is a solid performer that is now more polished due to ameliorate licensing. It is not a reason to upgrade your existing M8S Pro, simply is is certainly ane of the best choices bachelor at this cost range (~70$).

If this review helped you towards making your determination, we would appreciate if yous made your club through the following chapter link(s). This way we will exist able to review more than products in the future.

Mecool M8s Pro L Version-lb Stock Firmware Update

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