Is There a Firmware Update for Nikon D7100

Is There a Firmware Update for Nikon D7100

(Reference: User’due south manual: folio 272)

Nikon has released a firmware upgrade for the Nikon D7100 camera. Let’s see how to upgrade your Nikon D7100 camera.

Computer Operating System Requirements

Hither are the calculator operating system and card reader requirements. Your calculator must exist running one of the following operating systems and accept a compatible SD retention carte reader:

Windows Computers

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows viii Professional
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows vii Home Basic
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Microsoft Windows seven Professional
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Bones
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Dwelling house Premium
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Business
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Domicile
  • Microsoft Windows 98 2d Edition (SE)
  • Card reader or computer equipped with built in Secure Digital (SD) memory menu slot

Macintosh Computers

  • Mac OS 10.1.five – 10.eight.4
  • USB interface (built-in merely)
  • Card reader or estimator equipped with congenital in Secure Digital (SD) retention card slot

Once y’all have the validated that you take a compatible operating system you must download the firmware update. Hither’s how.

Yous can download the firmware update file named
for Windows computers and
for Mac computers, from the following,

Offset, you will demand to download the update file, save information technology to a folder on your figurer’s difficult drive, and open up the file (double-click it). It is a self-extracting compressed file (similar a zip file), which when run will create a folder on your computer chosen:

Inside the folder yous will find a file named:
D7100_0101.bin. This file must be copied to the root of a freshly formatted camera SD memory carte. What I mean by root, is that the file should be copied directly into the memory bill of fare without existence inside of whatever folders, such equally DCIM. You volition demand to copy this file to the root of the memory menu by using a menu reader, such equally is normally used to transfer images to your computer.

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Following are the steps to upgrade your camera from firmware
version C 1.00, L 1.008
to firmware
version C i.01, L 1.008.

Remove all retentiveness cards from your computer and install a freshly charged battery. Insert the memory bill of fare that has the
file on it into the camera. Again, this bin file must exist in the root of the memory menu. The photographic camera will await for this file when yous insert the carte and will recognize that you are about to do a memory update by adding an “Update” line item to i of the Setup menus. Allow’s consider the menus and how to apply them.

Is There a Firmware Update for Nikon D7100

Effigy 1.ane: Firmware settings before and update

Setup Bill of fare > Firmware version
settings will look like the screens in effigy one.i, before yous have updated the firmware or inserted the card containing the
file. Notice in image two that
is highlighted, and there are no other bill of fare choices. That volition change once the retention bill of fare containing the bin file is inserted. Then the screen will await similar the i seen in effigy 1.2, epitome two.


Effigy one.2: Firmware settings after retention card with bin file is inserted

Apply the post-obit steps to update the firmware to version C 1.00 (effigy one.2):

  1. Press the
    Menu push button
    and scroll downwardly to the
    Setup Carte
    as seen in figure 1.2.
  2. Select
    Firmware version
    and scroll to the right (figure i.2, epitome 1).
  3. Notice that an
    line particular has been added to the menu because the camera detected that the
    file is present in the carte’due south root directory. If you do non run into
    line items, you lot have placed the bin file inside a binder, instead of the root directory, or failed to copy it to the card.
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Now, permit’s consider how to do the update, using the screens found in figure 1.iii, which starts where the second image of figure ane.two leaves off.


Figure i.3: Updating the firmware
  1. Standing from figure one.ii, epitome 2, printing the
    OK push
    highlighted (figure 1.3, image 1). If you lot have a partially discharged battery, the camera will prevent yous from doing the upgrade by popping up a screen that says:
    Low battery. Cannot update firmware.
    If you do not run into this screen, proceed with step ii.
  2. You lot will new see the
    screen with a big reddish exclamation indicate and upgrade information (effigy one.3, image 2). You have the selection of selecting
    to go on, or
    to cancel. Highlight
    and press the
    OK button
    to go on.
  3. The photographic camera will immediately display the
    screen and start doing the update (figure i.3, image 3). An update progress indicator will begin adding yellow rectangles to the progress bar. When it is nearing the cease of the firmware update, the confined will plough green. My camera’s firmware update is almost 75 percent completed.

    Under no circumstance plow your camera off, touch whatsoever of its controls, or do anything to disturb the photographic camera until this process is complete.

    Otherwise, if the firmware update does not complete properly the camera may non operate at all until it is sent to Nikon for repair. While updating firmware since 2002 in my Nikon DSLRs, I have never had a failure. Even so, I was patient and did not even exhale on the photographic camera until screen 4 showed up.
  4. When the update is complete the camera will inform you:
    Update completed. Turn camera off.
    (figure one.3, image four). When you see this screen, do as information technology says and turn the camera off. The carte admission light will glimmer for a moment and then the upgrade is done.
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Effigy 1.4: A successful firmware update

If your camera turns back on ordinarily, you were successful. Go dorsum to the Setup Menu and examine the firmware version numbers to make sure they reflect the new values (figure 1.4). If you are doing the firmware update available as of September 2013 (vs. C ane.01) you volition see C 1.01 as shown in figure ane.iv, epitome two.

You take successfully updated the firmware for your camera. Go along checking back on Nikon’s site for information on new firmware updates as they appear. Meliorate yet, check in at the
D7100 forum
world wide
for a continuous flow of first-class supporting data for your camera.

Continue on capturing fourth dimension…

Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell)

Editors note:


This a supplement to the NikoniansPress/RockyNook book
Mastering the Nikon D7100, by Darrell Young, intended for volume owners and Silver, Gilded and Platinum Nikonians members.

Is There a Firmware Update for Nikon D7100

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