If I Have Trouble With My Ps4, Can I Reinstal the Latest Firmware 5.55

If I Have Trouble With My Ps4, Can I Reinstal the Latest Firmware 5.55

PS4’s 9.60 update: five issues and fixes that we establish


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  • PlayStation 4 users that installed update 9.60 are not reporting all sorts of nasty issues.
  • From freezes to crashes, to receiving random errors, this patch did more damage than skilful.
  • Rebuilding the console’due south database or manually installing the update could actually assistance.
  • Just make certain y’all perform these actions while in Safe Style, just to be on the safe side.

If I Have Trouble With My Ps4, Can I Reinstal the Latest Firmware 5.55


As most of you are probably aware by now, Sony just released a brand new update for their console lineup, which also included some of the older models.

It has definitely been somewhat of a busy calendar week for PlayStation users, equally the PS3 and PS Vita also received new system updates just a few days ago.

Contrary to what Sony had planned, these recent updates didn’t delight users at all, every bit they had to deal with whole new situations after.

Playstation iv and Playstation five also received new software and, fifty-fifty though not all of them had problems later on, some reported some pretty weird console glitches, especially on the PS4.

What issues are players experiencing subsequently update ix.60?

Well, allow’southward just say that the patch notes weren’t exactly correct about what was about to happen later players installed the new software version.

  • This software update is improving the efficiency of the system.
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That’s what the release log said, but the reality is a bit dissimilar. At that place’south fifty-fifty a
Reddit post
where people share the situations they had to become through since this patch was out.

E’er since this update was downloaded and installed, some PS4 users started experiencing:

  1. Random freezes during gameplay.
  2. Receiving random errors when trying to play Youtube videos.
  3. Triangle and square buttons not working on Youtube anymore.
  4. Internet connexion not working on PS4.
  5. Console crashing with fault codes
    su-30746-0, and

Before we start showing yous the solutions, you should know that the PS4 SU-42118-vi error mostly results in a restart loop for PS4 and it’s mostly due to a broken ribbon connector between your motherboard and BD-ROM.

How tin can I set up the problems acquired by update 9.60?

1. Rebuild database

  1. Completely power off your panel.
  2. Press and concur the ability button.
  3. Release the push button after you hear thesecond beep.
  4. For
    , you’ll need to connect your controller via
    USB, and so choose toRebuild Database.

  5. For
    PS5, you’ll now boot intoProphylactic Style. Plug your controller in with the cablevision, then go down and selectArticulate Cache and Rebuild Database.

  6. After that, click onRebuild Database, then onOK.

2. Manually install the update file

  1. Plug USB into your PC and create a folder chosen

    on the USB root path.
  2. Create an
    folder within the initial PS4 folder.
  3. Download the
    Arrangement Update
    file from the PS4 official
  4. Save it with the proper noun
    and store it in the Update folder.
  5. Connect the
    drive to your PS4
  6. Plow on PS4 and click the PS button on thecontroller.
  7. At present go to
    so System SoftwareUpdate.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
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iii. Reinstall system software

  1. Power off your console completely, so unplug any cables (Keep in mind not setting information technology to Residual Fashion).
  2. Printing the
    power button
    on your PS4, and so concur it down until you hear two beeps (It usually takes like ten seconds).
  3. You’ll see a black screen when the system boots up in
    Prophylactic Mode.

  4. There, you can either chooseRestore Default Settings,Initialize PS4, or
    Initialize PS4 (Reinstall Organization Software).

If nothing on this list works for you lot, seriously consider contacting
PlayStation Back up
near this problem.

As well, if you lot are dealing with error code
su-42118-half dozen, replacing your PS4’south difficult drive is also a valid option you lot might want to look into if nothing else works.

Some of the afflicted PS4 users even said that this update bricked their consoles, so be very careful when dealing with it.

If you oasis’t nevertheless installed information technology, we recommend postponing until Sony has properly evaluated the situation and found a solution.

Are you dealing with issues y’all oasis’t seen in this guide as a event of updating your PS4 to version 9.60? Share your experience with us in the comments department below.

If I Have Trouble With My Ps4, Can I Reinstal the Latest Firmware 5.55

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