Linksys Wrt54gr-eu Wireless Router With Rangebooster Firmware Update

Linksys Wrt54gr-eu Wireless Router With Rangebooster Firmware Update

Upgrading the Linksys Wi-Fi Router or Linksys Ten-series Gateway’s firmware volition provide a quick prepare for bug that users may have encountered.  This includes a more than stable connectivity and functionality enhancements to the router.

 Here are a few tips and tricks before you begin the upgrade process:

  • For stable connectivity and to forestall upgrade failures, make certain that your reckoner is connected to the router using an Ethernet cablevision.  Upgrading the firmware wirelessly may cause permanent impairment to the router if the Net connection becomes unstable during the procedure.

  • Utilize some other browser if your default browser doesn’t work.  Alternatively, you can utilise some other figurer to perform the upgrade.

  • Temporarily disable any computer firewall to ensure that the upgrade will non be disrupted.

  • If your device has a storage link and your storage device is connected to information technology, make sure to safely remove the storage device before you lot continue in upgrading the Linksys Wi-Fi Router or Linksys 10-series Gateway’due south firmware as this may result to data loss.

  • Make sure that you have created a backup configuration of your router settings for easy reconfiguration.  For instructions on how to create a backup, click



To upgrade the Linksys Wi-Fi Router or Linksys X-series Gateway’s firmware, you need to consummate the following steps:


Downloading the firmware


Performing and completing the firmware upgrade

Downloading the firmware

download the specific firmware and version for your device.  For case, if your router’s hardware version is ii, but download and upgrade the firmware for a v2 router.  To learn how to check your device’s hardware version, click

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Step 1:

Visit the

Linksys Support Site

.  Enter the model number of your production in the
field and click the model number of the device you need aid with from the driblet-down list.  The product folio of your device will then announced.

In this instance, the Linksys E4200 is used.

Linksys Wrt54gr-eu Wireless Router With Rangebooster Firmware Update

QUICK TIP:  If you don’t know the model number and the hardware version of your device, click the
How practice I discover my model number?

Step 2:

Scroll-down to theDownloads/Firmwaresection then click
Download Software.

User-added image

Footstep 3:

Click the
hardware version
of your device.

Pace iv:

Select the firmware for your device and click

User-added image

Annotation:  Yous volition be prompted with the
Cease User License Agreement, click the

User-added image

Step 5:

in the
File Download
dialog box that appears.  Look for the
Save As
dialog box and then select a location for the file, like the
Desktop, and click
Save.  When the download is complete, click

NOTE:  Epitome may vary depending on the operating system of your computer.

User-added image

For Mac® computers, it volition be automatically saved in the

User-added image

The name of the file may vary depending on the firmware file of your device.

Step 6:

If the firmware file you have downloaded is in a
format, double-click the file and excerpt its contents to a single folder or to the

If y’all’re using a Mac computer, double-click on the

file to brainstorm the extraction process.

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Performing and completing the firmware upgrade

After downloading the firmware, yous may now keep to accessing the
Advanced Settings
feature of the
Linksys Connect
software to access the router’s web-based setup page.

Footstep 1:

Linksys Connect
then click
Router settings.

QUICK TIP:For instructions on how to launch Linksys Connect on a Windows® or a Mac computer, click



Step two:

When you lot see the
Router settings
screen, click
Avant-garde settings.

Footstep three:

In the
Avant-garde settings
screen, click
Copy password
then click
OK.  It will bring you to the router’s web-based setup folio.

Step 4:

When you are prompted for a
User name
Password, enter your router’s User name and correct-click in the Password field and select
to paste the password yous take copied earlier.  And so, click

Pace 5:

You will and so run across the web-based setup page.  Select the
tab and click the
Firmware Upgrade


Pace 6:

Transmission Upgrade.

Pace 7:

Click the
button.  Select the

file that you lot take downloaded earlier then click

If you’re using a Mac computer, select the
file and click

Step 8:

Click the
Offset Upgrade

Notation:  Once the upgrade is completed, the message
Upgrade is successful.  Rebooting…
will appear, click

Step 9:

Reset your Linksys Wi-Fi Router then plough it
for 10 seconds before plugging it back in.  For instructions on how to reset the router, click



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Resetting the router will crusade information technology to delete all of its configured settings and change it back to factory default.

You lot may now reconfigure the router’s settings to enable Internet access and wireless connexion.

If you take created a fill-in configuration of your router settings earlier upgrading the firmware, you may choose to restore the settings automatically and so you don’t accept to manually reconfigure the router.  To learn how, click



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Linksys Wrt54gr-eu Wireless Router With Rangebooster Firmware Update

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