Latest Drivers and Firmware for Surface Pro

Latest Drivers and Firmware for Surface Pro

Updates proceed your Surface performing its best. Forth with software updates for Windows 10 or Windows 11, it’due south important to brand hardware updates, also known equally updates for drivers and firmware.

In this article, yous’ll find the steps tofix your Surface before updating and so yous’ll learn about the update options:

You’ll also discover a section about
for Information technology professionals, and info about
for troubleshooting.

Gear up your Surface before updating

To set up for updates:

  • Attach your Surface Type Cover or Surface Dock (if you take 1) and then it gets the latest updates, likewise.

  • Make sure yous take an internet connexion.

  • Plug your Surface into an outlet and make sure information technology’s charged to at least 40 percent before installing updates. Keep your Surface plugged in and turned on while it’s updating.

Automatically update Windows 10, Windows 11, and Surface drivers and firmware

After following the preparation steps, seeUpdate Windows
to learn how to check for updates and install them. Or select the
Check for Windows updates
push beneath to open Windows Update in Settings.

Check for Windows updates

Afterwards the updates have finished installing, nosotros recommend that y’all install all available optional updates. To install optional updates, go to theSearch
box in the taskbar, type
View optional updates
and select it from the list of results. If updates are bachelor in
Driver updates, ensure that all “Surface” named drivers have been installed.

Check for optional updates

Latest Drivers and Firmware for Surface Pro

Note:This video applies to Windows 10.

Manually update Surface drivers and firmware

Manual updates are useful if you lot need to update an offline device, update many devices that are nevertheless model, or if y’all’re
creating arrangement images
for your organisation.

Beginning, you’ll need some info near your device:

  • Surface model—If you don’t know your Surface model, select the search box on the taskbar and typeSurface, select the
    app from the menu, and so select
    Your Surface

    Device information
    . If you don’t have the Surface app, you can
    download it from the Microsoft Store
    or you canfind the model information in Settings or System Data.

  • Windows version—To find out which version and build of Windows you’re using, select

    , then wait under
    Windows Specifications
    to find your operating system version and OS build number.
    Open up Nigh settings

Now you’re set to start the manual update.

  1. To observe the link for the commuter you lot need, select the dropdown list below and then scroll through it to find the type of Surface you take. Afterward you’ve selected it, you’ll meet the available links for that type of Surface device model. Select the link for your model to get the latest firmware and drivers for sound, display, ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

    Other Surface model

    If your Surface isn’t listed above—for instance, if you have an older product like Surface RT—that means .msi update files are not currently available for that device. We recommend connecting to Windows Update to update those Surface models. Hither’s how:

    1. Select


      Update & security

      Windows Update


    2. Select
      Check for updates. If updates are available, they will install automatically. You may need to restart your Surface after the updates take installed.
      Check for Windows updates

  2. On the Download Center details page, select

  3. If multiple downloads are available and you want to update your Surface with the latest drivers and firmware from the Download Eye, select the .msi file name that matches your Surface model and version of Windows. For example:

    • To update a Surface Pro 7 with build 19041 of Windows 10, cull

    • To update a Surface Pro 7 with build 22000 of Windows 11, choose

    Note:If there isn’t an .msi file that corresponds to the Windows build you have installed, select the .msi file that’s closest to (but however lower than) your build number.

For more info about the Surface MSI naming convention, seeManage and deploy Surface driver and firmware updates.

Imaging support

If you lot’re an IT professional and you’re preparing or updating custom Windows images for your Surface devices, seeManage and deploy Surface commuter and firmware updates.


If yous want to update your Surface to fix a problem, we recommend using the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit. It updates your Surface, then runs a series of tests to determine if information technology’due south working as expected.

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Latest Drivers and Firmware for Surface Pro

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