How to Update Traktor Kontrol S8 Firmware?

How to Update Traktor Kontrol S8 Firmware?

How to Update Traktor Kontrol S8 Firmware?

Those of you subscribed to the Traktor newsletter should take just received an electronic mail from Native Instruments letting y’all know about the update to Traktor that has just arrived in the Service Eye [sic]. For those who are out of the loop, you can read the body of the email below, which gives an overview of some of the changes:

TRAKTOR PRO is now available for free download in the NI Service Eye. In addition to overall performance and stability improvements, here’due south what’s new in this version:

  • Total support for TRAKTOR KONTROL S8
  • Freeze/Slicer mode (an integrated feature in the S8, and mappable to other controllers using the Controller Manager)
  • Several enhancements for iTunes Library integration
  • TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO ii: Now compatible with both MK1 and MK2 timecode media
  • Numerous other bug fixes

We recommend all TRAKTOR users go on their software up to date to ensure the all-time possible user experience.

To install the update, delight get-go the NI Service Center. Open the ‘Update’ tab, make sure the checkbox for TRAKTOR is checked, and click the ‘Download’ button. When the download is finished, merely click the ‘Install’ push button.

With such an ambiguous bullet-signal every bit ‘Numerous bug fixes”, there must be a proper changelog somewhere? How about the
Native Instruments forums?


  • Back up for the new TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 system controller.
  • Freeze/Slicer way (native functionality for S8, mappable to any controller via the Controller Director)

Bugfixes & Improvements

  • This version is at present uniform with both MK1 and MK2 timecode records for all TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO owners.
  • SYNC automatically enabled for Remix Decks when launching TRAKTOR.
  • The full waveform to the left of the playhead in a Track Deck will at present be rendered – eliminates blurry waveform when using HotCues or BeatJumps.
  • Vanquish Ticks enabled in any Decks are automatically turned off when quitting TRAKTOR – prevents accidentally-enabled Beat Ticks on Channel Outputs in External Mixer way.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, you lot tin now edit tracks which have been imported into the Runway Collection.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, the full context (right-click) menu is now bachelor for tracks which take been imported into the Track Drove.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, Cover Art is now shown for tracks which have been imported into the Track Collection.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, analyzed Fundamental is now shown for tracks which have been imported into the Track Collection.
  • iTunes Playlists now show cumulative time and disk usage in the Status Bar.
  • TRAKTOR now automatically chooses the newest iTunes Library version if multiple versions (old and new) are found in the iTunes Folder.
  • Mix Recorder level is no longer dependent on the Primary Out volume.
  • Undesirable filter sweep when enabling the Z Filter on a channel is at present fixed.
  • Canceling the “Delete from Drove” dialog still deleted the tracks from the Collection – stock-still.
  • TRAKTOR crashes when moving effects around in the Pre-Selected Effects listing – fixed.
  • Fixed an upshot with the ID3 “Year” tag when non-standard date formats where written by other programs.
  • When creating a new Playlist, the cursor is now automatically placed into the Playlist Name box.

My Take

And then, with such a few small-scale fixes and features, why is this news? Several reasons… The main bit of news is that the update brings with information technology compatibility with the very-soonhoped-for-released
Traktor Kontrol S8, forth with a couple of new features on the controller, the Freezer/Slicer. The surprising office is that Native have been upfront nearly the fact you can remap these functions to other MIDI devices using the Traktor Controller Director. If you lot remember the
drama surrounding the launch of the Remix Decks, the only controllers with access to those functions was the Kontrol F1, S2 and S4.

Fixing the playlist cursor issue is welcome, but only addresses a small part of the issue with browser usability. I’chiliad still waiting on one of the frustrating bugs in the software to be stock-still. Every bit it stands, when you’ve searched for a track in the browser, clicking the X in the search box clears the text. Unfortunately, clearing the text doesn’t reset the cursor in the search every bit tends to exist expected in standard UX. Not just is this annoying as it adds fourth dimension and inconvenience to the workflow, information technology’s besides unsafe (in a DJ context) with Traktor defaults ready up, as typing will activate keyboard shortcuts, including ones that end music playing. I’ve done it before, and had to delete the keyboard controls to exist safe.

In that location are quite a few fixes to the iTunes playlist integration. Reading through, information technology feels a bit like the code for this was never properly finished, and they’ve only only got circular to it now. It looks similar many of the features in the standard browser are now working in the iTunes node, bringing information technology upwardly to date.

Ane set that’ll make a peachy many people happy is the blurred waveform effect. Previously, when you lot scrubbed through or jumped effectually a track, the waveform backside the playhead marker would be blurry, which was infuriating, much less a ridiculous problem that has stayed ever since Traktor Pro 2 launched. How this wasn’t stock-still every bit soon as possible, I don’t know… but now information technology is!

The side by side stride for us at DJWORX is to await the arrival of the S8 to test out and review. There are a couple of usa that may well explode with anticipation earlier nosotros get them. Keep an eye out!

How to Update Traktor Kontrol S8 Firmware?

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