Hp Monochrome Laserjet Enterprise M605x Printer W/ Hp Futuresmart Firmware Best Price

Hp Monochrome Laserjet Enterprise M605x Printer W/ Hp Futuresmart Firmware Best Price

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x ($i,549.99) is a good pick every bit a monochrome laser
for heavy-duty printing for a workgroup. It is fast, has voluminous newspaper capacity, solid overall output quality, and is built to print in volume. Mobile printing features include both NFC and HP Wireless Directly, though it lacks 802.11 Wi-Fi. It adds security features, including countersign-protected printing from a keypad on the printer itself. The massive paper capacity comes at a premium, but if y’all need it, the M605x could well exist your all-time option.

This printer measures 20.v by sixteen.7 by 21.i inches (HWD) and weighs 71 pounds. It will demand a bench or table of its own, and you’ll need at to the lowest degree ii people to move information technology into place, non the to the lowest degree to ensure that the pins in the lesser 500-sheet tray, which is packaged separately, are aligned with the holes in the bottom of the printer before yous lower it into place. The front panel has a 4.iii-inch color touch screen and a numeric keypad for inbound PINs for secure printing. A USB port, protected by a door, lies just beneath the forepart panel.

Hp Monochrome Laserjet Enterprise M605x Printer W/ Hp Futuresmart Firmware Best Price

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The standard one,100-sheet newspaper chapters of the M605x is generous, split between two 500-sheet trays and a 100-sail multipurpose feeder, and it includes an automatic duplexer for printing on both sides of a sheet of newspaper. Boosted paper-handling options are available to bring the newspaper capacity to a maximum of 3,600 sheets. The M605x has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 225,000 sheets, making it suitable for high-volume printing.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x

Similar Products

Connectivity options include the aforementioned USB port, an Ethernet port, NFC, and Wireless Direct. The latter two options facilitate printing from compatible mobile devices. NFC touch-to-print, which is launched past simply touching a compatible smartphone or tablet to the NFC icon located to the left of the touch screen, works with the
HP ElitePad 900
($one,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

and the
HP ElitePad m G2
($1,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

tablets and most recent Android devices, simply not with
Apple iPads
($1,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

($1,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

, or
iPods touch. (The Apple tree
iPhone half-dozen
($one,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

has NFC, but but for use with Apple Pay.) HP Wireless Direct, the company’s proprietary equivalent of Wi-Fi Directly, tin can be used with any mobile device with Wi-Fi capability. Although it is a direct peer-to-peer connectedness between printer and phone, the printer will prove up when yous turn on your mobile device’due south Wi-Fi and search for mobile networks.

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Although the M605x doesn’t offer regular (802.11) Wi-Fi, you lot tin still print from iOS and Android phones and tablets (information technology’s compatible with HP ePrint, AirPrint, and Mopria Alliance standards), provided they’re on the same network every bit the printer, and the network has a wireless access signal. I tested the M605x over an Ethernet connectedness with drivers installed on a calculator running Windows Vista. Printer drivers include PCL5, PCL6, and HP’s PostScript emulation. Most businesses don’t use PostScript for press, but a PostScript driver is a must for those that do.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x

Press Speed

The rated speeds provided by companies are based on printing text documents without graphics or photos, while our test suite includes text pages, graphics pages, and pages with mixed content. The M605x has a rated speed of 58 pages per minute (ppm). I timed on our business applications suite (using
QualityLogic(Opens in a new window)
‘s hardware and software for timing), at 14.8ppm. It edges out the
HP LaserJet Enterprise M604dn
($i,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

, which has a rated speed of 52 pages per infinitesimal (ppm) and which tested at xiii.6ppm. Information technology’due south slower than the 18.8ppm turned in by the
Dell B5460dn Mono Laser Printer
($1,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

, which is rated at 63ppm.

Output Quality

In my testing, the M605x’s overall output quality was average for a monochrome laser, with slightly subpar text quality, boilerplate graphics quality, and slightly above-par photos. Fortunately, even slightly subpar text quality is even so skilful plenty for most business organization uses except those requiring very pocket-sized fonts.

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With graphics, the M605x did well at resolving what, in the original art, were very thin colored lines. In several examination pages, it had trouble differentiating between zones of similar tone, and in 1 examination illustration meant to testify a gradation from dark to lite and back to dark, there was very little difference in tone. Most people would consider the graphics quality skilful enough for PowerPoint handouts.

I saw some loss of particular in brilliant areas in several test photograph prints. Nonetheless, photo quality should be fine for printing out recognizable images from Web pages, and even for utilise in a company newsletter.

Other Considerations

By virtue of HP offering a loftier-volume cartridge with a 25,000-page yield, the M605x has a low running toll of i.one cents per page, just a tad higher than the Dell B5460dn’s penny a page, and lower than the HP M604dn’s price of i.6 cents per page.

There are two other printers in HP’southward M605 serial. The HP LaserJet Enterprise M605dn ($1,199.99) lacks the M605x’s second 500-sheet tray and its NFC and Wireless Directly capabilities, and replaces the affect screen with a not-touch version. The HP LaserJet Enterprise M605n ($999.99) is the aforementioned as the M605dn but without the auto-duplexer. Either of these will save yous coin over the M605x, but with a corresponding reduction in features.

The M605x is built for slightly lower-volume printing than either the Dell B5640dn or the
HP LaserJet Enterprise M603DN
($ane,299.99 at Amazon Canada)(Opens in a new window)

, both Editors’ Choice models. The M605x and M603DN accept similar speed, simply are beaten by the B5460dn, which turned in a baking eighteen.eight ppm in our testing. The M605x’s standard chapters of one,100 sheets is substantially higher than either the HP M603DN (600 sheets) or the Dell B5460dn (650 sheets), but it comes at a price, as the printer is at present more plush than either of the latter two. (The HP M603DN, which is being replaced by the M606DN, is at present available from HP and various etailers for a discounted toll.)

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The HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x is a formidable monochrome printer with good speed, solid output quality, and a low running cost. It has the durability to handle the printing needs of a busy workgroup. It offers both NFC and HP Wireless Direct connectivity, though it doesn’t support regular (802.eleven) Wi-Fi. Although there are faster and/or less expensive alternatives, what sets the M605x apart is its enormous standard paper capacity. If your function prints on newspaper like at that place’s no tomorrow, information technology could well exist the right choice for you.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x

The Bottom Line

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x provides good speed, solid output quality, and voluminous paper chapters in a monochrome laser congenital for loftier-book press.

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Hp Monochrome Laserjet Enterprise M605x Printer W/ Hp Futuresmart Firmware Best Price

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