How to Update the Firmware on the Frontier Advanced Router

How to Update the Firmware on the Frontier Advanced Router

Updating Router firmware is extremely important. Information technology provides the latest features and security options for your router. If you are using an onetime router, it is likely that a new firmware update has been launched by its manufacturer. Just
how to update router firmware? Updating router is non a simple thing that many users know how to execute.

If you haven’t updated your router firmware and don’t know how to do it, then don’t worry as in this commodity I have discussed
how to update firmware on router.

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How To Update Router Firmware?

To update your router firmware, you need access to the router. To go access to the router, you lot demand to enter a specific accost (IP address) in the browser.

How to Update the Firmware on the Frontier Advanced Router

This address is by and large provided with the router teaching manual with the login details. If you are unable to notice the instructions manual or unable to discover the address in the manual, so follow the steps given below to get the address manually:

  1. Right-click on the Start menu and select the Network Connections option from the popular-up card. This will open the Network Status settings.
  2. In the Network Condition settings, click on the Properties option of the router.
  3. Ringlet downwards until y’all achieve the Properties department.
  4. In the Backdrop section, locate the IPv4 DNS server and note downwards the IP accost written beside it.
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At present that you accept obtained the IP address, it is time to log in to the router and update its firmware. To do it, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, connect the router with an Ethernet cablevision, so that the network connection remains stable during the update.
  2. Open your net browser and write down the IP address y’all noted earlier in the address bar.
  3. Enter your login details. Yous should detect the login details in the router’southward manual, otherwise, contact the people where you got the router from.
  4. After you accept logged in, find the
    Firmware upgrade
    router upgrade
    or something similar option and click on information technology. More often than not, this option will be located in the
    section. However, the location of this option varies for each router model.
  5. Afterwards yous have selected the Firmware upgrade selection, yous should be able to run across the details of your current firmware including its release date. Notation the details down.
  6. Now, visit your router manufacturer’southward website. Once there, navigate to the
    section or anything similar. Discover your router model and bank check whether any firmware update is available by comparison information technology with the details you noted downwards earlier.
  7. If you notice any firmware update, then download it to your PC. Once information technology is downloaded, excerpt the files to a binder in an easily attainable location.
  8. Now, at that place should be an update section in your router and you should find a Scan or Choose file option available abreast information technology. Click on it and navigate to the files that you simply extracted.
  9. Subsequently yous accept called the file, kickoff the upgrade, and then expect for it to cease.
  10. The update process volition likely take some time, so practice non shut it prematurely.
  11. After the update is complete, your router should restart on its own. After the restart, y’all will observe that the new firmware features have been implemented.
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That’south it. This is
how to update router firmware.

There is a chance that the firmware update may fail. In such a scenario, you will accept to reset the router and try once again to update information technology.

To reset the router, you lot should find a Reset option after logging in to your router. If such an choice is missing, then printing and concur the reset push button on your router for 5 seconds. After you lot accept reset your router, you will need to configure the wireless network settings again.

Some routers automatically update their firmware and exercise non need manual intervention. If your router is i of them, then y’all do not need to follow the above steps.

Wrapping Up

So, at that place y’all take it. At present y’all know
how to update router firmware.
Follow the above steps carefully and y’all shouldn’t discover any issue updating the router firmware. If you take any farther questions related to this topic, ask them in the comment section below.

How to Update the Firmware on the Frontier Advanced Router

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