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Pangu I3-3D Printer Review

Melzi Lath Review

Below are links to some firmware and software for Prusa Mendel I3 blazon 3D Printers running on the Melzi controller boards;  keeping them all in the one page makes it easier for me to find them. Feel gratuitous to visit and use the links as much as you lot want.  Please recollect I tin offer no guarantees every bit to whether they work for you or not.

The Melzi Controller Lath:

The Melzi lath is a compact all-in-ane electronic controller lath for RepRaps and other 3D Printers with one extruder caput. The board is designed to be a complete ready of control electronics for the devices and was was originally based on the Arduino Leonardo (Francesco Melzi was Leonardo’s educatee). In that location are various manufacturers of this board.

(I am currently looking for a proficient circuit diagram for the lath)

How to Upload Firmware to Melzi Board


Once manufactured the lath’s chip is blank and one needs  to flash/burn a bootloader code onto information technology, this is known as the Firmware. When it is blank the board cannot communicate via USB, only via the ISP pins on the board.  According to the Pangu manufacturer the board comes already pre-flashed with an older
Marlin firmware
and naught needs to be done to it; the makers state that this older version is much more than compatible than the newer ones and user should not modify  it;  withal I accept found mentioned that Windows needs a driver for it. Not as well sure nearly this but the link is below anyhow:

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Windows Driver for Marlin.

Marlin provides  SD card and LCD support and works on Gen6, Ultimaker, RAMPS and Sanguinololu boards.

Should yous need to wink burn a new or wiped chip and then you will need a chip burner, otherwise known every bit an
AVR programmer
along with an AVR development platform such equally
WinAVR from Sourceforge.   (To be covered in another page)

has a great folio on configuring the Marlin Firmware.

Controller Lath Issues:

As with any electronics circuit board the Melzi controller has certain issues which might impact its functioning.   The following link offers some great advice on repairs and modifications that might be made to the board in lodge to improve it and mayhap even make it terminal longer.  Some of these modifications should be done earlier assembling the 3D Printer and the parts are quite inexpensive and easy to find.

At the very least at present that the problems are known so the lath should exist inspected on inflow, the manufacturers have issued a production recall for a batch of boards (From 12/2013 to 03/2014) and accept likewise posted on their blog how to get the replacement components in instance users required them;  sometimes it might be easier to just supervene upon the components at abode rather than send the board away and wait who knows how long for its return.

Link for the replacement parts for Melzi Controller Board (Notwithstanding looking)

Link to Melzi Controller Board Issues

Windows Software and Drivers:

Virtual Port Drivers:

Although the 3D Printer can work without computer back up, there are times such as when calibrating the automobile that a USB port connection might be required.  CDM v2.x.00 will cause the USB device to announced as an additional COM port available to the PC.  Your awarding software tin then admission the USB device in the aforementioned way as it would a standard COM port.

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Y’all can access the files and learn more at
this link
or download the Windows software by clicking on the link below

CDM v2.x.00

FTDIPORT is a USB series port driver installation file for Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8 (x86 and x64).


Repetier-Host Sample

For Repetier-Host all the versions may exist found at
this link, else click on the appropriate link below. The windows installer comes with everything you need including Slic3r, Skeinforge, Python and Pypy. Information technology requires
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Repetier-Host Windows 1.0.three

Repetier-Host Windows 0.95f

Repetier-Host Windows 0.90c

Repetier-Host Windows 0.85b

Repetier-Host Windows 0.84

Repetier-Host Windows 0.72

According to the didactics manual for the Pangu I3 which I ordered, the to a higher place software is all I demand to run the 3D printer, the transmission even goes into such details as suggesting I stick to an older version of Repetier-Host, V0.84  A few reviews of the Pangu I3 on the net suggest that many buyers have had trouble connecting to their printers.  Something to keep an centre on while building the motorcar.

The didactics manual for the Pangu I3 consists of 75 pages and may be downloaded from
this link. The structure affiliate looks OK except for a few pages which along with most of the software installation chapter have an overabundance of bad English and unintelligible Chinese characters which would normally require a Cray Supercomputer two grand years to decipher.



You tin utilize WinMerge to compare a make clean version of your Marlin firmware confronting an edited version that you might be currently using on your 3d printer. Winmerge volition help y’all to keep rails and annotation all the changes fabricated to the files that y’all might want to transfer to a newer firmware version.

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You can open just 2 files to compare against each other or you can open two folders to compare. Comparison 3d printer firmware folders will allow y’all to quickly observe edited files.

Winmerge Download.

Printrun and Pronterface:


Pronterface is a free 3D printer controller software for RepRap 3D printers developed by  and may be found upon installation of Printrun.

Printrun consists of:

Printcore (impaired K-code sender),

Pronsole (featured command line Grand-code sender),

Pronterface (featured Thousand-code sender with graphical user interface),

Plus a small drove of helpful scripts.

You may download the latest version from
or click on the link below.


Installation instructions and how to use the software
are here

Printrun together with skeinforge or Slic3r form the basis of 3D printing command.