Ipad Could Not Restore Because the Firmware File Is Not Compatible

Ipad Could Not Restore Because the Firmware File Is Not Compatible

What is iPhone/iPad firmware file?

The iPhone/iPad firmware file is a file with the IPSW extension consisting of the system software to maintain the stability and compatibility of your iOS devices. It is necessary when you employ iTunes to restore iPhone/iPad, update iOS data, and
transfer data to new iPhone.

Nevertheless, when you lot were updating or restoring iPhone/iPad with iTunes, you might get the error message saying the iPhone/iPad could not be restored/updated considering the firmware is not compatible. What does “incompatible firmware file” mean? Information technology usually means your computer tin’t recognize the IPSW files. And it is probably because of invalid or firmware files, outdated iTunes versions, and and so on.

Ipad Could Not Restore Because the Firmware File Is Not Compatible

How to set up “the firmware file is not compatible” event with 4 methods

Don’t worry, hither we provide 4 solutions to solve this problem. You tin can try them one past one.

Solution 1. Plow off your anti-virus program

For some unknown reason, some anti-virus programs will cause the malfunction of firmware file. You tin attempt disabling your anti-virus software for a while, and run iTunes to update or restore your iPhone once again.

Solution 2. Restart the computer

If y’all barely utilize iTunes to manage your iPhone, your estimator probably didn’t recognize the firmware file. You can disconnect your iDevice and restart your PC. Run iTunes again.

Solution 3. Update the iTunes version

Make sure you lot take installed the latest iTunes version on your computer. Some one-time iTunes versions might contain some bugs. The firmware problem might be solved by the latest iTunes version. Click “Help” on the tiptop menu of iTunes window. So choose “Check for Update” to bank check if there is any newer version. Then follow the prompt to install the latest iTunes.

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Itunes Check For Update

Solution 4. Manually download the firmware file

If you take installed the latest iTunes version, and the trouble is all the same hither. Yous can manually download the firmware file.

Stride 1. Get to the
IPSW site
on your calculator.

Step ii. Choose your device and model.

Stride 3. Choose a signed ipsw file. So download it on your computer.

Choose Download Ipsw File

Backup and Restore iPhone with iTunes alternative-AOMEI MBackupper

After trying all these methods below, if the “the firmware file is non compatible” trouble is still in that location, y’all can turn to the iTunes alternative-AOMEI MBackupper, which is as well a professional and all-in-i iOS device director. It comes with various features helping you backup and manages your iPhone data on its easy-to-utilize interface, such equally

Total Backup and restore: Information technology allows you to create a full backup on your reckoner or external disk. When iTunes can’t fill-in your device and you lot want to
backup iPhone before updating iOS, it is a nice pick.

Custom Fill-in and transfer information: You can also choose photos, videos, messages, etc to fill-in/transfer from iPhone to calculator/external disk. And Custom Backup is incremental so y’all can save your storage space by only backup newly added data.

Restore/erase iPhone
to manufactory settings
: When you run into an consequence or desire to sell your old iPhone/iPad, you delete personal iPhone/iPad data and make it fresh with the “Erase iPhone” feature.

Now you can download this software, then nosotros will demonstrate to yous how it works past introducing the Full Fill-in part.

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✍What does Full Backup include?

Information technology volition backup most of the data on your device, including backup your photos, contacts, call history, text letters, memos, calendars, Safari (history, bookmarks), applications (data files, preference), system settings. Just similar iTunes, When restoring the fill-in, it will delete the targeted iPhone data. And then this feature plays its role when people update their iOS/iPadOS.

Footstep 1. Run AOMEI MBackupper and click “Total Backup” on the principal interface.

full backup

You can also cull “Custom Backup” to selectively or incrementally
fill-in music, contacts, messages, photos, etc.

Step 2. Click “Total Fill-in” when the program is launched.

click full backup

Step 3. Choose the backup path. To backup “Activity”, “Health”, “Keychain” and other information, you can encrypt the process. Then click “Beginning Backup”.

backup encryption

Wait for the process to get finished. To restore the backup, you can click “Full Fill-in” > “Full Restore”.

full restore


Hope this post tin help you fix the problem of “the firmware is not compatible” when updating or restoring iPhone/iPad. You lot tin restart your PC, disable the anti-virus program, update the iTunes version, download ispw files to set up information technology. Or plough to iTunes alternative-AOMEI MBackupper. It helps you erase iPhone, backup iPhone information, just too
transfer iPhone data from iPhone to PC, and from PC to iPhone.

Ipad Could Not Restore Because the Firmware File Is Not Compatible

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