How to Update Voopoo Drag V2 Platinum Firmware

How to Update Voopoo Drag V2 Platinum Firmware

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  1. Hey guys,

    Afterward swapping batteries, my Drag recently started giving me a “time out” indication immediately after pressing the fire button. Various other forms take recommended that I try to push a firmware update, simply I’k running into issues with that likewise and could use some help. I downloaded the firmware programme as well as the firmware itself from the website. The program recognizes that my Elevate is connected and even provides the GENE Flake ID, but I’m getting a “communication error” as soon every bit I try to push the firmware. I’m using the original cablevision, I’ve swapped ports and reinstalled the program multiple times. I’one thousand not sure what to do at this point. Tin anyone betoken me in the correct direction?

    P.S. I get the impression that the information technology mayyyyy exist the firmware itself that’s causing the upshot. My drag came with v1.0.0.0 but the website but has V1.0.0.i. Does anyone know how I tin can get V1.0.0.0?

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  2. Hi there
    I was and then happy to receive my Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit today as i was waiting for it almost a calendar month. Later on installing the tank and the batteries turning on the device and i was realizing the following bug:
    1. The mod does not realize (does not ask roll new Aye/No) the scroll properly.
    two. The mod does not accept function fashion. Information technology means if i press simultaneously upwards and down button it does not practise anything.
    3. The mod does not take FIT mode 1 two 3 merely 1 and 2. FIT mode 3 is just missing…

    I was trying to plough off and on my device, also removing and reinstall battery, trying with different coils. Likewise trying two different tanks but does non help at all.
    For my last drastic i was downloading the Windows software and the firmware from the official voopoo website but does not work as the firmware has got .xwdf extension however the voopoo software only accept .swdf or .zwdf extension…

    What is your proffer guys?
    I really do non want send it back to China as it takes ages to get refund or replacement (or maybe won’t get anything). It looks like i was waisitng time and money for a faulty device??
    Really no clue what to practise…

  3. Part bill of fare interface does not be on DRAG2 Refresh edition?

    I just spoke with the client support of VOOPOO said i have got the outdated manual. Basically i have got the DRAG2 manual but my Bundle Kit is DRAG2 Platinum with the Modern works on Refresh Edition firmware. Therefore no FIT mode 3. Merely 1 and 2. But on the updated manual is still function menu which does not work for me. Also no coil Yes/No popular upward message inserting the new coil. I am confused now.

    • How to Update Voopoo Drag V2 Platinum Firmware
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  5. Тоже столк
    As well ran into a trouble! three months have passed. I haven’t decided notwithstanding

  6. Actually i am using the Refresh edition and works well. The problem is but i did not lodge the Refresh Edition merely the DRAG2 Platinum Edition. This is so elementary. Basically they send me a Refresh Edition MOD in the Platinum package. But unfortunatelly VOOPOO client support not fifty-fifty empathize this. The alive chat back up was only parrot manner reiterating “there is the menu”…

    Thank you god information technology i take found an contained Great britain retailer and they were explaining to me that VOOPOO just practice not update the instruction manual leaflet in the package…That is all. This was causing all my misfile. The solution to me would have so simple course VOOPOO part: just ship me an updated manual via .PDF or just replace the product with the older firmware one. That is all. Merely they are and so far from the solution…

  7. How to Downgrade Drag 2 PnP
    [nineteen-10-41] [ROM upgrade task] successfully
    My version 1002
    The bespeak is that this version has been removed from the off site VooPoo
    And version remains
    But I’1000 Trying to Roll Dorsum and null works!
    Assist if you know how

  8. The best you can do is just speak with the live chat support on the official voopoo site. Hong-Kong time around viii.00-16.00 they are bachelor. They will send you lot firmware file…

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How to Update Voopoo Drag V2 Platinum Firmware

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