How to Update the Firmware on My Md-2017

How to Update the Firmware on My Md-2017

How to Update the Firmware on My Md-2017

If you’re one of the many people who now accept their hands on the new dual band digital radio from TYT, namely the TYT MD-2017. Then y’all may accept read that the early version of the firmware had some bugs that accept since been reported and ironed out with later versions of firmware.

If you practice own a TYT MD-2017 and have simply received information technology from your supplier – wherever in the world you are. Information technology’southward a proficient idea to check your radio has the latest firmware as this could potential set bugs within the radios operating arrangement.

If you need help and desire to acquire how to check your radios current firmware and as well want to know how to upgrade the TYT Medico-2017 firwmare so you’re in the right spot. – It’south worth noting at this point this guide besides works for the Retevis RT-82 dual band radio as they’re identical radios.

Firstly. Nosotros must say although this guide is very unproblematic and basic to follow. If you don’t experience confident in doing the upgrade yourself so seek someone who tin can help you. If you are on Facebook in that location are plenty of TYT Physician-2017 related user groups are welcoming to queries and questions. Declining that, if y’all don’t have Facebook we tin upgrade your firmware for you for just £8 plus postage. –
Get in affect
to book your radio in with us.

Dorsum to the topic in hand – how to upgrade the TYT Medico-2017 firmware.

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Pre upgrade checklist.

  • Ensure your radio has a fully charged bombardment.
  • You have the latest MD-2017 Firmware downloaded to your PC
    (link below)
  • Bank check your current firmware version on your radio itself.
  •  You can do this by going to;- MENU > UTILITIES > RADIO INFO > VERSIONS


Firmware Version –                                                Date                      Proper name:

TYT Doc-2017 Firmware D3.33 and S3.33
seventh July 2017      TYT MD-2017 Firmware for Not GPS and GPS radios

Upgrading to the latest Doctor-2017 Firmware

  • ane. Printing and hold the PTT button on the left side of the radio and at the same time concur the orange emergency button on top of the radio – then switch on the radio at the same fourth dimension equally holding the 2 buttons
    (See Kickoff Image Below)
  • two. The tiptop led on the radio should now be flashing red/green
  • three. Connect your Doc-2017 to the USB cable ensuring the cablevision is screwed to the radio then plug the cable into your PC.
  • 4. Navigate to where you downloaded your latest firmware – for case. C:\Users\YOURNAME\Downloads
  • five. Extract the file contents to a temporary location such as your desktop
  • half dozen. Open the binder you’ve extracted to the temporary location
  • vii. Double Click to run FirmwareDownloadV3.04
  • 7a. Install the FirmwareDownload Programme
  • 8. Open up FirmwareDownload – in that location should be an Icon on your desktop called UpgradeDownload
  • 9. Click Open File Upgrade –(See Second Prototype Below)
  • 10. Navigate to your extracted folder of firmware and then select either the GPS version of the firmware (if you accept an MD-2017 that’south GPS enabled) or the standard REC version of the firmware if you have a standard radio.
  • 11. Click Download File Upgrade –(Meet Third Prototype Below)
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Afterward a few minutes the upgrade should consummate. Please do not click anything if the screen appears to not be reponding for up to iv-5minutes during the process. That tin can sometimes happen during the upgrading of the firmware.

Once complete, you will get a popup box asking you to click ok.

Your radio firmware update is now complete. Turn off the radio and disconnect the USB cablevision and then switch your radio back on.

Image Help

Stride one

tyt md-2017 - how to upgrade firmware with ptt button

Step nine

download firmware guide - tyt md-2017 radio software

Step 11

download firmware guide - tyt md-2017 upgrade button

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How to Update the Firmware on My Md-2017

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